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  1. My wife nearly killed me when I did. She thought I was nuts because as soon as I saw it for sale I jumped in her minivan and took off. 😂 I’ve had fun with it but I decided it’s time to sell it to another collector.
  2. The time has come for me to sell my 2600 Kiosk. I would rather sell it here than eBay, to make sure it goes to a true collectors home. The system works perfectly. I cleaned it up with a Magic Eraser. It removed layers of dirt. I left a patch you can see in the picture. It would be a pain and expensive to ship, but I can work with whoever buys it. I am also willing to drive a few hours to meet someone halfway. My zip code is 21144. I know I will get questions to take pictures of the circuit board. It is stuck in the housing, it probably hasn’t been removed for 30/40 years. I don’t want to risk damaging it so I haven’t removed it. The last picture is a list of games someone sent me. It is the same game list for this kiosk. The best thing about the controls is it works with the circuit board or it can plug into a system. It will work with a 2600, 7800, or 8 Bit Computer. $1,600 OBO IMG_2496.MOV
  3. fred

    2600 Kiosk Find

    Yes, it has Asteroids. It actually has 42 games built in
  4. fred

    2600 Kiosk Find

    Thanks! I saw that and I didn’t know what that meant, so I randomly hooked up the wires until they worked. 😂 Trial and error. IMG_2298.MOV
  5. fred

    2600 Kiosk Find

    Ok, one mystery solved. Now I have another, the game selector and start switches. There are three of these. I have six connectors, bunched in two’s, each switch has three connectors. Which two connectors are usually used, one is probably ground? Another riddle to solve, and the manual doesn’t say...
  6. fred

    2600 Kiosk Find

    I got it to work. I used my 5200 power supply.
  7. fred

    2600 Kiosk Find

    Thank you for the advice! I will go through the manual in the next couple days and see if I can get it working. I will post pictures here if I do.
  8. fred

    2600 Kiosk Find

    Today’s Haul. 2600 store display kiosk and circuit board, basically a 2600 with rom chips installed, you can switch with a button. The guy I bought it from was renovating and old family home and I’m pretty sure he found it there. Now I have to see if it works. I can’t get the circuit board out and I don’t want to damage it. It’s supposed to slide out. Any ideas? Also, what power supply do I use?
  9. Are you looking for a non working jag? I was at a cell phone repair place the other day and they had a stack of a few. They said they didn’t work. I can call and see how much they’d sell one for if you are interested. They had stacks of all kinds of retro systems actually, all non working of you repair consoles.
  10. I have one with the left buttons missing if you want it
  11. This is not mine. I found it on Mecari. The price seems high, but it is hard to find I guess: https://www.mercari.com/us/item/m78823182974/?ref=search_results
  12. fred

    White Jaguar shell

    The molding was sold to a company that made white shells for dental equipment, xrays I think.
  13. This isn’t mine, but I thought someone might find it interesting. I’ve heard of these white shells being made for dental equipment, but have never seen one for sale: https://merc.li/rsKt3Wh9b
  14. Very cool. That kiosk has been there for a long time. The price is kinda high and it’s missing the arms. I posted mine for sale earlier this year for like $1,200. Then realized I was crazy and got cold feet 😂
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