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  1. IMHO is better to make new/original games for the Jaguar, if you like STUN Runner you can play it on mame, it's the best version.
  2. One question, skunk board silly venture edition is rev 3 or 4? I've two skunk boards, I think that I've rev2 (it has two USB ports and IIRC I missed the first batch of skunkboards) and silly venture edition, without opening still in the anti-static bag. I've been trying to write the high scores of my games with no luck, but after a lot of googling it looks that my skunk board doesn't have a serial EEPROM chip. Anybody knows if the silly venture edition has a serial EEPROM chip?
  3. On the ST I died at the last boss, never completed it. I don't have the Jaguar version
  4. Looking at AtariAge day by ZeroPage Homebrew video (part 4) I've seen that Last Strike has an option to upload the hiscore by QRCode. I think that It could be interesting to write a free library that can be included in your game to generate QRCodes, also create in AtariAge an online hiscore board, also, that could be done for any Atari platform. It's just an idea, I don't know how much have be done on the server side. The Jaguar side I think that is not hard to do. What do you think?
  5. Are you going to release the source code of this tool? I've installed in a virtual box (I don't have a win machine) with xp and win10 and it didn't work even after installing the Visual Studio runtime.
  6. Now I'm a bit busy but I was wondering... Mac version? 🤔
  7. Nice, I'll use it as a reference to fix/test my (buggy) disassembler.
  8. My favs are FailSafe and T:me Salvo.
  9. I got an older version and works flawless. Boot version 02.00.05, Serial 2043 Maybe you can try with another USB cable?
  10. Or code on real hardware, it takes a few seconds to upload the code to a Skunkboard.
  11. One thing that I like in the Jaguar is that the blitter has sub pixel coordinates, if you use it you can do very smooth 3D graphics instead of the shaking 3d models that you see in may PS1 games. Sadly you can't draw many polygons.
  12. If you think about it, it's logical but I didn't realize.
  13. Ok, now I read the data properly but it looks that there are sightly differences in the Boot ROM, because I get some glitches at the start, but if I cut the jagbios.rom from 0xc1b4 to 0x127f4 and play it in Audacity it works... Also I've dumped the values that I'm reading and they are part of the bitmap that is located before the sample.
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