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  1. fred

    White Jaguar shell

    The molding was sold to a company that made white shells for dental equipment, xrays I think.
  2. This isn’t mine, but I thought someone might find it interesting. I’ve heard of these white shells being made for dental equipment, but have never seen one for sale: https://merc.li/rsKt3Wh9b
  3. Very cool. That kiosk has been there for a long time. The price is kinda high and it’s missing the arms. I posted mine for sale earlier this year for like $1,200. Then realized I was crazy and got cold feet 😂
  4. Great condition. Original plastic. Like new! The box with the game pieces looks brand new and is actually still sealed. I will open it if requested by a serious buyer. I’m seeing if there is any interest here before putting it on eBay Make an offer or you have a guesstimate on what a fair price would be, let me know because I have no idea 😂
  5. Very cool find. I also want to know what your price is.
  6. fred


    Wow, this is an great deal. I would have bought it the second I saw it, but I just payed to have my Lynx and Game Gear upgraded. 🤦🏻‍♂️
  7. I just found the best controller for the TI-99. It’s kinda pricey but it works for the 2600, 7800, Atari 8 Bit, and with an adapter, the TI-99. The controller: https://www.edladdin.com/Super-Twin-78-ec-1-002.htm Adapter: https://texelec.com/product/ti-994a-to-atari-2600-joystick-adapter/ This controller has made the systems much more fun.
  8. I received the controller and it works great. It takes the 2600, 7800, and 8 bit game play to the next level. With ikonsgr's adapter it works with a few 5200 games, but most importantly it works with Space Dungeon and Robotron. Space Dungeon was my favorite before, I still suck at it but now suck much less. 😂 Also, the controller works great with the TI-99 with this adapter: https://texelec.com/product/ti-994a-to-atari-2600-joystick-adapter/ This is the best retro gaming purchase I have ever made. One two player controller that works on 4 1/2 systems! Amazing 🤩
  9. I just bought a 2600 controller adapter for my TI-99. So nevermind. I convinced myself to buy it. 😂
  10. I was wondering if any knows if Edladdin's Super Twin 78 adapter will work with ikonsgr's sega adapter? The Super Twin 78 works on the 2600, 7800, and 8 bit. I think it would be great if I had one controller that would work on all my Atari systems.
  11. I would like a cart too, if I'm not too late!
  12. fred

    Lynx worth fixing?

    I sent my Lynx to someone on EBay to get the McWill screen installed, so it will live again! I do think it is super cool that new upgrades are being built and new games being released. It is keeping retro gaming, and a part of history alive.
  13. Very cool. It looks like an old stereo. I never new they made pong units made to work only with specific TV's. A quick google search and I learned this about this pong system: "To use this system, the user had to open his TV set in order to connect a few wires to its electronic circuits." Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I emailed and never received a response....
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