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  1. Interesting. From another topic : One case is not enough to conclude, of course. Are there other people here who own a M-series Jag ? Does the game work for you ?
  2. That was a good idea ! What's particularly interesting is that the sprites don't all "jump" in the same way and at the same time. That rules out a lot of things (including TV compatibility, and everything in the final video chain for that matter). In fact, there seems to be something the object processor doesn't like. Given that there exists several versions of the Jaguar chipset, maybe the game managed to highlight one case where they work differently. Can you tell us what is the serial number of your console ? (By the way, I think Zero 5 doesn't work right either on certain Jags). Unfortunately, the author is currently in vacation and did not make the source available. But meanwhile, you can still enjoy the game in Project Tempest
  3. To wait until the Catnip Cable release , here's a new version of the modified uploader (see the poste above). I've modified it to run with a very high priority by default, which should reduce the chance of the uploads failing (see the documentation). Please let me know if it works better for you Download
  4. In forums, the bottom banner displays fine : but in blogs (such as here), it looks like this : I'm using Mozilla Firefox, if that's relevant.
  5. How is your Jaguar hooked up to your TV ? (RF, composite, S-video, RGB ?)
  6. Wow ! Nice design Glad to see you're still active
  7. Yes. But be extra careful with the polarity : the outside of the plug should be POSITIVE (most power adapters use the other convention). Getting it wrong WILL toast your Jaguar (it's usally repairable though, but a bit tricky if you're not experienced with a soldering iron).Also check that the power adapter is able to provide enough current (the original one is rated for 1200 mA). Yes, you need to have a cartridge inserted for anything (even the power LED) to work.
  8. If you're interested in Alien versus Predator, don't miss this.
  9. Yes, RGB inputs are present on the SCART connector (take a look here for details). Any TV with the connector should be able to display RGB.
  10. I think so. In the Jaguar dev docs (dated 7 November, 1994) you can find this : Technical information on how to handle the controller's signals follows.
  11. The game (both the BJL version and the CD version) are available for download on this page. The cover is not available yet ; I've contacted the author to remind him to release it as soon as he can
  12. Interesting project I have some. If you want to replace your RS-232 connection, the easiest way is to use an USB "glue" chip, such as FTDI's. They basically convert back and forth between high-speed RS-232 (up to 3 Mbauds) and USB. On the PC side, you can use them either as virtual COM ports (just like those ready-made USB-serial cables), or have finer control through a proprietary interface (which is LabVIEW compatible, by the way). The necessary software and drivers are provided free of charge for Win9x/2000/XP, Linux and MacOS. On the hardware side, you have a TTL-level standard serial interface (i.e. no MAX232 or equivalent needed), plus the usual flow control lines. You can also choose a microcontroller with an embedded USB interface (I know that Microchip and Atmel make thoses), but be warned that unless the manufacturer provides you with solid firmware, software, and Windows driver, it's not going to much fun -- I had to write these 3 parts from scratch once, and it isn't something I'd be willing to do again. If you're thinking about USB "input" (for those X-box controllers), be warned that you need an USB host chip, which is less common, plus firmware to implement the USB protocol (usually the hardware only implements the lower layers), plus class drivers (HID class, in this case) to communicate with the controllers. Doable, but not a one-day project.
  13. CPUWIZ, working on 2600 hardware with this kind of equipment is an heresy. I have a vintage 10 MHz scope that would be perfect for this, let's trade
  14. There's a sub-forum for this kind of things, you'll probably get more replies there.
  15. For the curious, I've released some info about video on the Jag (not everything yet... see the link for the explanation ) here. We've also discovered that Tempest 2000 "interlace"... doesn't.
  16. I guess not frying your Jag in case you accidentally plug in the wrong PSU ; the outer shell of the plug is positive, which is not common.
  17. It is used to connect the JagCF board, but we consider using otherwise unused pins on the 15-pin cable instead of this connector. It would make the Catnip cable easier to manufacture. You won't be able to find a single electron flowing since the cable is unplugged
  18. Yup. The top of the photo is a bare PCB, the assembled prototype is underneath. Please keep in mind that this was the very first version, the appearance of the final one may be different.
  19. Basically, high-speed and reliable BJL transfers, and communication with SCPCD's JagCF (Compact Flash) board, through USB. You can find detailed info in this topic on Jagware (most of the posts have an English translation).
  20. From the BattleSphere FAQ : Q. Why doesn't ScatoLOGIC sell the rights to produce BattleSphere to Telegames or Songbird? A. Simple. To persuade Hasbro to release the Jaguar into the public domain, 4Play offered that all profits from the game would be donated to charity. Because of this agreement, any company selling BattleSphere must also give their profits to charity. No 3rd party producers seem charitable enough to accept this agreement and produce BattleSphere. Additionally, there are a number of strict quality issues which no other producer seems willing to meet. (Full-color decals applied properly aligned, Cardboard box inserts, Gold cartridge contacts, etc.)
  21. Connect a standard controller on the second port. During the bonus stages, you will be able to use it to steer.
  22. Beware -- that kind of thing could be a ScatoLOGIC trademark OK folks, I'm choosing this one. It is distinctive, has a tongue-in-cheek feline reference, and zero Google hits yet Thanks a lot to Goochman and everybody else for your suggestions !
  23. You REALLY can't get your mind off this game, can you ? Interesting
  24. Thanks for all the suggestions ! I particularly like JagTail, but unfortunately it seems to be a trademark (interestingly enough, they also seem to own Jagwire as well) ; it's not Atari Jaguar-related at all, though. (Good names are hard to find these days, since almost anything returns several Google hits )
  25. Hi everyone, We're looking for a new name for our USB communication cable (click here for more info). It's currently known as the "JagWire", but some people feel it will create confusion because of the former Atari website with the same name, and cobracon's site. So if you've got a cool name to suggest, go ahead and post it here ! (Note for those who are not registered members on this site : the same topic has also been posted on Jagware and Yaronet). -- Zerosquare (Jagware)
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