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  1. In addition, code also runs faster from RAM.
  2. In that case, I wouldn't recommended blocking emulators completely, because future emulators may be able to run your program correctly. I think it would be better to add a warning screen, something like "If this program doesn't run correctly in your emulator, try it on real hardware.". Also, if the issue is timing-related due to the use of delay loops, using timers or VBL counting should allow it to work correctly both on emulators and real hardware. Otherwise, I've got a few ideas (untested) ideas to detect emulators, but I'd rather not discuss them publicly for obvious reasons
  3. ...and Checkered Flag may look like a decent racing game based on the box art. But in both cases, I strongly recommend against actually diving deeper. By experience, let's just say that both designs tend to cause the same reaction.
  4. Probably either dirty contacts on the cartridge port (two of them are used to detect there's a cartridge inserted, and power off the console if there isn't) or a defective power switch.
  5. Ahem... you're replying to a post that was made more than 16 years ago.
  6. Given what the "Atari" company has become nowadays, I understand why you would feel embarrassed.
  7. It seems unlikely to me. I think your Jaguar has another problem that's unrelated to the bent pin. Unfortunately, since it is a pretty complex console, it is hard to diagnose issues, especially remotely.
  8. EA16 is one of the address lines to the ROMs, so the games will definitely not work without this signal. But I wouldn't expect the symptom to be video issues, it should "only" cause the red background at startup. Do you still get the roar sound at startup? Try also short-circuiting pins 34B and 35B and powering up your console with no cartridge inserted:
  9. Maybe not "super fragile", but they're small and the tracks are thin, so you can rip them off the board if you're not delicate enough.
  10. Before ordering a new connector, try using a thin wire (solid core, not stranded) to bend the contact back into place. You'll need to be patient, and it doesn't always work, but I've managed to do it successfully once or twice. If the connector is shot, you'll need to replace it. It's not as difficult as Best describes it, but it's definitely not easy either. This topic should help you: I recommend reading it before doing anything, because it's easy to accidentally damage the motherboard or the connector.
  11. In this case, you don't need the resistor, the problem is elsewhere. If you have a SCART-to-composite adapter, or if your TV set has a second SCART input that supports only composite (not RGB), try using it to see how the composite signal looks. Also, try wiggling the cable in case this is an intermittent issue. No, this is something unrelated. But it could explain why some of your cartridges aren't recognized.
  12. Check pin 20 on your SCART cable: It may be bent or recessed inside the plug. Another possibility is that the wire inside the cable is failing. If that doesn't solve the problem, try this: The cartridge port on your Jaguar could be dirty. You can clean it using contact cleaner spray (best), isopropyl alcohol, or just medical-grade ethanol (if you don't have anything else handy). Try cleaning the contacts on the cartridges themselves as well. Sometimes you have to remove/insert the cartridges a few times before it works, it's a bit finicky. If nothing helps, the cartridge port on your Jaguar may have loose or bent contacts. Look closely and check that all the metal parts look the same.
  13. This is a known thing that occurs on some Jaguars, it's not a symptom of a problem.
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