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  1. I assume that you had an N64 header which got cut off somewhere. (DK 64 and Kirby Crystal Shards weren't on Gamecube).
  2. I think I found one of those demos you needed. nope, my bad.
  3. Received the vectrex multicart quickly. It's mostly my fault for not paying attention to how it was going to be shipped, but I would have been happier for such an expensive item to have been shipped in a box instead of padded envelope. Thankfully, it arrived safely and in working order. I'd have no qualms about dealing with Jess again or recommending him to anyone else.
  4. I appreciate it! List edited to reflect what I still need.
  5. All this time people called me a coward for punching guys in the cock. Little did they know I was actually a NINJA GOD!
  6. My knowledge of older arcade games is severely limited, but a game called Death Race was made for NES. It could be a different game under the same name though. The origanal was 1976 and the first ever contraversial video game (running over "sticks" that looked like humans). Not the same game. Sounds like an upgraded version then. It was one of the few NES games I played (I was a SMS owner, friend had the NES), and you could run people over in this one as well.
  7. not trying to bust your balls, but Gamestop is selling Bangai O for $14.99 new.
  8. My knowledge of older arcade games is severely limited, but a game called Death Race was made for NES. It could be a different game under the same name though.
  9. Aside from the license, the Sega CD version had nothing to do with the arcade release. One was a FMV game made by Rocket Science, the other was a kickass beat 'em up by Capcom. So the arcade version stands as never having been ported. Both were based on a great comic book.
  10. jesusc


    ok, I'll paypal ya for the discs right now.
  11. jesusc


    I have brand new Nuon controllers. They aren't the sexier Logitech ones, they are the Warrior like what came with the Samsung Extiva N200. If interested, perhaps you have something I want and we can do a trade...
  12. Unlike that other guy, I'm looking for some easier to get demos. Specifically, the ones that come with the Official Xbox Magazine. I'm looking for numbers 60, 62-64,66,67,72,73,75-77,79,80,82,86-88. Here's the thing, I only want these because of the stupid OXM Universe game that comes on the disc. It's the stupidest thing in the world, but I need points in order to get my space program running so that I can fully explore Hoenir. Since this is so dumb, I'm not looking hard enough to invest real money into it; but I'll pay $1 per disc plus (cheap) shipping. Cardboard sleeve or plastic case versions don't matter. Help me with my OCD. Please.
  13. Exactly. You can buy an Arcade, wired headset, and the 120 gig HD for thirty dollars less than the Elite, and have/ be able to do everything that the Elite has/does. Except for the black case.
  14. Just for clarification, Jeff Minter was not the original developer of Tempest. That would be David Theurer.
  15. You pointed out a mistake, I fixed it. Should I not have?
  16. Because I totally have a hate on for the Jaguar. "Hating" a system is kinda stupid, unless it physically hurt you or something. I appreciate the better games for the system. Cybermorph is not one of them.
  17. 2600-Combat 5200-Pac Man or Super Breakout, both excellent games. Colecovision- Donkey Kong NES- Super Mario Bros Genesis-Altered Beast SuperNes-Super Mario World If Cybermorph is a ten, you must be using a scale of 100.
  18. jesusc

    Turbo grafx stuff

    I have an intellivision III. It's in good shape but is missing the cord to hook it up to a television. Yours for $20, local pick up only.
  19. I'll take just about anything as I'm just starting to build this collection (again). Had one years ago, sold it and about 40 games off, now the bug bit me again.
  20. I paid $400 at launch! $125 seems like a steal to me!
  21. Phonedork is awesome! He's like the Bizarro Buddybuddies. Got to be a joke account.
  22. is lost and found 3 out yet? I preordered on 8/8 and haven't heard a word about it. Also on 9/20 I bought Icebreaker 2 and Powerslide. Still haven't received them. Is there an email on the website that I'm just not seeing?
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