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  1. I've been away for a long, long time but I too am still alive !! Lol...

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    2. ntavio


      Good to hear you're still alive.



      I've been away far to long and just yesterday I turned on my Atari 2600 for the first time in 9 months, far too long and I missed you all....

    4. Shawn


      Happy Birthday Efren.

  2. Got my boat out of storage and getting it ready to do some fishing with my kids

    1. atarian63


      sounds great! mine will be in storage till june.Northern michigan



      Damn that's way to long !!! It's time to go Walleye fishing right now buddy.

  3. Damn I hate 5:11 AM !!!!

  4. Damn I hate 5:11 AM !!!!

  5. Thanks for the Birthday wishes !!! I know I have not been here in a while but starting next year I will be on more. Thanks once again.

  6. Yeah the water is a little bit brackish but the problem right now is that the Walleye have gone out to the deeper waters like 25 feet and more and my cousins little 16 ft boat might not be safe that far out, thats part of the reason I wanted to sell my collection but Oh well there is always next year !!!

  7. Yeah its a little bit brackish, maybe they have so many Sheep head because there is a Nuclear power plant near by that keeps the water on the little bit of the warm side so the Walleye and Perch I do get out might be glowing by night time. Just joking, the DNRE said that if the water was too poluted, there would be no Walleye or Perch to catch.

  8. No guys I am not leaving Atariage its just that I want other things now adn I've tied up so much money in my collection that its only fair that if I want a boat and a new swimming pool that I give up some thing for the family thats all !

  9. Hey bro, No I am not leaving atariage even if I can sell my collection and to tell you the truth, I don't think there is any one out there who can afford my stuff.

  10. Well I really want a fishing boat and i've spent so much money on my collection that I think its only far that I use that money instead of putting my self into debt, plus my wife said it was the only way I could get my boat !!!

  11. Hey if your checking out my page, leave a message saying hi !!

  12. Hey ! Hello no, we got SKUNKED !!!! 3 of us in a tiny 16 foot boat out in the middle of Lake Erie and after 3 hours just 9 Sheep head, 1 Perch and 1 Gobi. Next time where heading out to deeper water.

  13. Happy birthday and many more !!!

  14. Well good news my my german buddy. I got off my lazy ass and have mailed out your box. Sorry for the wait and let me know when it arrives.

  15. What up big dog !!!! I've been around but not always responding here on Atariage too much, I've become a little tired of some people saying the same thing over and over again but I'm back now to talk to great people like you and others.

  16. Yeah i would use astro turf but my 85 pound Pitbull " Dos Locos " would tear it apart !! oh well i'll just have to keep on cutting. Thanks for the idea though !!!

  17. Carmel my English brother, Yeah long time no talk. They have us working like dogs at GM, 11 hours a day but i'm back now and sorry about the US vs England game, England should have one but the Football gods wanted the US to keep going.

  18. Its Guinness foo!!! and no its good!!! and of course Atari 2600 will always be the KING but PS3 kicks ass in a whole new way!!

  19. Nope I"m drinking Guinness but i'm keeping it cool this time ;)

  20. I need to let my female side out more and stop killing all the boat people, well may be a few more, there are so many of them ;)


  22. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you to Carmel. Yes I'll be there but I won't be drinking any more Guinness while talking, I get too mean!!! Sorry bro for anything I might have said wrong.

  23. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!

  24. If I ever get back to Germany, you and me have got to hook up and see if we can drink every can of beer in the whole country!!!

  25. Damn boy with your mug shot up, you look more German than I thought you would ;) You my dog!!!!

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