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  1. Gosh, don't post for a day or so & more non-news comes out Cheap shots at Amico... THE LIGHT STILL GOES ON & OFF ! The Register is fake news... Hey... can I have one of those cardboard cut-outs ? EVERYONE IS TOMMY !?!? You mean like the ending of Spartacus ? I am Tommy... No I am Tommy... Etc Etc Etc Recap @ page 900 ? Okay... I think that's doable
  2. Yes... Some of us are well over... 50... One reason why we know the history of ATARI is we've been there from the start... A long, long time ago...
  3. Maybe ATARI will just skip this part as it takes too much time they don't have to get this 'box' out to backers in 1 1/2 months ? Maybe calling it a 'box' was right from the start, oh it's a BOX alright, no OS, no RAM, you get to add all that yourself, it's a $300.00 DIY computer ! oy vey
  4. To Summerize the past 24 hours - THE LIGHT GOES ON & OFF ! What are ram chips ? I was fired from ATARI... Oh it's still gonna be released on time... Oooooo pretty shiny light, see it works, you all are just haters... ATARI stock takes a DIVE... To everything... Spin, Spin, Spin... There is a season... Spin, Spin, Spin... So, anyone for Tacos ? And mashed 'taters
  5. A documentry along the lines of this perhaps ? ( yes this really did happen under THIS version of Atari )
  6. Lets see ... 2 years ... 3 million dollars ... 1 light comes on ... You all sure this isn't some govt run study on how to waste taxpayer money ?
  7. Can I charge $300.00 for a Potato game machine ? P. S. Oh gotta pay extra for sour cream & chives, duh what was I thinking...
  8. Stefan is easy to impress, a freaking light comes on " PROGRESS ! " P. S. I can make a light go on with a potato... Does that make a potato a game machine ?
  9. BUT THE LIGHT, it goes on & it goes off, that has to be SOMETHING, right ? 2 freakin' years & we have basically... a light switch...
  10. OH MY GOD IT TURNS ON & OFF ! STOP THE PRESSES ! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Still not on the shelf next to the Flashbacks at Walmart... Wake me up when it is...
  11. Only 1000 ? I was thinking this thread should go to 2600 pages... for reasons (tm)
  12. Well, yea, but still... One Summer NEVER ends... One Summer NEVER begins... Maybe notAtari thinks summer lasts forever like the song suggests
  13. Summer ? Gotta go w/ this classic 80's tune...
  14. Surprised no one posted a pic of ye olde Atari 800 back on page 800...
  15. AND... I would walk 800 pages... AND... I would walk 800 more...
  16. DING ! I think we have a winner ! Tell 'em what they won... TACOS ! of course
  17. Wish I was as good as the rest of you are, but I don't have photoshop... https://www.dropbox.com/s/jz2ir3mvx4wgwrl/Free%20Atari%20Van.jpg?dl=0
  18. GAH ! that is really hard to read, even enlarging that it's still blurry My eyes hurt now I should of gone with the link
  19. Faketari is still hot garbage ? Why not try a tasty Taco instead ? 1. It's slightly cheaper 2. You'll be full afterwards 3. ???? 4. Profit
  20. It's a literal garbage scow, no really... and we don't talk about it...
  21. NCC - 701 the ship we don't talk about in Star Trek...
  22. What to do when we hit page 700 ? TACO TIME !?!?!? Make fun of how newatariideas posts ? ( seems like he types whatever part of his brain is firing all at once ) I have ADHD & I can't follow his train of thought or maybe it's trains of thoughts... More random pics of the gang "working" hard at Faketari ? Or maybe we'll do a Match Game style question / answer page Waiting for the new VCS is like waiting for _______ ( plays the Match Game wait music )
  23. Let's change the topic to.... Dr StrangeTaco - OR - how I stopped worrying & learned to hate faketari... not based on actual events or anything else, if you can read this you don't need glasses
  24. Uhm... can anyone translate what New Atari Ideas is on about ? I feel this gif speaks for me as well, no idea what he's talking about... Universal translator must be on the fritz...
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