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  1. thats all incredible great news. So sad I am not able to "just fly over to the U.S." to attend to this show, but hopefully someone will take a lot of pics of this event and report everything in detail.
  2. I recognize the Atari XL computer in the quote The others are an Alphatronic PC, an Arcorn B, a Sharp MZ 700 (that´s the second from the top, my brother had one of those) and a Spectravideo SV 328. Must have been hard competitors to the 800 XL. Don´t know if they are european only.
  3. quote: I love to play Dark Chambers when i wanna think about my life or just relax. I also play it when i can´t sleep... It is so slow that i become incredibly sleepy after playing it for 30 min. or so... quote Oops, I´ll just remove this game from my want-to-have-list!
  4. There was a Macintosh port as far as I know. You don´t have any clues about it and other Epyx games for the mac? I can at least confirm Winter Games which I was playing lately.
  5. quote Ja, auch wenn die Zukunft (wie von Anfang an) weiter ungewiss scheint. Seit 1987 hat sich da drinn aber viel verändert, gut laut ist´s aber immer noch und für´ne Disco relativ preiswert (und siffig?) und für ab und an ganz nett...
  6. I downloaded the cubicolor rom, because I liked the screenshots and it looks like a nice puzzle game. It´s working well with stella, but I don´t know what I am supposed to do.
  7. 8bit-Börse klingt nett, haben die eine Homepage oder wo kriegt man mehr Infos dazu? Bis Mai ist ja noch ´ne Weile, aber prinzipiell würde ich natürlich gerne kommen. Vielleicht habe ich bis dahin sogar was zu tauschen
  8. Songbird is selling a fold-cover-case (or something alike) for storaging and transporting Lynx carts. You´ll find it on their product catalogue. A company in Germany was selling the Lynx in special packages to driving-schools, including a big plastic case, a Lynx II, an AC-adaptor, manuals and a cart with a "learning-traffic-rules"-program. I could send you photographs of this, but it´s not really an accessory but a nice oddity.
  9. quote: I think if you want to program Swordquest Airworld, then why the hell not? However, the one thing that has ALWAYS BUGGED ME is that it's slated to be an Atari 5200 game. THIS IS STUPID! The Swordquest series was an Atari 2600 series. Having the final game be a 5200 game is not being true to the legacy of Swordquest. To me, it almost seemed like, well, the 2600 is so hard to program for, so we'll just do a 5200 version instead. That's BULLOCKS! Swordquest Airworld SHOULD be done, but ONLY if it's an Atari 2600 version. I don´t think so. Even if I don´t have a 5200, I think it´s cool if someone programs for it and why not this game. So many years after the start of this series it may grow out of the 2600 to the 5200, where´s the problem?
  10. As far as I know, Jobs left Atari before the VCS came out, so he couldn´t be involved in the VCS port. Even when Jobs and Woz programmed Breakout it was designed by Nolan Bushnell so there he should be named first if any in the VCS game. Anyway it would be fair to the original programmers to be listed in later ports of games, because it´s due to their efforts, that the game was created and became successfull enough to be ported. BTW, are there credits in the VCS Breakout? I don´t have this game...
  11. As far as I know, Tengen was the label from Atari Games (which made the Arcades) not Atari Corp. (which then made the Computer and consoles) to bring Atari CoinOp conversions to Computers and consoles. I don´t know why they have choosen this label and didn´t take Atari Games as brand mark. Maybe it had to do with the split of Atari when Jack Tramiel bought the Computer and Consoles Division from Warner and Warner kept the Arcade Division. It would maybe have confused consumers to see that Atari Games was producing many games for Nintendo and Sega Systems while the library of Atari consoles were small and some of them even never found their way to them.
  12. quote If you want to know more about the Lynx battery pack, you´ll have to follow the link in the first message in the topic about Electric Boutique humor (or something like this. For me I like the Lynx very much, but wouldn´t play much without a socket available to plug the AC-adaptor in. I´ve a Lynx since late 1990 or early 1991 and are so used to it now, that I think I can´t rate it from a neutral perspective. If I had to choose ONE system it would be the Atari Lynx. It´s library is not big, but I like many of it´s games. Shanghai, Klax, Lemmings for example are superb versions of classic games you can play again and again and there are many others I like to play from time to time. I´ve got a GBC, too, and, yes, the screen is poorly choosen (color, is there any? Don´t trust these fancy screen shots in magazines and internet, they are not taken from the displays, colors are flat and rather poor, too). I got it a worm light once, but I´ve soon sold it again, because this was making things even worse. With the worm light I always had this bright white reflection on one part of the screen and I was, while playing, more busy with moving it but the joypad. BUT the GBC has a huge collection (of mostly very awful titles IMHO), you´ll get carts often very cheap and even new titles will be available for reasonable prices after a few months at ebay or as discounts in shops. I´ve got a few games I really like on the GBC, the Spy Hunter/ Moon Patrol cart for example: I love Moon Patrol and the GBC port is excellent. Kwirk and Dr. Mario are GB titles (no color), but they are very addictive puzzle games. I´m looking for Marble Madness (color version), of which I read it would be very playable. I have some other games, too, but many I sold after a short time playing them, even though some of them were not bad but I prefer to play more complex titles like RPGs on my Macintosh than on this little dim display. I don´t have a GBA and I don´t want to buy one (as for now, maybe when it´s getting really cheap). I think there are a few brilliant titles available (Game Boy Wars), but only a few (in a very fast growing library). But if I didn´t have a GBC and I would think about buying a portable Nintendo the GBA would be the best choose, because you´ll have even more titles to choose from due to it´s backward compability. When I first (and last´) had a game gear in my hands I was very dissapointed by it´s look and feel and soon after by the game I was shown (Addams Family). That´s all I can say about it. The NGPC is absolutely brilliant in design and hardware. Batteries last LONG. The joypad is with micro-switches and feels good. The screen is far way better than the GBCs and I like the built-in biorythm (called horoscope), calendar and watch (There´s a little extra battery in it, that maintains time and date and some preferences). But yea, you should like 2D fighters, I didn´t, until I got SNK vs Capcom - brilliant! There are some other top notch games Metal Slug 1 and 2 (action shooter) and King of Fighters R2 for example. Bad thing: Games are often quite expensive and some are already rather rare collectors items and very expensive. The latest games published and some of the older titles are japanese only. Even if I found no game to be really bad, many are just above average and I can´t remember one game that has a backgroundmusic that doesn´t make me shiver from disgust.
  13. Well, thank you all. So I will look for pal versions... Anyway is there a difference in boxing, labels or game number to find out wheter a game is for ntsc or for pal. When I look at ebay auctions it´s often not clear which format the carts are and sellers of the games can´t tell or test it so it would be great if there was anything I could ask to not spend money for a random character screen generator. What about ntsc-units in europe with 220V-adapters. Is this a good solution or does it require anything special (RGB-outpt, special TV,..)?
  14. Hello, I´m a newbie on the 7800 and I am a bit curious about pal and ntsc carts. Do I get problems when playing a ntsc cart on a pal system?
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