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  1. OOOOOOoooooo new images to edit & play with... Meanwhile...
  2. A few of us suspected this was the plan all along, just took them long enough to confirm that this was the plan, eh ? As for the folks being taken for a ride and not seeing the forest through the trees... There's a reason the old saying "A fool & his money" is still relevant in this day & age
  3. Still no announcement about an announcement....
  4. Must be a slow internet connection...
  5. WE'RE STILL WAITING ON THE UPDATE ? Come on... I want to make a new one of these... The joke is getting stale...
  6. I shall try my best to translate this into English... ~ AHEM ~ Just buy a rasberry PI, load it w/ it's official OS, then load it w/ Retro PI to use as a front end, download roms, save yourself from a $400.00 light switch... Is that better to understand ? Also if anyone else wants to have some fun with Fred...
  7. We are all Tommy... As we last left the party.... Still hasn't moved has it ?
  8. DING ! I think we have a winner ! Tell 'em what he's won... Random computer parts to build his own VCS ! P.S. They seemed to have skipped step 2 & went right to step 3 as they have folks money already...
  9. SOON (tm) * soon is trade mark of Epic Games as in Duke Nuke 'em Forever was coming out soon, which turned to be a 10 year wait... good luck w/ that
  10. In case folks need a quick update on what's going on....
  11. You know what to do with this folks, right ?
  12. Wait... Are you suggesting that the light coming on was a fabrication ? What are the odds ?
  13. Atari VCS - Toaster Edition ! Play games ! Make Toast ! Watch Netflix ! Don't ask us how it works, it just does ! Limited Edition ! 1 of 42 ! Cost - Just buy our company, please... * Operating system not included, you gotta do that yourself folks
  14. Atari VCS - Landfill Edition ! Comes with actual dirt from New Mexico ! Limited Edition ! 1 of 346512 ! Cost - Just Buy Our Company !
  15. The REAL reason Fred was showing off the 'box'
  16. It hasn't moved at all during all this time ?
  17. Killing them softly... With this song... With these posts... Killing them softly...
  18. Truth is stranger then fiction, eh ?
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