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  1. I don't know the first thing about this, if it could be done or if it has already been done but I received a portable speaker system for my ipod that has an internal rechargeable battery that charges while the speaker is plugged into an electrical outlet. This made me wonder if this would work for the 2600, too. I absolutely love the convenience of the battery operated plug and play joysticks and find myself playing those much more than I ever drag out the cumbersome 2600 to play on the last remaining old-fashioned TV in our house. I have been considering picking up a modded 2600 to use on our new fangled TV but it might seal the deal if there was some way to incorporate an internal rechargeable battery. For those of you with the technical knowledge, is something like this possible and if so, how long could the 2600 run on battery-only power? Thanks- phitter
  2. I guess the real mystery for me is why the folks in the ad have the TV set on a couch.
  3. phitter


    Thanks Stan - enjoy Tomarc. Super patient with paypal mixup - great buyer - highly recommended! -phitter
  4. phitter


    Good communicator - quick payment by money order - smooth transaction - recommended buyer Thanks again. -phitter
  5. Super quick payment and great to deal with. Enjoy Gas Hog!
  6. Super quick payment and great communication. Thanks again for buying the games - hopefully you can get the Marine Wars to work! -phitter
  7. I listed these on ebay - let me know ASAP if anyone wants these here and I will cancel the respective ebay listing. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150579980623 eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150579987008
  8. Sorry - I was out last light. All PMs replied to and post updated.
  9. The only one that rolls when tested is Master Builder - the person I bought it from listed it as NTSC but I suspect it is PAL. The rest are all NTSC to the best of my knowledge. phitter
  10. All 2600 carts priced individually and include shipping to the lower 48 U.S. Click to enlarge: Swordquest Waterworld - $55 SOLD Crazy Climber - $70 Cosmic Swarm - $10 SALE PENDING (see cosmetic water damage to label / cart still works) London Blitz - $18 SOLD Tapper - $20 SOLD Marine Wars - $5 SOLD(this worked when I bought it but I could not get it to fire up when I tested) Master Builder - $25 (I think this one is PAL) Tomarc the Barbarian - $35 Gas Hog - $35 SOLD PM me with any questions.
  11. <<<<SALE PENDING>>>>(22) NES Games - $33 for lot shipped to lower 48 U.S. California Games* Excitebike Guerrilla War Pro Wrestling* Skate or Die 2* Tag Team Wrestling RC Pro Am* Rad Racer II (With manual / missing cover) Spy v. Spy (With manual) Deadly Towers* (With manual) Paperboy* Mighty Bomb Jack* Metroid Punchout* (With manual) Knight Rider Double Dribble Roger Clemens MVP Baseball (Damaged label) Wizards and Warriors (With manual) Golf* Golf Top Gun Mario Bros.* And... Captain Skyhawk (Manual only - no game) *Games with "Colombe" written on back (see example below) Click to enlarge: PM me with any questions.
  12. <<<<SALE PENDING>>>> Boxed 2600 game lot - $25 for lot shipped to lower 48 U.S. Click to enlarge: Star Trek - factory sealed box (includes hard to find joystick overlay) Space Cavern - game / box / manual / game catalog PM me with any questions.
  13. Starpath/Arcadia Supercharger Lot - $60 for lot shipped to lower 48 U.S. Phaser Patrol in shrinkwrapped box with Supercharger Suicide Mission in shrinkwrapped box Fireball in shrinkwrapped box PM me with any questions.
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