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  1. Happy to know it. Now we know that we can buy these NT 21 if needed. Thank you for the feedback.
  2. Hi, This commit is not related to bluetooth connections. It was a request from an Atari user (I don't remember who) because he was experiencing timeout or some spurious disconnections. The auto-reconnect option is used to reconnect if a disconnection has been detected.
  3. ebiguy


    No offense but I have a very ambivalent feeling about this. I don't want to start a polemic but just to put it into perspective. Of course, paying 13.80 for an object worth 5.67 is comparatively very expensive. But if you take a step back, buying an object thousands of miles away and receiving it a few days later has a cost. Not to mention the carbon cost and maybe the underpaid labor for handling. What would a much lower cost mean?
  4. Thank you very much for all the details and the pictures. I appreciate that you took the time to open your 810. By the time I started this thread, I found a TM-100 (not an Atari one) in Europe that I have not received yet. So this will be very helpful when I have the drive. EDIT: I think you gave enough details to perform the surgery but I may ask some more questions when I apply the changes.
  5. I don't know if I am the only one interested in the wiring but could one of you list the way you connect the TM100 to the Atari board ? Maybe some pictures of the actual wiring of your TM100 would be enough. It would be great to get the information here.
  6. I am not sure what to do if I start a floppy disk preservation session. Sorry to ask again regarding this topic but I will have a lot of floppies (not mine) to preserve in the next month so I don't want to risk destroying them. Let's say I have an old floppy disk which has not been used for 30 years. I don't know if the floppy is readable or not. After cleaning the drive head of my Panasonic JU-475, should I - 1) try to dump the disk to SCP and, if and only if there are some errors, clean the disk. or - 2) always clean the disk first and then try to dump the disk to SCP Let me know if solution 1 or 2 should be used. Thank you.
  7. @Nezgar, I jumped here from the message you posted yesterday in the thread "Atari 810 ROM replacement". Reading the details of your 810 with the Chip, I am interested in adding the speed change in my 810. How many ohms should the trimpot should have? Is the trimpot the only addition to do in the 810 to be able to change the speed? (I mean that there is no trace to cut, pin to bend or anything else to do)?
  8. No, it's definitely not common sense. The common sense would be that rubbing a disk would probably destroy the disk surface but obviously, this is not true. So, you are right, it should be written somewhere and, at least in the Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Guide: http://a8preservation.com/#/guides/diskDumping Note that there is a warning at the start of this page: But I did not find any paragraph giving some hints. BTW, in this page, I think that the method using RespeQt and a Happy or Super Archiver drive should be added. I guess the page is older than the support of ATX in RespeQt.
  9. Hi, I came across this video which puzzles me. These are 3 1/2 disks. In AA forums, I read in several threads that bad or medium quality disks could be damaged just by reading them. Hence the idea of dumping them with SuperCard Pro or Kryoflux BEFORE trying to read them in a 1050. This guy cleans the disk (not the drive head). I would think that doing this would definitively destroy bad or medium quality disks. But the guy says that all the disks work well after cleaning. Or is this advice OK for 3 1/2 disks but not for 5 1/4 disks? Any opinion @Farb, @DjayBee, @ijor or others with cleaning experience?
  10. I hope you did not buy the NT 21 right away because the part that plugs into the 800/810/1050 is too large. The NT 21 is 2.5 mm and the NT 8 is 2.1 mm. I don't think the NT 21 will work (or the connection will be loose). You need the NT 8 not the NT 21.
  11. I don't understand. 162 is 81 * 2 (at least in France ) which seems OK. Or do you mean that I should have set the --ecyl=79 (end cylinder) to be sure that the track list contains only tracks 0-79 instead of 0-80? EDIT: I think I understood your point: you mean that the track list should always contains 80 (or 81) tracks regardless the number of sides... So it means that the issue is not the --double-step (the generated SCP file would probably be good with or without this option) but the --single-sided which is MANDATORY to get a track list of 40/80 tracks instead of 160 tracks. I tried a new dump (same Archon disk) with only --single-sided which means that I still dump 80 tracks but one side only. It does not work. Same result. Here it is. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rgkokRnpkIliiFOInLjSxnrnEXSvbgEn/view?usp=sharing
  12. Could one of you describe how you "re pin" the the wires to the 810 board?
  13. Cool! I uploaded 2 files in my drive (too big to put on AtariAge and not very useful to keep them forever). The first one is Archon_greaseweazle.zip https://drive.google.com/file/d/1aCeVPGvgE5Bj-k9ZoA-gLJMOnYV4cN_5/view?usp=sharing This archive contains 2 files: - AtariTitle_double_step_single_sided_OK.scp - AtariTitle_no_option_KO.scp No need for more explanation I guess. The second one is Archon_kryoflux.zip https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kxpvfCnZYWraOiU-hhBglFf-ztLE34Ss/view?usp=sharing If contains a dump of the same disk but with a Kryoflux just in case you want to compare... EDIT: This is my post #500 !!! Ok, no one cares but now I am a Dragonstomper
  14. I came back home and I tried again to run the command gw read Archon.scp without any other option. I confirm that only the first track is read successfully. All other tracks are read as empty or unformatted. That is quite strange. Not a big deal as it works very well by using the options: --single-sided --double-step But I am curious to know what is the problem. Any other experience reading a disk from a 1.2M drive?
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