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  1. You know Jboy..he is trouble for sure!

  2. Need to play games.. who invented work??

  3. Need to play games.. who invented work??

    1. Max_Chatsworth


      I don't know but Harry McClintock had something to say on the subject. 

  4. I sent you an email. Not sure if I have the correct email address. If you didn't get the email could you PM it to me!

  5. I just came across a box of carts I bought from a garage sale ... There are a few rare carts.. One of them is Space Master X-7 .. I bought the whole box of UNTESTED fairly dusty games.. There are several 5's and 6's in the mix.. Including Sorcerer and Harbor Escape. Due to several moves I don't even have a system to test them on.. LOL I just couldn't pass up the find..
  6. "AtariAge, the ebay seller peddling grounds." LOL Love that! & Oh so true :)

  7. Hey there.. member me?? Been gone forever.. but logged back yesterday. I have a box of Atari 2600 left over from my ebay days & decided to finally list them.. Reminded me of this site.. How's life?

  8. What?? I just get back and your going?? Sad to see the polls go.. but hope you are staying around.. always enjoy reading your comments and ideas. SI
  9. Wow.. I haven't logged on in forever.. Hows the Atari crew??

  10. Hope all is well keep in touch.

  11. SpaceInvader

    Hello humans

    wow.. she looks scary... and mad... anyway.. hello back and welcome to the blog.. SI
  12. Toejam and Earl for Sega... anyone remember that game.. It was so rediculously fun... I started thinking about it the other day... some how i have the case and booklet and no game... UURRGHHH... I loved when they would get mowed over by the grocery cart pushing mom and kid.. or the nerds... LOL... the lawn mower guy.. or the dreaded ice cream man... wow, what a fun game... Anyone have an extra copy for sale?? SI
  13. Hello all... wow.. cant believe I havent been on the site in forever... In Nov 2007 I took a job with the Walt Disney Company... (no I dont get to invent games.. but its been a great job so far)... working primarily with Radio Disney.. and I've moved 4 times.. and am moving again next month... (these were not planned.. and has made for some stressful days.. ) Was on line tonight looking for a copy of SEGA TOEJAM and EARL I ... anyone have a copy for sale??? and then I started looking at some atari 2600 carts that I'd love to add to my collection... and then .. well.. here am... At any rate.. just thought i'd poke my head in and say hello.. Hope all of you are doing well... feel free to drop me a note with an update on life.. Night all.. SpaceInvader
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