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  1. The instructions mention an up-to-6-second black screen on startup, so maybe you just didn't wait long enough?
  2. Best Electronics sell a test cartridge which does basically what you describe, but I don't know if it's available for download anywhere.
  3. Here's what he says about it on the official site: Which means:
  4. As far as I know, there is absolutely no mention of the different versions in the dev docs. I did some limited testing a while ago. If I remember correctly, one of the two ROM versions seemed to work regardless of the hardware version ; the other one didn't work reliably on one of the two hardware versions (it didn't boot every time). I didn't look into it in depth, but one of the differences between the ROM versions are the values used to initialize the video registers: some of them are different. It's an Atari console. What did you expect?
  5. They're extra decoupling capacitors to stabilize the power delivery to the chips. I guess Atari found out that it worked fine without them and saved a few cents by removing them.
  6. Like many consoles of the era, the display is tile-based on the Gameboy. Which is exactly the kind of display you don't want to run a 3D FPS.
  7. You spoilsort! We could have watched him read the 114 pages.
  8. On this subject: Microsoft just released the specs for exFAT: https://cloudblogs.microsoft.com/opensource/2019/08/28/exfat-linux-kernel/
  9. You can even auto-detect the spinner: one of the four states is L+R down at the same time, which can't happen on a regular controller. So if you detect this and switch to spinner mode automatically, all you have to do to use the spinner is connect it and twitch it a bit
  10. It's possible to extract the save data from a cart, but you need a Jaguar with a BJL ROM.
  11. No, you need to have a Skunkboard as well. Figuring out how to plug in both carts at the same time is left as an exercise to the reader.
  12. Correction: a game calling itself "Duke Nukem 3D" came to the Mega Drive.
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