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  1. Not that it matters, but your title screen is the 8bit (option, start, select).
  2. I beat Shadow 3x over 25+ years ago. I tried to play it recently and it's hard today for me. lol. I don't have the patience as my younger self.
  3. Shadow of the Beast (3x) Baseball Heroes Basketbrawl Batman Returns Gates of Zendocon Hockey Shangai Zarlor Mercenary Stun Runner Pit Fighter Football
  4. Looks really cool. Can't wait to hear some music and sound effects.
  5. I downloaded the basketball game before and there are some issues like it doesn't allow for you to score. There are other things missing so it's not complete.
  6. I never played a lot of pinball in the 80s. Today, I play it about the same or more than arcade video games at our local arcade here. I've had a deeper appreciation for pins as I've gotten older.
  7. Funny how in the arcades today, it's the pinball machines getting more love than the arcade cabinets.
  8. So you asked a developer to covert an unauthorized copy of 5200 Tempest to the 8bit (which he said no)? And then ask, "what the heck is everybody afraid of???" And then ask yourself why did he homesoft turn you down? So many wrong things in your post. There's a reason the rom is not available.
  9. You have much higher scores on 8bit tempest Xtreem because it's not the same game as the 5200 version. The 5200 is true to the arcade.
  10. The full complete version of Tempest was never released on rom and was not approved for free distribution.
  11. Looking good, Ryan. Any sound effects yet?
  12. I enjoy Checkered Flag on the lynx. That's the version that rules.
  13. Wish these Mean Hamster games were available for sale again.
  14. So are you asking for an official Tempest 8bit cartridge for purchase or you just asking for a ROM?
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