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  1. Sorry if this has been said in a previous message but I did not find the answer to my question. What are the differences between revision 1.0 and 1.1 from a user (buyer) perpective? Are there some features in the firmare/software only available with hardware revision 1.1, meaning one should wait for the 1.1 to be available from sellers?
  2. I like this game. I played many hours on my mobile many years ago. Is it available for everyone (or maybe only to ABBUC members)?
  3. This video shows the solution. Thank you @devwebcl
  4. For the first time I tried hard to play at Castle Hassle and found myself stuck on level 3 in the room called "What do I do in here". Anybody knows what should be done in this room? I tried to find a solution on Internet but did not succeed.
  5. I guess you want to use constant values at lines 250, 300 and 350 So the syntax should look like this: 250 SETIT LDX #2 300 LDA #4 350 LDY #10
  6. The first time I saw your post, I did not notice that you were using an Atari 800. My packaging does not work on an Atari 800. The issue is not related to the cartridge but with your hardware which is not supported. You should use the standard packaging found on the SpartaDos X website. Sorry.
  7. Please give more details about what you did to prepare the ultimate cart. And please, focus on one configuration. Otherwise it is really confusing (you are talking about the 8Mb and also the 1MB in the same message). Also, could you upload the output file (the prepared sdx file - the .bin or .car). I am not an expert of the Ultimate cart and my packaging was not tested on this cartridge but I can try to understand the issue.
  8. I leave this field empty ($0000) in RespeQt. I guess this is not a good practice 😕 Maybe you can tell me which free creator signature we should use for RespeQt once you have all the signatures from the other tools. EDIT: also, if you open an ATX file and write part of it inside RespeQt, I keep the original header. So actually, it keeps the original creator signature. This is probably something to change also.
  9. I know you have a headless Windows but could you get the logs when doing this operation. I am not aware of a difference between disconnect and release. I have to check but, to my knowledge, closing the COM port is enough to release it and does it all.
  10. Could it be that the device is detected lately so that the COM5 port is created also too late. I am pretty sure that this issue has nothing to do with RespeQt.
  11. That's a big issue. Did you use the master branch ? The fix is only in the master branch. I thought Hiassoft had found the fix. @HiassofT, did you build the binary and did it fix the issue on your side ? The master branch has not changed for quite a while so if it works for Hiassoft, it should work for you also.
  12. @ijor, if you could provide some ATX to check your different proposals, then I could check in RespeQt if I implemented it correctly. I am not sure if I fell in the pitfall described by @phaeron or not...I have to check. Anyway, whatever you choose, I will follow your specifications in RespeQt.
  13. Thank you for this video. I am not sure if the OSS switch feature with SIDE2 is well known so your video puts more light on it.
  14. You can write images to a real disk using RespeQt 5.3 if you have an ATX image. If you have a raw dump (.scp, or .raw files), then you either convert them to ATX using a8rawconv before writing them with RespeQt or use the corresponding hardware (Kryoflux, Supercard Pro) to write the image. There is no copy protection description in an ATX but only a track layout which can be "special". This track layout is interpreted as a protection by the Atari software. The answer to your last question is yes: an ATX mabe with Super Archiver and RespeQt can be written back to disk using a8rawconv to a Supercard Pro if you have one.
  15. I have done a hundred of Atari single sided single density dumps lately without -RPM option on a panasonic JU-475 and all the SCP (and then ATX with A8rawconv) work perfectly. So chances are that, if it does not work on your side, something else (another option?) is wrong but this -RPM is definitely NOT mandatory
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