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  1. I've been looking at the makefiles and I think that it's the -flto flag (link time optimization)(again...), I removed it from the library and from Classic Kong long time ago, but this game it's using it... Copy&paste bug
  2. There's something wrong with my linker setup? I've some weird issues, I have an assert to check if I call to build the sprite list several times in a frame (sort of), the flag it's defined as static int16_t _building = 0; (It's data or bss?) but if I write a couple lines of code (actually two in a particle system) the assert it's triggered at the start of the execution(The init code builds an empty sprite list) !!!! WTF!? Or maybe there's something wrong/mismatch with the compiler flags for the game and the library? ENTRY(_start) MEMORY { rom (rx) : org = 0x802000, len = 2M-0x2000 ram (rx) : org = 0x004000, len = 2M-0x4000 } stack_top = ORIGIN(ram)-4; _end = ADDR(.heap); SECTIONS { .text : { KEEP(*(.init)) *boot.o(.init) *.o(.text) . = ALIGN(4); /* needed for cstartup */ __section_init = .; } > ram .data ALIGN(8) : { *(.data) . = ALIGN(8); } > ram .bss ALIGN(8) : { *(.bss) . = ALIGN(8); } > ram .heap ALIGN(32) : { } > ram }
  3. I think that the module player has some bugs, If I remove the play module call it works, but with the module player it hangs but not always on the same place, it's weird, and I've run out of ideas to find the bug. Later I'll try with an older version. False alarm... now it also hangs without the music, f*ck!
  4. Do you have a Yamaha emulator running on the DSP or samples captured from the ST?
  5. If you want make 7800 compatible with 2600 you must include TIA.
  6. mmmm nice x68000, did you saw the price?
  7. I've done some testing and I think that this is the best way to draw scaled bitmaps without wasting some cycles drawing an extra scan line (scaled), and without leaving an empty scan line in the bitmap. 1. always decrement object height by one (even if y scale it's $20) 2. set remainder = scale y I haven't done many test with smaller objects (y scale < $20) but for now it looks ok.
  8. Ok then I'm going to clean a bit the code, maybe I have something wrong somewhere.
  9. Sometimes when I set the CLUT I've some missing colors, it's like some colors are not set. There are any issues with setting a color? I have to set them in the vbl IRQ and not in the middle of the screen when the OP it's reading the CLUT?
  10. You forgot the most important part, a sprite engine with scaling (for free?). Even if you build the arcade with a single 68000 you couldn't match it on home computers/console.
  11. I would like to know witch features will have.
  12. Look into your orders. By the way, I'm #150
  13. Forget BJL if you have a skunkboard, it's slow and you'll have a lot of problems with big files, I never could upload the native demo until I coded a different upload routine. Also it was conected to the parallel port so good luck with a modern PC or a Mac. Get a skunkboard or a JagGD.
  14. It's interesting that some people gets alarmed when they to hear the F-word but it's ok to "kill" other people in Fortnite, COD, etc...
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