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  1. M27C322 EPROM chips appear to have the same pinout as the original ones, except pin #32 is A20 instead of /BYTE. So this should work, but you need to program the original ROM file contents into both halves of the EPROM. The programming software may have an option to do that, otherwise you can use a command prompt to create a suitable ROM file for your 4 Mb EPROMs: copy /b input_file.rom+input_file.rom output_file.rom
  2. In theory yes, but you'd have to design a new PCB. It would also make cartridge access slower, which may cause problems with some games. I don't think anyone has ever tested it.
  3. Wait a minute... I can see a mouse in your picture!
  4. There's a piece of cardboard under the PCB. Have you looked to check there's not something nasty here?
  5. Indeed, but the frequency difference is tiny: 26.590906 MHz for NTSC models, 26.593900 MHz for PAL ones. So a switched console will have timings that are off by 0.01126%. A more significant difference is the color encoding. Switched consoles keep their original subcarrier frequency and phase inversion setting, even when they're switched to the other mode. In other words, a PAL console switched to NTSC mode will in fact output 60 Hz PAL, not true NTSC. It may be an advantage or a annoyance depending on the TV/monitor/converter you're using (unless you're using the RGB output signal, in which case it doesn't matter).
  6. @dilinger has created a fork of Virtual Jaguar with added debugging features: But I don't know if it supports CD emulation.
  7. While you're right about the smell of leaky capacitors, I don't recall seeing any or hearing about them being an issue in Jaguars, unlike some other consoles.
  8. Just as a reminder: some of @CyranoJ's ST ports include mouse support, but dead ones won't work.
  9. Nothing unexpected here. Cats tend to catch mice, you know.
  10. @Austin: did you record the part where you played the "normal" Tempest X3 mode as well? I find it interesting as well, even if it's not quite Tempest 2000.
  11. Does it include randomly failing to load games? Otherwise, it's not an accurate emulation.
  12. Demand is obviously higher for rarer genres and well-made games, but the Jaguar community also includes a significant number of people who are willing to pay for anything, regardless of the quality or novelty (whether they actually play those cartridges is another matter).
  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metroidvania
  14. If your cartridge connector has poor or dirty contacts on the EEPROM pins, the EEPROM contents can be corrupted, which can cause scores to be erased.
  15. I don't have one, but from I understand, it should work the same.
  16. Spinner mode isn't enabled by default in Tempest 2000. See the "Enable Rotary Mode in Tempest 2000" paragraph on this page: https://www.retrorgb.com/jaguartempest.html You only have to do it once -- the setting is saved in the cartridge.
  17. Since the (S)catbox includes networking, it probably drives the UARTI signal all the time. And according to @SainT, the JagGD needs UART communication to work. Unfortunately, the way the Jaguar is designed means that the UART signal from the DSP port has precedence over the one from the cartridge. One way to fix it would be to modify the Scatbox to add a switch in series with pin 3B:
  18. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to happen to copies of Supercross 3D.
  19. ♫ Albert's making a list, and checking it twice... ♫
  20. Club Drive is so ridiculous it can be fun if you don't take it seriously, and the design has a few interesting ideas. Checkered Flag is just... tedious.
  21. I hope it's just a capacitor problem. I had a Jaguar with similar crashing and audio issues that I couldn't fix - replacing the capacitors didn't help.
  22. Upon seeing Checkered Flag for a first time, a friend who's a Megadrive fan described it as "this is basically Virtua Racing, but done wrong". So it's pretty surprising you like it, given how much worse it is compared to the "original".
  23. Try converting the files into ROMs using Jiffi: http://reboot.untergrund.net/new-reboot/jiffi.html
  24. I doubt CJ's ports include any original TOS code ; there would be little reason to, when rewriting the few TOS functions games actually use is both simpler and use less ROM space.
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