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  1. IMHO Rick Dangerous 2 it's a better game, at least I played it a lot more on the ST.
  2. You need to hear the motor and the crack-sounds to optimise the racing lines if you want to reach the super division.
  3. With bugs fixed and improved performance, like a cache on each processor? I'm in, if it's the same I'm not interested.
  4. That would need a big rewrite, even with the source code avaliable it's a huge task.
  5. A bit of off topic. Do you build the cartridges? Do they have hardware to support save states?
  6. IMHO you could reuse the "gameplay"/AI, but everything else must be redone, the Jaguar hardware it's very different to the other consoles.
  7. I suppose that you'll release an API to read & write files to the SD card, isn't it?
  8. Nope, it's a small game, I don't have too much free space...
  9. I'm coding the third game to be included into the cartridge.
  10. swapd0

    TNT Terry

    Deluxe Paint images.
  11. Could it be possible to port SOUPER mapper code and BupBoop + CoreTone to a7800 emulator? It's open source and it's avaliable for Linux and Mac...
  12. Now it works. I though that the unused registers in an operation won't affect the result...
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