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  1. I have a nice SNES system with the pack in Donkey Kong country system but the outer system sleeve / cover was damaged beyond repair, so looking to replace just that if possible. I have everything else (styrofoam, game, system, manuals, etc.) Thanks, Jerry
  2. Just got my Apple IIc working and the only game I really ever played on the Apple was Zork Trilogy. Would love to get the original disk. Don't need the box/feelies since I don't collect for this system, but do want an original disk, so if you have a loose original you could part with, please let me know your price. Thanks, Jerry
  3. Does it have to be working, or is it something you can fix?
  4. What is a sealed Frostbite worth? I have one stashed somewhere in the midst of my collection.
  5. Interesting... So, are the gains taxed at ordinary tax rates, or at capital gains rates? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_gains_tax_in_the_United_States To me, it sounds like these should be taxed at capital gains rates, but heck, I don't know - probably questions best left to a tax professional.
  6. I have several loose carts listed over on Lemon64. I also have a lot of boxed carts that are not on my Lemon list, such as Star Wars, Mario's Brewert, Miner 2049er, etc.
  7. The interface is cool, but damn, they really, really, really, really need to get a tripod. I got dizzy watching that.
  8. I was looking for the PM link but my drunk a** didn't see it. I probably have more than you're looking for when it comes to C64 carts. Are you looking for boxed/complete games, or are loose carts OK? Jerry
  9. I have a couple sealed / new Pitfall! by Activision. If you're interested, send me a PM with an offer or questions. Will ship worldwide. Payment by paypal only. Will be packaged well to avoid crushing. Don't you just hate those crappy bubble mailers? Well, none of that from me. US Priority mail is $5.00. PM me your country for international rates, or visit www.USPS.com to get a general idea of shipping to your part of the world. (Put in about 0 pounds, 14 ounces as package weight). Thanks, Jerry
  10. I will have to defend this. If I were to buy a magazine, I would want it in a hard frame, at least heavy cardboard and wrapped in plastic. For this, I will pay $5 for someone to do. If it were just dropped in a flimsy envelope and a stamp on it, then I would be upset. There should definitely be some regulation by the site on shipping. or at least try. It's a big gripe I have about ebay sellers; charging lots for shipping then giving the least effort. Nathan I doubt he does anything to fix this glaring problem. I placed a bid and won my first auction which happened to be sold by the site's creator. Low and behold, the damn thing arrived crushed in the mail because the game was just stuffed in a bubble mailer. If he thinks that kind of packaging is OK, how in the hell is he going to come up with some kind of standard for others to adhere to? To pour salt on the wound, he refunded the shipping costs - and not by a "refund", but by a "payment", which means I ate the fees on that refund. But really, after the game was crushed, I wanted no part of it. After explaining that, he sent me another "payment" for the item, again making me eat the fees. We're not talking high dollars here, but really the principles behind the deal. Count me out - I can get that abuse from sellers elsewhere. Jerry
  11. Wow! I have a sealed one I would sell for about 1/2 that price.
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