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  1. Just as an update, I’m considering selling this prototype controller. If you’re interested, please PM me with an offer. I’d love for it to go to either one of the great video game museums or a collector who will care for it. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, I saw that it has been taken down. What happened? I was going to download this tonight and give it a whirl. That's too bad, as it looked pretty amazing.
  3. Killer! Can’t wait to try it out! (End of line)
  4. You're absolutely right. Companies write these things this way because it's way easier for them to absolve themselves of any work or the issue of keeping track of rights down the line. That's the kind of paperwork and due dilligence companies want to avoid. But that's no excuse for an exclusive and permanent transfer of copyrights. It might be different if this was a PAYING gig, but since it's not, this seems silly. This is a first stab, and I wouldn't write them off because of this. Smells like lawyer work. If anyone wants to include their work, I'd encourage you to redline this agreement and send it back for some back and forth. Hopefully you can get a human being to work with you on something reasonable. It'd be nice to see the community's efforts showcased here. Would love to have Andrew from Hyperkin weigh in on this.
  5. lapetino

    RetroN 77

    So, this won't have Harmony support, but will the SD card be like defacto Harmony? And if not, would its open-source nature allow others to build in support for it, or things like the oddball controllers like the driving controllers, or the Foot Craz pedals, etc? Glad to hear they are licensing Stella the right way.
  6. Glad you're doing this work. I know first-hand how tough it is to do the rights research, much less negotiate something you can sell commercially.
  7. So it has been a while since I originally posted this, but I finally got around to opening this up and taking some pics of the insides. I haven't tested it yet, as the 5200 was buried in the storage space, but I hope to try it out soon. Open to any suggestions on that. Here is what I photographed of the interiors. I'm not an engineer or electronics guy, so I'm even really sure what I'm looking at. Help is welcomed!
  8. Thanks! Right now, one definitely has some Atari ties, but it's not strictly Atari-focused. Sorry that's a tease, but it's all I can say for now...
  9. I really like the 8bit computers too. We've talked a lot about the potential for Atari sequels, but I don't think there's a large enough market for that focused of a follow up, at least for a big publisher. It could be great for some Kickstarter efforts or something along those lines. But I'm continuing on with other projects. Here's our latest: https://www.amazon.com/Undisputed-Street-Fighter-Anniversary-Retrospective/dp/1524104663/ I'm also working on something else video game related, but it's still in the negotiations stage. Thanks again, all!
  10. Thanks. Why yes, I just edited and art directed the next book in the series we're doing. It's called Undisputed Street Fighter: https://www.amazon.com/Undisputed-Street-Fighter-Anniversary-Retrospective/dp/1524104663 Working on negotiations for some other books too. Some video game related, some not.
  11. Thanks so much for the kind words. Glad you are digging it. And to those who wish there were more arcade art in it, some of that was a function of practicality and space. The current incarnation of Atari has no archives so everything--and I mean every single piece of art--was personally sourced by me. Some of it came down to what was practical to find. It's a lot harder to find beautiful arcade art examples and then photograph them. And I also wanted a book that would appeal to a wide audience. The 2600 is such a touchstone for many, many people and the source of most of the best art.
  12. lapetino

    RetroN 77

    The original Atari also shut down pirates and people using their intellectual property without asking, and were pretty litigious too. Activision, anyone?
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