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  1. More proof of deceptive advertising from Atari.
  2. At least, they're already far more valuable than the Atari Tokens: https://cryptorank.io/price/atari
  3. You've dodged a bullet.
  4. Easiest: Speedster 2. You literally cannot lose.
  5. It looks like the explanation is that the number of pins wasn't the same depending on the chip manufacturer: The extra pins on each side of the 160-pin version are unconnected, and they don't have a number.
  6. Every time you think you can take something for granted, the Jaguar proves you wrong.
  7. Except for American Hero, there are no adult-rated games indeed. However, some are so bad they could be considered obscene.
  8. Yes, but someone would have to either write or port a USB HID stack. @cubanismo did manage to get USB storage devices to work with the Skunkboard, so maybe he could be interested in supporting keyboards as well.
  9. In that case, maybe the direct connection-adapter is workable, since TOS stuff isn't likely to depend on strict timings to run. @Matthias did a Jaguar port of TOS 20 years ago: http://mdgames.de/tosonjag.htm
  10. A long time ago, I did some tests directly interfacing a PS/2 mouse to the pad port ; PS/2 keyboards work very similarly. The discussion is on pages 2 and 3: It basically works, but the issue is that the communication speed is controlled by the mouse/keyboard, so it's not easy to make it work without slowing down the game code. And the delays can vary a lot depending on the device. It may or may not be a realistic solution depending on what you want to achieve. You can also use a microcontroller like @Matthias did, which solves this problem. But it's significantly more expensive and more difficult to build, so the audience for your game would be more limited. What do you have in mind?
  11. If you include games where saving doesn't matter, because you're never going to want to play them a second time after trying them, you can add Highlander to your list.
  12. Would it be possible to put a fallback in the firmware that would use polling instead of interrupts, at least for loading ROMs?
  13. The gold plating is only a thin layer, and sandpaper wears it down. It may appear to solve the problem initially, but it also makes the contact less resilient to corrosion, so it's not a good idea. There are some special erasers made to clean contacts without damaging them, but the slot in the connector is too narrow to use them. So the best option is probably isopropyl alcohol and a cloth indeed.
  14. That's the optimistic view. The pessimistic view is "what a bunch of cheapstakes - even the Atari STE had audio DMA".
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