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  1. Master of Lamps The Eidolin Beach Head 2 Ghost Busters Summer Games Infiltrator Alternate Reality World Championship Karate Ninja Seven Cities of Gold Conan Having a save feature on a 5200 would be incredible alone.
  2. The 5200 is a gem. It's a cult among Atari owners. And it has a ton of great games that are configured for the 5200 controllers (space dungeon, centipede, star raiders, countermeasure etc). The latest tempest, adventure2, and pacman arcade are amazing games. To avoid hardware issues, get a working 2 port. Buy sticks that work. If you spend some time to learn how to rebuild them, you can easily do them yourself. There are people that can refurbish yours. My gold dot flex upgraded sticks are going over 10+ yrs. The 5200 controllers are my fav in that era. Better than coleco, intellivision, and 2600 easily for me. They just need to be maintained and understood.
  3. Used to be a beast back in the day. Been a long time and couldn't find my dual coupler. 41,575
  4. They sold from 269 to 299.
  5. First time in over a decade. 40,550 Used to be really good at this game. Just need a little practice.
  6. Please update Centipede - 125,795 (easy setting) by phuzaxeman Thanks.
  7. On the email list haven't seen the opportunity to purchase this game.
  8. I've got high scores on Centipede and Galaxian that for me are necessary. :-)
  9. phuzaxeman - 125,795 (easy setting)
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