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  1. Just curious, has anyone played Quest for the Rings? It looks like a complex game and was wondering what other people’s experiences were with it. Is it any fun? I was thinking of trying to convince my two teenage kids to try to play the game with me, I understand it takes three players. I don’t want to torture them too much 😂
  2. At least the catalog was up to date lol
  3. fred

    Atari XEGS Space Bar

    That would be awesome. This is my first Atari computer and wasn’t sure. I found it nearly impossible to find another keyboard without buying another system and I couldn’t find XEGS specific keyboars parts. Having a keyboard without a spacebar was bugging me. Let me know how much you want and shipping. I greatly appreciate it!
  4. I found 3D printer plans for a 7800 controller coupler. With that being said, is does the 7800 work with the XEGS? Some quick googling didn’t come back with an answer. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2767791
  5. This thread made my day, hilarious. If OP wanted a family system he shoulda bought a Nintendo 😂
  6. Right, I had a game.com years ago and forgot it was touchscreen. Don’t they make small touch screens for raspberry pi’s and arduinos? The system may not suck as much of you could actually see enough to play the games.
  7. I wonder if the game.com could be modded with an lcd? Not that you would want to. The McWill lcd’s work for the Lynx, Game Gear, and Game Boy....
  8. fred

    Atari XEGS Space Bar

    Bump. Still looking for that Space Bar...
  9. I agree. They could easily make a Flashback for another system. If nothing else they could re-release all the same games with better or different graphics. I'd love to pick up a flashback with 5200/7800/A8 games. I think the 2600 Flashback has run its course. How many more new models can they keep releasing?
  10. I just got Robotron and was wondering, was there a controller coupler released for the game? A quick google search came up with nothing. Whats the best way to play this game?
  11. Atari CEO on the new system and the gaming industry in general:
  12. I used to have a few kiosks years ago but had to sell them all after being laid off during the recession. I even had one of those huge 2600 store displays. The SNES kiosk is the last one I managed to hang on to. I like the way the neon light glows.
  13. fred

    Rikki & Vikki

    Wow, I just found out about this game and bought it! Awesome graphics and game play. A Christmas present to myself. I know I’m late to the party and probably should check this forum more often, lol.
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