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  1. BIFF ? Marty : Doc, Doc, we need to go back ! Doc : Back where ? Marty : Back to the future ! Doc : Is it Biff again ? Marty : Yes, yes it is. Doc : Okay, let me fill up the Time Machine & we'll be on our way. [ Back To The Future Main Theme Plays Here ]
  2. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Nothing new ? TACOS ! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  3. L O G O ? It's a funnel, cash goes in top, NOTHING comes out at bottom.
  4. Pong Bong / Bong Pong I wonder if you switch the words around you can avoid any kind of LOLsuit ? - Meanwhile - We got this fat lady over here warming up her vocal cords...
  5. Tommy has once again posted in this Taco Tuseday Thread... - Meanwhile - So, can we confirm that Infogrames is on it's last leg... OR it doesn't have a leg to stand on... OR it needs a leg up... OR I need to stop w/ the leg puns...
  6. Atari : There's a light at the end of the tunnel... Me : It's a train you dummies... Is it time to cue up the fat lady for Atari death #5 ? I should plan a Taco party for the end...
  7. I was right after all ? Not really surprised, I kinda had the feeling that they we're pumping themselves up for someone to swoop in to buy them up, for pennies on the dollar. This will be what, the 3rd death of Atari ? Or 4th Or 5th Death ? I lost count
  8. Yup... Yup... Yup... Yup... Suddenly this is an episode of 'King Of The Hill' who knew ?
  9. Kinda figured that was the case, hum, if any one of us bought like 100 shares of Atari Stock that would be what $5.00 ? I can get 3 soft tacos for that much, better investment, and then I'd be full afterwards... P.S. Hello Tommy, at least we know your BOX will be the real deal, heh heh heh
  10. The fact that the most vocal, loyal, backer, is now questioning everything... Puts this whole thing into the spotlight... And it's sad... =P On the flip side many of us didn't fall for this from the get go, as we know this Atari is not the same Atari of old, hell, the Atari of old might as well be buried in New Mexico along with ET & other over-stocked things. How many hands did the name go though before it ended up being basically being owned by a holding company in France ? At least several, right ? I agree however that it seems like they want someone w/ deep pockets to buy the name from them so they can get rid of this albatross they are holding onto currently... P.S. IF that is the plan it seems like no one is taking the bait, and is instead waiting for this to crash & burn, then buy the whole thing for pennies on the dollar...
  11. On page 666 I say we nuke the site from orbit Only way to be sure
  12. ! DING ! We have a winner, tell 'em what he's won...
  13. They did that LONG time ago, that's how Infograms got it for pennies on the dollar....
  14. At least they seem to know what they are doing... Same with Google... Atari however... Maybe they should take notes ?
  15. With apologies to The Byrds & Ecclesiastes, Wonder just HOW LONG some are willing to wait Are we talking Duke Nukem Forever numbers ?
  16. A delay ? Color me surprised NOT !
  17. SOON soon is a trademark of Epic Games when talking about Duke Nukem Forever, soon is also a trademark of Valve when talking about Half Life 3
  18. I'm afraid to even look at the comment section over there You guys are braver then I am We need more Tacos For uhm courage, yea, that's the ticket
  19. Because my brain is a weird place.... ( cue the curse of the odd number Star Trek movies ) Kirk : What does god Atari need with a starship crowd-funding ? You can shower me with Tacos for that, thanks in advance
  20. Why people don't trust "this" incarnation of Atari Watch the whole thing it's very eye-opening - In other News - I like soft tacos
  21. I refuse to believe this is a real thing Until it's sitting on a shelf at a store I watched this all unfold New Atari Logo A funnel Money goes in top, nothing comes out from the bottom Too accurate ? Also, soft tacos ;-9 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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