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  1. Most homebrew games use u235se that support Amiga mod archives, so that's the way to go.
  2. SuperCross 68000 code it's very inefficient. I haven't look at the GPU part.
  3. Nope, I've digged into SuperCross Source code (with my disassembler) and it's locked to a minimum of 4 vbl per frame on PAL systems and 5 vbl per frame in NTSC, that gives a maximum of 12,5 fps for PAL and 12fps for NTSC.
  4. People talking about weather... it looks like a bad date 🤣
  5. If they release a "free" version for sure it will be locked to work on jagSD or Skunboard, it won't work if you flash them on an eeprom.
  6. No, because it's in development. There are no public version. But you can use a JagSD or a Skunkboard to play with it,when they release it, of course.
  7. He was asking for a sega game and I choose that one, of couse there are more sega games like kongo bongo, zaxxon, pengo... etc But I prefer a Daytona USA at 1fps because it has textured polygons, and at that time everybody wanted textured polygons.
  8. Yeah, Daytona USA 1fps version XD
  9. It sounds faster and with a higher pitch, but for me it's easier to spot a faster song (less time between each beat) than a higher pitch. Later I'll write a test program.
  10. For now I haven't tested with a module, but in NTSC when I play a sample it sounds sightly faster. Maybe it's because I've a 50/60Hz switch.
  11. I've just updated to the latest version and it works, I'm using u235se-rel.bin file instead of the elf. By the way, I've realised that when I run the game in NTSC the samples sounds a bit faster, I think that they sound sound the same. This is my init code. _init_sound_system:: lea u235se,a0 move.w CONFIG,d0 btst #VIDTYPE,d0 bne.s .ntsc jsr 4(a0) ; pal bra.s .l0 .ntsc: jsr 2(a0) ; ntsc .l0: ; clear sample bank lea samples_bank,a0 lea end_samples_bank,a1 move.l a0,U235SE_ptr_sample_bank .loop: clr (a0)+ cmp.l a0,a1 bne.s .loop ; enable DSP move.w #$100,JOYSTICK ; enable sound move.w 4+2(sp),U235SE_playbackmode move.l #U235SE_24KHZ,U235SE_playback_rate move.l #U235SE_24KHZ_PERIOD,U235SE_playback_period move.l #D_RAM,D_PC ; Set up D_PC (DSP's program counter) move.l #RISCGO,D_CTRL ; Run DSP rts
  12. I can see a board with a SD card slot... so I think that it's a SD cartridge with some extras, maybe the silver chip (lower part of the image) it's a FPGA? Some of the other boards it's a RAM board?
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