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  1. The CPC uses a Z80 processor but despite it's pros, it's not very good when it comes to scrolling in some case. But you can get some good stuff on it. For instance, it's got a powerful word processor suite on a ROM expansion. What didn't help the CPC was when companies had the programmers do shoddy ports from the Spectrum (although some did do good ports from the Spectrum for technical reasons).
  2. Looking very good.. I'm glad I opted for the memory upgrade for my 65XE while it's being fixed. What SD card floppy drive simulator would this work on? As for the CPC - the recent port of Pinball Dreams shows what it can do but I think Prince of Persia on it is quite good but I agree, it could be better. The animation is among the best the CPC has to offer.
  3. Nightmare Rally, The Lost Patrol, Match Day, Match Day 2, International Match Day, Mailstrom,
  4. Way over my budget but thanks.
  5. I'm not entirely sure what to offer - I don't have a lot of knowledge involving Atari prices
  6. Yes, I'm in the UK.. (I couldn't find anyting to say where you were)
  7. I got a 65XE for £50 off eBay a month ago but it died after two weeks. The expert I sent it to said it's a lost cause, hence needing luck with finding another one at a reasonable price..
  8. Can you send me some good luck please?
  9. Not sure what to offer but sort of money would you like for it?
  10. A month ago, I was lucky to get an Atari 65XE from eBay - it got delivered to me and it worked great (only I had no games).. However, two weeks later it stops working and I send it off to an Atari expert to bef fixed but from he says, the whole thing is practically unfixable so I'm £50 out. So I'm looking to buy a 65XE base unit without power supply or tape player as I have both for a reasonable price please as I can't afford high prices for a replacement. Many thanks in advance.
  11. Is this discussion about the Jaguar port of Treasure Island Dizzy? If so, where can I downlod it from please? Thanks
  12. The video amendment is at : https://youtu.be/ifPMbzsWEtQ
  13. As I said, I don't know the technical stuff about Atari 8-bit but I welcome educating about it but many thanks
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