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  1. 2 hours ago, marcio_napoli said:

    Yes the best N64 titles ever do compare to early DC games. 

    Huh... no they don't. That don't make them bad games, but they're definitely not boxing in the same league.


    Perfect Dark, considered one of the N64's best games:


    Virtua Fighter 3tb, one of the Dreamcast's launch titles:



    Textures and 3D models are much more detailed on the second one.



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  2. And Atari would tell you "nah, that's too expensive".


    When you look at the documentation for the Jaguar II, I think the designers themselves were well aware of what needed to be improved, and would have probably done it in the original Jaguar if they could.


  3. I don't see how it could be related to the ADC chip: it has no relationship to the display, and it does nothing unless the game explicitly uses it.


    Early Jaguars had a few manual modifications added to the PCB, including one involving the clock circuit ; that's the blue wire on the picture below:



    I don't remember seeing anywhere which problem it was supposed to fix, but maybe it was this one, and for some reason your Jaguar didn't get modified?



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  4. 11 hours ago, Blazing Lazers said:

    And properly enough, the footage, which I captured via an RCA and S-Video cable from Best Electronics, seems to show worse colors than I previously remember my system putting out. Is that normal?

    No. The colors are definitely too weak in your capture. Check that your capture device's color saturation setting is at its default value in S-video mode.

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  5. To reduce the number of wires in the cable, the Jaguar pad has 4 groups of buttons, which are read one at a time like this :

    1) one group of buttons is selected

    2) there's a small delay to allow the controller to react to the selection

    3) the states of the buttons are read


    Since this is handled by the game, there's a possibility that the delay in step 2 for Missile Command is too short, and causes problems when the cable is too long. That would explain why the problem only occurs with that game, and only when using an extension cable.

  6. - Check if the supply voltage on U5 is correct (pin 5 is +5V, pin 4 is ground).

    - Check the voltage between the common point of R64 and R65 (AVREF) and ground. It should be about 3.3 V.

    - If you have an oscilloscope : check that the waveforms on pins 1, 2 and 3 are clean. Pins 1 and 2 are square wave clocks, pin 3 is a digital bitstream.


    If all those checks don't show anything wrong, U5 is likely defective.

  7. 10 hours ago, cubanismo said:

    Can't you wire the Atari RGB output up to a VGA monitor and have it more or less just work

    Nope, unless your VGA monitor supports 15 kHz signals (and most of them don't).

  8. No such program exists as far as I know. There's a joypad test program from Matthias Domin, but it only displays the states of the buttons, not the firing rate.

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  9. I got a similar cable (but without the switch) with a sold-as-new boxed Jaguar I bought from Telegames UK. I can confirm the cable quality is poor, and that unlike the thick black cable which photo was posted above, it introduces interference.

  10. 1 hour ago, 42bs said:

    I wrote the PC software for a 486 Linux PC. But then, it is Linux *huahaha*

    Try it on a modern Linux distribution with countless things running at the same time, and see if it still works as well 🤪

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