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  1. As if the JagCD wasn't an instable enough device as it is...
  2. Which firmware version did you install? Any new features or bug fixes?
  3. I have opened a few different Jaguars and don't remember ever seeing the layout on the right, even on M models.
  4. Usually, PCB manufacturers who do electrical testing mention it explicitly. Some of them let you choose whether you want it or not, to lower the price. If they don't say anything about it and the price is cheap, I'd assume they don't do any testing.
  5. Does your PCB manufacturer offers electrical testing? If not, a possible cause is a defective PCB with an intermittent short between close pads or inner layers.
  6. Once again, if you have unpopulated prototype PCBs left, I may be interested
  7. If by "someone" you mean the team that released the Jaguar version of Another World, contacting them directly would be more efficient than posting in a thread they may not read. If not... asking for dumps of homebrew games is not right, and offering money for it is even worse.
  8. Yes, 16 1N4148 diodes. I don't understand what you mean. Anyways, the circuit diagram in the Jaguar FAQ is correct. Just use it as is.
  9. Why would you need a physical cartridge to go with a Jaguar GD? 😕
  10. I don't know if anyone made a video of it, but you can download it here:
  11. Jagmania is by @Matthias (Matthias Domin). Someone should let him know.
  12. See? I warned you 😛 But congratulations on your patience and perseverance
  13. Yes, in hindsight it's obvious: RAM below $4000 was reserved for use by the Alpine debugger, and BJL uses the same area (hence why standard programs start at this address).
  14. It's also the game where you keep hitting the dirt because the controls are bad and the framerate is low.
  15. Just in case you have some unused bare PCBs left, I am interested
  16. Address 200: trap #0 interrupt vector Address 320: reserved interrupt vector I don't think anything on the Jaguar uses these vectors or rely on their value. So the mistake is probably harmless.
  17. I almost wish I had a copy of Supercross 3D or Checkered Flag, just so I could tell people I traded it for AVP
  18. In addition, code also runs faster from RAM.
  19. In that case, I wouldn't recommended blocking emulators completely, because future emulators may be able to run your program correctly. I think it would be better to add a warning screen, something like "If this program doesn't run correctly in your emulator, try it on real hardware.". Also, if the issue is timing-related due to the use of delay loops, using timers or VBL counting should allow it to work correctly both on emulators and real hardware. Otherwise, I've got a few ideas (untested) ideas to detect emulators, but I'd rather not discuss them publicly for obvious reasons
  20. ...and Checkered Flag may look like a decent racing game based on the box art. But in both cases, I strongly recommend against actually diving deeper. By experience, let's just say that both designs tend to cause the same reaction.
  21. Probably either dirty contacts on the cartridge port (two of them are used to detect there's a cartridge inserted, and power off the console if there isn't) or a defective power switch.
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