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  1. bugster

    VCS 2600 ICs

    AJ, I wish that you had told me that one of the RIOT chips didn't work. I would have sent you a replacement. BTW, all chips are shipped inside anti-static bags so it should not matter if they are pressed into styrofoam. The styrofoam is used to keep the pins from bending in shipment.
  2. Yeah, it sucks big time. I thought I could republish my site to get rid of it.....and discovered that my media folder was G O N E. All my pictures and graphics were gone. I still have my logo, but as for everything else...redo time. No backup. So I'm down and out until I can get some media built back up for the links. This was the last thing that I needed. I'm trying to get all prepared for school and selling off my inventory and something like this happens.
  3. Glad we could be entertaining for you, Kyle! I've been wondering if I should take a picture of a Snickers bar and then make multiple copies of it, thus placing them in each order that I send out. This way nobody gets left out.
  4. Most people accept apologies, Nathan. You don't. You're trying to get more out of this than it is worth. That's all I have to say.
  5. Hi guys and thanks for the warm welcome. I've been coming to Atari Age for years actually, just never had posted before. I really do like this website. You guys do help make operating Vintage Fun World worth while, even though it doesn't make a whole lot. See you next weekend Rick, I've been really looking forward to it again. This time I'll be bringing a truck to haul everything and I'm going to try to see how many things I can fit in the booth like last time, but a little more organized. -Chris from Vintage Fun World.
  6. Thanks Rick for putting in some good words for me and letting me know about this thread. I'd like to call this whole thing "Moldy Candybar-gate". I'd also like to call it "Much ado about nothing". Here is the word from the horse's mouth: Recently I did some cleaning up and got rid of some old boxes and packing material. In order to do this, I sorted through to see what was good and bad. I did it rather quickly and at times did have wads of tissue paper that I grabbed a handfull of and initially it looked okay, not checking in each individual sheets for "garbage", because why would anyone assume that there is trash mixed in with packing material? Was it a mistake? You betchya. Why would anyone do this on purpose? Does it make any sense that someone would? Not at all. I have several trash cans I can use to dispose my garbage of thank you very much. As for our friend here, I did email him twice about this, so him saying that I didn't get back to him is a flat out lie. The first response I said that it was obviously a mistake and apologized for the wrapper being in there with some leftover candy in it. I thought that'd be good enough. I was wrong. He then gets back to me saying that I should send him something "nice" in return and that my apology was NOT accepted. After he writes 2 emails about this, I got back to him saying that people make mistakes, as I was sure that he does from time to time and I was sorry about it again and that since nothing was wrong with the material that he ordered, that there was nothing else I could do but send my sincere apology and try harder for this not to happen in the future. I mean, it is embarrassing is it not? I know I am. If this is the kind of continued response that I get from my classic computer customers expecting perfection from 20+ year old material, and then acting like a 5 year old when things aren't perfect, then I just may stop supporting the selling of classic computer items at VFW and go strictly video game systems. I love my video game customers as they almost always are kind, curtious and understanding even when things aren't "perfect". I've had more problems with the classic computer people than anything else. Not saying they are all like that, because they aren't. Some are great people, I'd just hate for some bad apples to spoil the bunch is all. I take care in wrapping items too. He can say that I did as that Atari 354 drive he received was individualy wrapped up tight in bubble wrap to protect it against banging around in shipping from outside influences. The tissue paper was used to fill the rest of the space in. Unfortunately as we all know, there was unseen foreign materials inbetween the sheets. As for sending the candy bar stuff back from person to person till it gets back to me...I find that pretty humorous actually. If this does happen, I'll meet up with the person, shake his hand and take a picture of the garbage with him, frame it and then autograph it. Not sure yet. Haven't thought that far ahead. It'd be a good way to put it all behind me. There you have it. Do with it as you will. -Chris from Vintage Fun World.
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