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  1. TACOS AS FAR AS THE EYES CAN SEE ! ENDLESS TACOS ! "Air ?" perfect for the "Air" console...
  2. THQ ? LJN ? We going down (bleep) memory lane here ? Only the worst (bleep) games money can buy So we're putting the VCS / Atari in the same category ? Once again... ( the new jingle for folks who've paid attention ) Has Atari Played You Today...
  3. No the ATARI jingle is.... Has ATARI played you today....
  4. ATARI.... The Final Forntier, these are the voyages of the VCS It's 5 year mission... To exploit the backers... To seek out new ventures & new scams... To boldly make money out of nothing at all... ~ aaaaahhhh oooooooo aaaaahhhh ooooooo ~ (etc, etc, etc)
  5. PICS ! Or it's all fake... Welcome to the internet...
  6. The Recap - The Side Quest ______________________ Grandpa - Mr. Atari, about the VCS Atari - You stole our thunder, we had to redesign it, we have to clean the room, you get NOTHING, you loose, Good day sir Grandpa - But.. But.. Atari - I said, Good day sir Grandpa - Come on Charlie we'll go get an Amico instead
  7. I was thinking of adding the whole 500 units thing but my recap is getting a bit long isn't it ?
  8. 3 LONG YEARS... the recap mark 2020 ___________________________________________ A long, long time ago... On a website far, far away... Atari - Guess what, we're gonna make a console... Internet - Yea... Right... Atari - Don't doubt us, we're really gonna do it... Internet - Tell us another tall tale... Atari - All you got to do is... GIVE US YOUR MONEY ! Internet - We knew there was a catch to this... Atari - We'll call it "Ataribox" Internet - What a stupid name, people will get it mixed up with the Xbox... Atari - Okay we changed our minds, we'll call it the Atari VCS... Internet - Great, now folks will get it mixed up with the 2600 as it is also known as the VCS... Atari - We're going with Indiegogo... Indiegogo - You don't have to have a working anything to use our services, come right in Atari... Atari - Not to worry Internet we'll keep you up to date on what we're doing... ~ Time Passes ~ Internet - This has to be a scam, there hasn't been any updates for months... VCS fans - You all are just haters, give them time... ~ More Time Passes ~ Atari - We're making an announcement that there will be an announcement soon (tm) VCS fans - see we told you so... ~ Yet even more time passes ~ Atari - We promise we'll have something to show soon (tm) ~ Sometime later ~ [ Insert video of someone playing Tempest 4000 here ] VCS fans - ooooooooo, aaaaahhhhh, woooooow Tempest 4000 programmers - That video is a fake as no one here is working on a port for the Atari VCS... VCS fans - .... Atari - Uhm... Look... it says demo only right there on the video... ~ Things go quiet for awhile ~ Atari - We'll have something to show this 'Summer' ~ Summer Passes ~ Internet - Well ? ~ Fall Starts ~ Atari - We got something to show now... [ Shows off 'the board' ] VCS fans - see you were worried over nothing... Internet - That's nice, where is the RAM ? [ News leaks about the main guy working on the innards gets out ] Internet - Oh this just keeps getting better... Atari - Watch this... [ Video / Gif of the logo going on & off on the Unit ] VCS fans - see it works... Me - a $400.00 light switch, I'm not impressed... ~ Time Marches On ~ > ENTER THE WOZ ! < Internet - Oh this ought to be good... [ Lots of photos uploaded but no video of the actual event ] Internet - This seems to be a non-event as there's not much news attached to this, gee that don't seem weird to you does it ? Me - Oh look at all that nice white space over WOZ & Fred, time for MEMEs ~ Several Memes Later ~ Atari - Another Announcement About An Announcement About An Announcement About An Announcement About Something Or Other Internet - This is getting redonkulous... Me - Loading... Still Loading... Still Still Loading... Etc... Etc... Ect... Atari - We're delaying it AGAIN... Internet - Why are we not shocked by this... Atari - Truth is we never wanted to make a console... Internet - Oh ? Atari - We want to be... A Lumberjack... ~ MORE MEMES LATER STILL ~ NASA - Look we're back in space ! Internet - oooooooooooooooooooo USA - Time to protest like it's the late 1960's Me - Wait a second, what year is this again ? SONY - LOOK AT THIS - reveals the brand spankin' new PS5 Internet -ooooooooooooooooooooo Atari - Another Announcement About An Announcement About An Announcement About An Announcement About An Announcement About An Announcement About Something Or Other Internet - Lets take a wild guess, another delay... Atari - How'd you guys know ? Internet - Because your that predicable after 3 years of this Me - The light still goes on & off eh ? ________________________________________________ Happy 3rd Birthday To The Taco Thread !
  9. How about calling it the Anti-Console ? (c) 2020 Pack Productions All rights reserved, all lefts as well, but not the middle you can have that for free
  10. A 'jib' ? I think it's the same thing as a henwai... ( Wait for it ) ( Wait ) ( Keep waiting ) ( Any century now ) ( Please fill out the v-card that came with our e-mail while you wait for the VCS to get released ) ( Re-re-re-retictulating Splines ) ( Operators are standing by ) ( Hi I'm Julie, I'm your operator, I'm only standing 'cause these cheap [ BLEEP ] didn't give me a chair to sit in ) ( Let's watch the progress bar some more ) ( Fun fact - Progress bars are the work of a lesser devil from the fire pits ) ( Julie again - If you call in the next 346512 nano seconds you'll recieve absoluetly free a gen-u-whine alalalalalauuuuuuminimimimininimin... tin foil can opener ) ( Offer void everywhere... but the middle on nowhere ) ( RETURN THE SLAB ! OR SUFFER MY CURSE ! ) ( Okay now that, That's out of the way ) What's a henwai ? Oh about 5 pounds...
  11. No no no, the blue arrow is where folks WISH the time line was right now.... We're STILL on the red one... didn't you get the memo ? I missed page 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 one one one one... Wait, no that's not 1111 in Binary... Well, you get the idea...
  12. ~ comes from out of the shadows ~ So in about 20 days from now.... Wait ? What ? ANOTHER DELAY ?!?!? Why am I NOT surprised by this outcome ? Well time to pull out this old chestnut AGAIN...
  13. White space again ? You think they'd know by now NOT to make it so easy for us... P.S. That or it's BREAKOUT 2 : ELECTRIC BOOGALOO
  14. Last time on our award loosing program...
  15. The ball has dropped in New York !
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