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  1. Congratulations! You must have found the only two genesis systems in the world to be UNDERCLOCKED. The normal oscillator is around 53mhz which is divided for the individual components, like the CPU. Your games must have been running seriously slooow! It wasnt slow, it was fluid, not choppy like a regular genesis, no sonic 2 slowdown, just smooth... the 53mhz crystal wasnt touched in either, I was talking about the CPU's clock itself, the internal occilator was at 16mhz (duh) when compared to a modded 68k with another occilator tacked on that would run (rather unstable and hot) at 16mhz...
  2. Would anybody please dump the audio from the attract screen of missle command 3D for the jaguar? It doesn't sound quite right on an emulator and I need it for a cool remix, as I love the way it sounds. either as a wav or a 320kbps MP3 Please...
  3. Sega Genesis Model 1: Funny story... I bought a broken genesis from the flea market for $5, I was going to take it apart and see how it works. Whilst walking home, I decided to take a walk down a random alley looking for more computer stuff. But I Discovered something very interesting... I found an entire sega genesis sitting on a box of trinkets from the 90's. It had a really bad cartrige slot, it was all cracked... but I thought, hey, this is my lucky day.... So I took it all home... The found genesis worked like a charm. The one I bought, was of course, broken. I decided to take the good looking case (from the broken one) and put it on the old dusty neglected one (found), but this genesis was special... They looked identical to eachother board wise, exept one had a thompson 68k and one had a motorola 68k, but this one was different... It looked to be resoldered to the board, but this wasnt the orignal processor... It was a 16mhz processor with an 16mhz crystal, in place of the 7.6mhz MC68k and the 7.6mhz Crystal... I Was Bewildered on how good the board looked, but how bad the case was. I grabbed a sonic 2 cart off my desk, fired up the machine caseless, and to my amazement, the processor didnt warm up at all, the graphics looked so clear, and the sound seemed less distorted, I researched it and found out that it was a processor modification (duh) but it was done so professionally I was shocked... Unfortuneatly, I was going to keep it for myself, I kept it for a few weeks, but I didnt have enough cash, so I sold it for a smooth $50 so I cold get some new cool clothes... Im planning on buying it back... It's been painted gold now... PSONE: I broke it I wired up a light to the power and the ground of the controller slot of my clear PSone, and I fried the entire board... Nuff said, I didnt use the proper LED
  4. 2600khz

    WTB: Modded AES

    Well, you could buy a stock neogeo and do the modifications yourself. Neo●Geo Mods I'd do it, but I don't have enough time to do modifications.
  5. th-thirty pounds? good thing hes wearing a "manly" costume although, still a nice idea
  6. also i have a sealed copy of star wars III on DVD for free
  7. ok ill steal some money and send it pure-o-late-or
  8. Anybody Know If I Could Make A Genesis Flash Kart Out Of A Wiped Sonic Cart? Plz Tell Cheers, Fentendo
  9. lol i neglected to mention 20 is for the shipping, im GIVING IT To Him
  10. 2600khz

    MJ Poll

    just seeing if anybody is retarded enough to like MJ
  11. Ooh Gimmie I Want A .a26 Copy!
  12. Personnally, Re Plugging A XBOX Controller And Getting The Driver
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