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  1. That is very interesting ! In all the commands to switch to another cartridge (ACT, BXL, BXE...), I delete the file pointed to by the CAR variable. This was to prevent loading a CAR.SAV in BXE although it was created by M65. By doing this, I was assuming that the filename would remain the same (CAR.SAV). And of course you can not share a CAR.SAV between 2 different languages. Hence the deletion. But here you give me a very good idea: I could create a new variable called CARPATH (for example CARPATH=C:>TEMP>) that could be changed by the user (in its AUTOEXEC.BAT or anywhere else). Then each command like ACT, BXE, M65... would set the CAR variable with the path from CARPATH and a filename depending on the command: For M65 it would concatenate C:>TEMP> with M65.SAV giving C:>TEMP>M65.SAV What do you think ? EDIT: or maybe just use the variable TEMP instead of CARPATH. TEMP is set automatically by ramdisk. Give me some feedback, please. PS: Thank you for all your suggestions (in public and in private). It is really appreciated as it allows me to deliver a more and more advanced SDX packaging.
  2. Maybe but the patch should occur. If it does not, I fear that this is the tree that hides the forest. I mean that there may be a more important issue in your context.
  3. If you are not in a hurry, I may have a look at your issue during Christmas holidays. I need to set up everything (Happy drive, SIO2PC...) and figured out how it is supposed to work (I left the code for 5 to 6 month). Ping me again if I forget!
  4. Everything seems fine. @OmaOhneBH, do you also experience the same issue?
  5. Could you take snapshot of all the tabs in Options so I can see how it is configured.
  6. I am sorry but I don't have any idea why it does not work. Maybe if someone else could confirm that it is working, maybe he could help you find what is different in you configuration or in your procedure. Anyway it can only work if you see the second message about the patch on the fly. You are using 4.3 but is it the latest found in the latest posts of this thread?
  7. It can NOT work without a patched version of Happy v7.1. There is no Happy ATR patched file. The way it works is that if RespeQt recognize Happy v7.1, it patches on the fly the software as it is read from RespeQt. But for this to work, you need: - a genuine Happy v7.1 ATR file so that RespeQt knows it is Happy v7.1 - to boot this ATR file from RespeQt in D1: And the latest release of RespeQt 4.3 in this thread.
  8. Hi, In the console log, do you see something like: RespeQt version inquiry: $xx If yes, what is the value of xx If no, then you have a Happy backup disk that is not compatible with RespeQt. Please download a 5.3 for a 810 or a 7.1 for a 1050. And do you see this line: Happy Warp Speed Software V7.1 patched on the fly to be compatible with RespeQt
  9. This is the fourth update. @a8isa1 suggested to embed a romdisk (an ATR file formatted with SpartaDos file system in read-only mode). I developed a driver to map this romdisk as drive N: (D14:). This is a great idea because it lets you: - customize the files in the ROM. You still can not change the CAR: device but now you can add files in the ATR and include the ATR in the ROM before flashing. - build a directory structure and add files bigger than 8KB. So, from now on, there will be 2 ROM included in the package: - My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS_games.bin which contains the menu full of games (almost identical to the previous releases). There is no way to customize this ROM. - My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS_romdisk.bin where all the games have been replaced by an ATR file. Customization is performed using the following procedure. Both ROMs contain the same SpartaDos X tools and the same languages (OSS, Atari,...) The process is quite simple to customize My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS_romdisk.bin: - Use the tool of your choice to add folders and files in romdisk.atr. - execute build_SDX449c_OSS_romdisk.bat and voila: you have a new My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS_romdisk.bin. There is another change with My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS_romdisk.bin about the boot drive: - The boot drive is set to D3:. It will boot from D3: only if this drive seems available (reading sector 1 succeeds) - If D3: is not available, then the system looks at the BOOT variable (which is usually D1:). It will boot from D1: only if this drive seems available (reading sector 1 succeeds) - if D1: is not available, then the system looks for the romdisk (drive D14:). If found, it will boot from there. The boot drive is displayed in the boot sequence. Let me know if you think the boot priority is not the good one. If the system ends up booting on the romdisk, it means that one of the *.CFG files will be executed followed by the AUTOEXEC.BAT. So you can customize romdisk.atr to define additional drivers to load. The Basic XE extension disk is no longer in the package because all the files found in this disk have been added to romdisk.atr The readme file has been updated. My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS.zip
  10. Here is the third update. What's new in this version? Instead of explaining everything in the post, I added a README.TXT file in the ZIP file. Please read it to get the feature list and also the complete list of available languages. Bug fix: - launching an executable from the ramdisk (The!Cart only) could garbage the screen during the loading. - the GAME command was not working (a last minute modification before releasing the previous version!) New features or enhancements: - 4 new languages have been added! See the readme.txt file for the complete list. To be able to add languages, some games have been removed from the ROM file: - Gorf - Astro Chase - Demon Attack - Embargo Please, report any issue in this thread. My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS.zip
  11. I just downloaded UBI, then unARCed the archive, and ran UBI (with default UBI.CFG file). It means that the standard ATARI FP package was used by UBI. I had no problem entering a simple listing (4 lines of BASIC) and running it. I had no problem loading the demo BASIC program named CTEST.BAS and running it. Could you please describe your configuration so I can reproduce the problem? - content of UBI.CFG - BASIC listing you are typing in
  12. Here is the second update. The zip file still contains the MaxFlash 8Mbit image file and the Basic XE extension disk (this one has not changed since the first release). Bug fix: - The!Cart ramdisk do not crash anymore when an executable is launched using the X command (thanks to @janzh for finding the bug). Changes and Features: - The SELECT key is used to switch to OSRAM (instead of OPTION in the previous versions) - The default boot drive has been reverted to D3: - a GAME command has been added to launch the game menu without turning OFF and ON the computer (thanks to @a8isa1 for the idea) - 3 languages have been added: + Atari Assembler Editor. Use ASM command then CAR + SynAssembler. Use SYN command then CAR + Altirra Basic. Use ATB command then CAR With @phaeron's permission, the excellent ROM version of Altirra Basic has been included. I included SynAssembler without knowing if it is compatible with SDX. So this is experimental. If I discover some issues, I may replace it with another language. With this update, there is no more free banks so I won't be able to add something (another language for example) without removing something else. The same technical notes still apply so please refer to the previous posts. My8MbitFlash_SDX449c_OSS.zip
  13. This will take a little time since I am working on a bug found in the RAMDISK and will publish a new version of Maxflash 8Mb before working on the MyIDE II version. Maybe this month, maybe next month but, don't worry, you will get it before the end of the year.
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