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  1. No. Neither the console nor the cartridges use batteries.
  2. Hum, no. You can also use a SCART cable and an RGB-to-HDMI converter, such as the OSSC or the XRGB mini. Direct connection is not possible. The Jaguar outputs 15 kHz video, your monitor (like most modern ones) only accepts 31 kHz and above.
  3. All the signals are available on the DB9 connector on the back of the Catbox, so the only thing needed should be to use a DB9 connector instead of the card edge one:
  4. I don't think so. Unlike the Atari ST, the Lynx doesn't use the same CPU as the Jaguar, so it would require complete emulation. The graphics would need to be redone as well, because they would look coarse on a big screen (the resolution is only about half of what most Jag games use).
  5. Using floating point for this is a bit dangerous because of potential rounding issues. You can achieve the same result using integers: dim seconds as integer seconds=1 dim st$ rlocate 30,30 do vsync st$=str$(seconds+100) print mid$(st$,3,2) seconds=seconds+1 if seconds>=100 then seconds=seconds-100 endif loop (can't test it right now, but it should work)
  6. Cybermorph was the most common pack-in game, but not the only one: there were a few others bundles with a different game. So Cybermorph was also sold separately for those who didn't get it in the box.
  7. I think we need a "no complaining about the tools without posting your code" rule. Because seriously, otherwise there's no point: regardless of whether the bug is in your code or in the tool, we can't fix it if you don't show us exactly what you're doing.
  8. The game is nearly 30 years old. It's been available for years on other platforms for significantly cheaper than the Jaguar version. What's the rush about?
  9. This reminds me that the Jaguar supports light guns... If only hardware was downloadable...
  10. I'd have to double check, but as I remember it, each lane of the playfield is 3 or 4 pulses "wide". So it is indeed dependent on how many lanes the current level has.
  11. I believe that's correct. Yes. In fact, if I remember correctly, the rotary support in Tempest 2000 was developed using a modified 2600 Driving Controller. Both free-spinning and "clicky" encoders have been used to play Tempest 2000 in rotary mode. Free-spinning is less precise, but allows for faster movement ; I find it more comfortable than the alternative, but it's probably a matter of opinion. In both cases, the encoders have almost no inertia (they don't keep spinning when you stop touching them). I don't know if adding inertia would be a good thing or not.
  12. https://web.archive.org/web/20140901024645/http://dothesame.jagware.org/downloads.php
  13. Since there's lot of free room, you should add a spinner for playing Tempest 2000
  14. If the label says "12 V", it's probably an older serial mouse, which may not work (some serial mice also support PS/2 mode, but not all of them).
  15. It is not a popular console. And if the problem isn't one of the common ones, it isn't easy to diagnose/repair since the console is pretty complex.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. I've forwarded the link to the RGC team.
  17. Dude. You're doing those wall-of-text random ramblings again.
  18. What would you learn from Checkered Flag in the first place? It's a mediocre game in every way: sluggish 3D, unimpressive graphics, dull music, poor controls. You'd have to scratch almost everything to turn it into a good game. Heck, you'd learn much more by reading the source for a good Atari ST 3D game.
  19. SainT > Having been involved in similar situations, I can certainly empathize. Taking care of your health is the first priority. Could you tell us which parts you are looking to outsource to someone else? (i.e. manufacturing, handling payments, shipping, etc.) While I can't handle the whole thing myself (I own an electronics service company, but it focuses on design, not mass manufacturing), I can act as a technical advisor to someone else, and sign an NDA if you wish. In particular, try contacting Albert, who handles the AtariAge store.
  20. Support for a.out was marked deprecated last March and planned to be removed a few releases later: https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Linux-Dropping-A.Out So it's likely it has now been removed completely.
  21. To be fair, it could also be a case of Atari saying different things to different persons. It wouldn't be the first time.
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