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  1. The internal UARTI signal is connected directly to the expansion port, but is connected to cart pin B30 thru a 1k resistor. So in theory, if the device connected to the expansion port has strong enough output drivers, it should override the JagGD's signal. Maybe it could be possible to make "buffered" JagLink adapters for people who already bought a JagGD. (They'd have to hotplug it after launching the game, if the GameGD needs UART comms to run the menu.)
  2. Does installing a reset switch on the console itself work? Or would it just restart the current game?
  3. I'm pretty sure LinkoVitch's interpretation of the pointer rules is correct, and that it's not where the problem is. The documentation has an interesting paragraph about the CLUT:
  4. Mouse support requires reading the joystick registers very frequently (ideally about 2000 times per second), as opposed to only once per frame for the standard joypad. It may not be easy to integrate this into the Doom source code without causing performance impacts. Still, an interesting idea indeed.
  5. You don't need the boot ROM to run games anyways. The only thing it does is initialize the hardware, check the cartridge's digital signature and display the boot animation.
  6. If you say so. Why don't you port a NeoGeo game to the Jaguar and show all of us wrong?
  7. ...if you're willing to disregard the massive difference in price, both for the system and the cartridges. And the fact that this difference is the reason why the NeoGeo hardware could achieve what it did back in 1990 or so. Because its design is closer to the Jaguar hardware: it doesn't require huge ROMs with fast and random access, instead the graphics data is loaded from CD-ROM and kept in RAM. A cartridge Jaguar game would load it from ROM instead (so the load time is negligible), but once it's done, the result is the same. My point is: don't expect the Jaguar to achieve what the NeoGeo CD couldn't do, despite having twice as much dedicated memory than the Jaguar has in total. I could, if I had hours or days to spend doing benchmarking on both machines. Which I don't. But I could ask the same: where's your data? What code have you written on the Jaguar? Constraints on modern hardware are completely different from constraints on retro hardware, so the comparison makes little sense. SNK didn't use the multiple bus approach just because they were lazy. They used it because they couldn't have achieved the same performance otherwise.
  8. If you want to compare the Jaguar to the NeoGeo, you should compare it to the NeoGeo CD. The latter has 4 MB of RAM just for the graphics and several separate busses (while the Jaguar's total amount of RAM is only 2 MB, with a single bus). And even with that, it can't pull off all of the cartridge-based NeoGeo games.
  9. You still need the original custom chips. Best Electronics sells them, but I don't know how much they have left, nor how expensive they are.
  10. I disagree. There are several rB+ games that are more fun to play than some of the commercial releases.
  11. You've spent years telling us again and again about your ambitious Jaguar projects and how advanced they would be (here's an example from less than a day ago). Yet you have released absolutely nothing, not even an "Hello world" project.
  12. Unfortunately, I think you have to be the copyright holder for your report to be considered.
  13. You should report him. If TXG/MNX does has well, that's already two strikes out of three.
  14. Don't waste your time. philipj is that friend that goes on and on about how he's gonna be a rock star when he grows up. But you've never heard him playing anything, because he always has an excuse: his amp is broken, or he hurt his hand while playing tennis, or his guitar is out of tune, or...
  15. Super Burnout is worth checking out as well.
  16. Wow, $99 for Tempest 2000?! I knew Jaguar prices went up, but I didn't know they went up that much.
  17. Unfortunately, that won't stop some people from making pirate copies, and other people from buying them. @str0m said above that the guy was selling Tempest 2000 repros, and you can't really argue that Tempest 2000 is hard-to-find or expensive.
  18. Definitely not a legit copy. I've forwarded the link to the author of the port.
  19. There's something I hadn't noticed before: I wonder if there's a risk that those thin traces could be damaged by repeated insertions, or shorted together by the cartridge connector's contacts. Just to be sure, I'd recommend moving them of that area, or maybe applying a bit of kapton tape to protect them if it's too late to change the PCB layout.
  20. Availability of components from this kind of brokers should be taken with a (big) grain of salt. A significant percentage of them don't actually have the stock they claim to have; when you place an order, they try to buy the components from someone else (and may not succeed). You may also get junk: chips crudely desoldered from circuit boards, defective or lower-grade chips, or even unrelated chips repainted to make them look like the ones you're looking for.
  21. The rB+ toolchain uses a BASIC-to-C converter, so internally it relies on a C compiler and RAPTOR. You could take it apart and use that as a basis.
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