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  1. Removers extensions to JCP published here: https://github.com/theRemovers/skunk_jcp
  2. Sorry, I will publish source of rmvjcp Done: https://github.com/theRemovers/skunk_jcp/
  3. Oh, I think I never saw that (or at least do not remember). Yes, I should publish source of rmvjcp, let me do some cleanup in my files, before.
  4. Nice! Thanks for sharing! I actually use a 5 meter USB cable right now, but maybe I should invest into a Raspberry
  5. Happy to hear this works well. I think I misinterpreted the format of a.out object files. You can see I added a lot of log messages now I use jlinker for all my Jaguar projects now. Please do not hesitate to report bugs if you find any.
  6. I patched jlinker and this seems to work now. Could you give a try to the latest version available on github?
  7. That's interesting. How did you build gcc? Could you send me the file libgcc.a (or even better all the files crt0.o main.o display.o interrupt.o rmvlib.a jlibc.a libgcc.a ) ? The exception is raised by jlinker. It tries to read 4 bytes at an illegal place (see https://github.com/sbriais/jlinker/blob/master/bytesExt.ml)
  8. You need a more recent version of ocaml. I believe 4.08 is OK (Pervasives has been deprecated and replaced by Stdlib) Or you can just revert the commit https://github.com/sbriais/jlinker/commit/2da16f5822d9e00cb38f883eb356718d8c76b339
  9. Yes, jlinker is much easier to build than the image converter as it has no dependencies at all
  10. Maybe. I guess it fails when linking with rln, right? So you could try jlinker to see what happens (you need to install ocaml compiler to build jlinker, this is available on ubuntu). I am interested to hear if it works. And if it does not, please report me the error...
  11. Have you tried to use my own linker jlinker instead of rln? I think also that it should be quite easy to adapt the AUR package to Ubuntu. It just clones the aout.c file from linux repo and then set up dkms.
  12. On archlinux, you can install the following package to add support for old a.out format. https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ia32_aout-dkms/
  13. I am the first to be sorry and disappointed that people speculate on the Atari Jaguar version of Another World. Making another run would be an option to make this bubble blow for a moment, but clearly I haven't the time and energy for the moment for doing one. Moreover, I am not convinced that we would have enough demands to make this hypothetical extra run profitable. (we don't want to lose time & money)
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