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  1. Looks really cool, Ryan. Did you have any ideas for music in the game?
  2. Yes, good find. Would be a cool feature to have the 5200 enemies to block like the movie.
  3. We've seen some great 5200 hacks like Donkey Kong, Moon Patrol, and Popeye. If you could choose three other 5200 games and their hacks, which games would it be? What hacks would you do on these games? Here are mine: Xevious - good game, just wished for actually missiles instead of horizontal lines. Jungle Hunt - game isn't the same without the music. Maybe a Jungle King version with a Tarzan looking guy. Centipede - greatest 80s version. Would be even cooler if it wasn't wide and more cabinet mode like the arcade.
  4. I never mentioned that the enemies on intellivision's version blocked Trons discs. My post was in reference to the sound effects based on the movie when the enemies block Trons discs. I do know that on Intellivision's version that Tron can block discs and to have that ricochet sound would be a neat feature.
  5. I don't know if you've gotten to work on the sound but it would be cool to get that ricochet sound when a disc bounces off an enemy that's blocking like in the movie. Sounds like a gun shot bouncing off a brick wall in the cartoons.
  6. Really cool stuff Ryan. I know you're still in the beginning stages but one of the cool things in the original movie back in the 80s was seeing an enemy against Tron get hit by a disc and would blow up into a yellow fireball and then disappear into the air. Would be amazing if you could something cool with the explosions.
  7. Zarlor. But Gates of Zendicon is great too. Raiden has no room to maneuver.
  8. That's really cool. I hope to see the analog sticks take advantage of its 360 rotation.
  9. That would be amazing. It would be a 2 button watered down version.
  10. Can't wait to see your work. So in Tron, what's the process in creating something like that? I'm not a programmer. Do you start from scratch or do you do some type of conversion? Just curious how things start. Thanks. Never mind, I just starting reading the other thread of Tron. Oops. Thanks.
  11. That would be cool. We need more dual stick games. Maybe someone can convert the dual stick on Battlezone?
  12. It would be great to have a complete martial arts fighting game on the 5200. Growing up with 8bit as well, there were some great titles. Hands down, World Champion Karate by Epyx was the best player vs player on the 8bit. The backgrounds, music, and sound effects were unmatched at that time. It was a version of Karate Champ. I believe there was a hacked/updated version on the 8bit. Other great fighters included: Ninja Karateka Bruce Lee Chop Suey Chop Suey would be the only other player vs player martial arts game. The rest of the 8bit martial art fighters were "atari basic" creations. I know Black Belt was incomplete. If someone could add a fighter and convert one of these titles, that would be amazing. Karateka was terrible on the 7800 btw. The controls were useless. The 8bit version was amazing but the controls would have to be done correctly since most people used a keyboard. Ninja had awesome music and graphics. Bruce Lee was more adventure type Conan game. What do you guys think? What would be a good fighter to add to our collection?
  13. Will a two port Motherboard fit a 4 port shell? Was going to try but wanted to ask before trying. Thx
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