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  1. Did someone make a 3D printable case for the MIDI INTFC for the 1088XEL (the part with the 3 MIDI connectors and the DB9) ?
  2. A couple of questions about the waveblaster daughter board. I was looking for suppliers on the Web for the S2 module (I am located in France). The only ones I found are from China. 1) Do you know any others sources where I can buy this board (worldwide as soon as they ship to europe) ? 2) If I buy from China, is there the same "clone" problem as for SD/CF cards or do you think all boards are genuine ones regardless where they com from ? 3) Is the X2 board also compatible with MyTek's MIDI XEL II (Dream Blaster & MIDI INTFC for the 1088XEL) both on form facter and pinout aspects ? EDIT: just discovered that SERDASHOP has S2 module available.
  3. Just wanted to share with mytek the video I discovered today about the VCF East 2019. Joe Decuir is holding a 1088XEL in his hand.The 1088XEL has no case but I guess this is the way Joe likes to see and touch hardware... Great acknowledgement for the work done by mytek.
  4. You can PM to one of AtariMania members. Ultimately, if still no response, i can forward your message myself.
  5. I have a problem with the "refreshing" concept when someone is ready to leave the community after a discussion.
  6. Please, JoSch, continue to contribute. Your best contribution is what you offer in RespeQt for instance (and maybe on other fields I am not aware of). Talking is not real contribution. It seems that this thread has been doomed or cursed. It is like roman circus games when someone is thrown in the arena. Don't know if the man deserves what happens but, look at the public, exited by the show. What I am saying is that it seems Greyfox has already received enough negative feedbacks. With a little empathy, I think it is very hard for anyone to get so much negative posts when you are involved in a project (whatever bad moves you made). Eveything has been said. Just two words: please, stop (and no, I have no financial interest in the book).
  7. My two cents about copyright issue and the focus on Greyfox and his book. I agree he has to change the cover so that there is no more copyright issue in the released book. But at least he tried to get in touch with the copyright holder. Not enough to use the picture but a smart concern. I feel it is fair to ask Greyfox to change his cover but not to give lessons about copyrights. I guess that if a layer started to look at the AtariAge content, it would be a disaster. How many games imaged and posted here without the author permission ? How many software disassembled without the author permission ? How many documentation scanned without the author permission ? How many material (software or whatever) transformed (hacked, protection removed, enhanced sprites, infinite lives, XL compatibility for old software...) without the author permission ? I don't see copyright discussion in each of these threads... So my question is: Why not pointing out the copyright issues on all AtariAge threads ? I have the beginning of an answer: The purpose is not the same: we are talking about a commercial activity with Greyfox's book and it's just "preservation" activity on AtariAge. But all of us (including Greyfox) are sharing the same love of computers, games and Atari nostalgia. Well, let's face it, whatever the purpose, both activity kinds (commercial vs "preservation") are orthogonal with law and copyrights. This "preservation" activity seems to be a magic joker that allows to do anything. About the book, I fear that the target is out of reach. This was my concern in my very first post in this thread where I estimated that 600 backers where needed to reach the target. In terms of 'business plan', the market is over-estimated. I feel that the price is not a real issue. The problem is much more about the number of people ready to pay for a book. But of course this is very difficult to evaluate before starting the project. I really hope the book will get published now or later if the target is not reached as I want to support people doing new devs, new books, new hardware because this is the only way to make the Atari adventure continue.
  8. I forgot one point. Please Darren, if you include home-brew games, do not forget Bosconian. It's just an amazing port of the arcade game and deserves a page in your book ! I know there are many other home brew games but this one has a special place in my heart as I played Bosconian in Arcade rooms back in 80. I spent so much time (and money) on this game and I would have been so happy to have it on Atari computers at that time !
  9. I feel I need to share my feelings about this project: I like this idea very much ! First, this is a very professionnal artwork, design, page layout... It is also a huge work to get to this level of quality. I like very much the way games are reviewed. It reminds me a magazine I used to read in the 80'. It's a mix between colorful leaflet of software vendors and also magazines with some screenshots, a small blurb and a rating. I want one just because it is a perfect match with the spirit of the 80. I really really hope enough people will help this project comes alive. I fear that the target amount is very high and doing a little math means that at least 600 persons have to contribute before end of May. I don't know if there are 600 active Atari users ready to pay... We'll see... Anyway thanks to Darren for this fantastic work. I wish I have this book in my hands !
  10. I pushed the 2 fixes on Git repo: - avoid the crash and ignore the bad date. - fix the communication issue with folder image. Could you please test this version and tell me if it is OK. RespeQt-r4.3-fix.zip
  11. Did you study French or is it a commonly used expression in English ?
  12. Hi Kyle22, I am not sure to understand how to reproduce the problem. I understand that you have a file with date 47 but where is it (what is C: on your screenshot ?). Is it an ATR image in RespeQt or a folder image or a real hardisk plugged in the Atari (SIDE2 + CF card). You say you make a backup. From which device to which device ? Which SpartaDos command ? (is it SpartaDos - it looks like but not sure) Could you provide a very detailed explanation of the configuration and the procedure to follow so I can reproduce (what do you configure in respeQt, which commands are run under DOS...) ?
  13. Hi, thank you for using and testing and reporting issues on RespeQt. I found the bug (my fault !). It is fixed. But before rebuilding, I am going to look at the issue about last modified date.
  14. Hi, I was wondering if there is enough space to put both XEL-CF3 board and a Rapidus board. In a previous message, there is a picture made by flashjazzcat with a rapidus but without XEL-CF3 (or was it there but fully hidden under Rapidus ?) When I look at both boards, I don't see any way to put both boards (even with stacked sockets) at the same time. It seems that both boards partially cover the socket of the other one. Can someone explain and post a picture if he managed to do that ? And if it is possible, which Rapidus model (XL or XE) ?
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