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  1. For the curious, I've released some info about video on the Jag (not everything yet... see the link for the explanation ) here. We've also discovered that Tempest 2000 "interlace"... doesn't.
  2. I guess not frying your Jag in case you accidentally plug in the wrong PSU ; the outer shell of the plug is positive, which is not common.
  3. It is used to connect the JagCF board, but we consider using otherwise unused pins on the 15-pin cable instead of this connector. It would make the Catnip cable easier to manufacture. You won't be able to find a single electron flowing since the cable is unplugged
  4. Yup. The top of the photo is a bare PCB, the assembled prototype is underneath. Please keep in mind that this was the very first version, the appearance of the final one may be different.
  5. Basically, high-speed and reliable BJL transfers, and communication with SCPCD's JagCF (Compact Flash) board, through USB. You can find detailed info in this topic on Jagware (most of the posts have an English translation).
  6. From the BattleSphere FAQ : Q. Why doesn't ScatoLOGIC sell the rights to produce BattleSphere to Telegames or Songbird? A. Simple. To persuade Hasbro to release the Jaguar into the public domain, 4Play offered that all profits from the game would be donated to charity. Because of this agreement, any company selling BattleSphere must also give their profits to charity. No 3rd party producers seem charitable enough to accept this agreement and produce BattleSphere. Additionally, there are a number of strict quality issues which no other producer seems willing to meet. (Full-color decals applied properly aligned, Cardboard box inserts, Gold cartridge contacts, etc.)
  7. Connect a standard controller on the second port. During the bonus stages, you will be able to use it to steer.
  8. Beware -- that kind of thing could be a ScatoLOGIC trademark OK folks, I'm choosing this one. It is distinctive, has a tongue-in-cheek feline reference, and zero Google hits yet Thanks a lot to Goochman and everybody else for your suggestions !
  9. You REALLY can't get your mind off this game, can you ? Interesting
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions ! I particularly like JagTail, but unfortunately it seems to be a trademark (interestingly enough, they also seem to own Jagwire as well) ; it's not Atari Jaguar-related at all, though. (Good names are hard to find these days, since almost anything returns several Google hits )
  11. Hi everyone, We're looking for a new name for our USB communication cable (click here for more info). It's currently known as the "JagWire", but some people feel it will create confusion because of the former Atari website with the same name, and cobracon's site. So if you've got a cool name to suggest, go ahead and post it here ! (Note for those who are not registered members on this site : the same topic has also been posted on Jagware and Yaronet). -- Zerosquare (Jagware)
  12. That's likely, considering the fact that you need to modify the VP register for interlacing to work, and this quote from the Jag's Release Notes (see the attached picture).
  13. There are several points to consider : 1) Processors usage is not a problem since the Object Processor is the one doing the hard work. 2) Interlacing does not require additional resources per se (although there are twice as many lines to display, they are refreshed half as often). 3) Higher horizontal resolutions use more bandwidth on the internal bus ; it can slow other things down. 4) Large pictures need a lot of ROM to store them, and a lot of RAM to display then (it's less of a problem with SCPCD's JagCF card). I've not done any benchmarking yet, but my feeling is that 1376x576 would be only interesting for still pictures (there are limitations on sprites in this mode anyways), and that 688x576 would still be interesting for general use (but don't quote me on that )
  14. I've posted new versions which should work for both 50 Hz (green power LED) and 60 Hz (red power LED) Jaguars ; you can find them here.
  15. Again, thanks for the positive feedback. I'm still polishing the code, and planning to add a 60 Hz version ; details on how to setup the modes will be released publicly.
  16. Thanks for the comments, everyone Don't forget to try out the 1376x576 version also (different picture)
  17. You can find the Jaguar's schematic on Matthias Domin's Atari Jaguar page.
  18. You're welcome A few clarifications : - An AC adapter, when measured in DC, will usually read zero (or a very small voltage). - A DC adapter, when measured in AC, may read zero or any value, usually different from the DC one ; it depends on the meter (for the technically minded : whether it uses AC coupling, True RMS, etc.) - Those adapters have usually no real regulation ; the voltage written on them is the one they put out approximately when connected to a load drawing the current they're rated for (e.g. 800 mA) ; without a load (such as when you're measuring them with a meter), the voltage may be 20% higher, or more.
  19. Hey, you almost found the solution yourself Measuring AC with a multimeter set to DC (which I assume is what you're doing) will indeed result in a zero volts reading. Depending on the multimeter you're using, there should either a switch position marked V(olts) AC (sometimes this is the drawing of a sine wave), or a button to press to select AC mode, which will give you proper readings.
  20. I'm not sure I'm understanding your question correctly, but anyways : you can't actually "choose" English. We try to write the most relevant posts in both languages, and there are also forums in which everything is in English (here) If you'd like to take a peek at the non-translated sections, try WorldLingo Web Translation and submit http://www.jagware.org/index.php?act=idx (Tip : clicking on the "Lo-Fi" link at the bottom of the page will speed up browsing). The translation is not really brilliant (it chokes on colloquialisms and misspellings, and has trouble with homonyms), but you should at least get a grasp of what is being discussed. Also note that the service attempts to translate everything, so contents which are already in English will become hopelessly garbled. In any case, feel free to contact us either here or on Jagware if you need any clarification or info.
  21. For those who have problems with the Windows BJL uploader : I made a modified version which seems to work better for some people. Check it out here (click on the file icon at the end of the post to download).
  22. FrediFredo's CD is not the same as yours ; it's a PC (not JagCD) CD-ROM he made for homebrew developers, containing documentation, programs, etc. related to Jaguar programming. EDIT : Just took a look at the Jaguar Developers Tools you have for download. Seems to be very interesting
  23. You should send a PM to Fredifredo ; he managed to get the BJL uploader working under Windows XP, he'll probably be able to help you.
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