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  1. The first one I played too but it was a pack-in game with the Amstrad CPC.
  2. Thanks, I'm not fussed over speeds (I am used to C64 loading times, but my main 8-bit love is the Amstrad (which had a great port of this))
  3. Don't worry! It loaded.. Just took it's time to (I suppose) decompress. I'm still a newbie to the Atari 8-bits..
  4. Here's what happens and that menu. 20210214_215126.mp4
  5. Yeap.. and the lead's fully working as I've used a few other ATR files.. I got the POP file from here but I am using it o a PAL machine. I tried the OPTION button but it came up with a file select menu and I Tried the BIN file.. I'm not familar with Atari file extensions though.. Unless when on the black screen, I'm suppose to wait..
  6. I've just tried loading this on my 65XE expanded to 128k memory and all I get is a black screen with no beeping to indicate loading. Is there something special I need to do to load it? I'm loading it via an AVGCart. Many thanks
  7. It was doing it just by pressing ENTER.. didn't have any luck in the end.. (my cable doesn't like staynig in most of the time either... Never got CAS files goign either.
  8. Thanks... Due to the tempermental nature of my XE, going to give in until it's examined..
  9. decided to update the firmware - got the file from the main website and followed instructions but it's asking for the left cart button to be pressed. does this mean the left cart button on the AVG itself or a left cart button on hte 800 (I use an expanded 65XE)?
  10. Now it's telling me it needs something called OSXEX2 in the route directory - have I forgotten to put stuff in>
  11. Which hole would it go into? Thanks
  12. This is how the wires look..
  13. Never mind - machine is goign now and running a self test.. I did get beeps but nothing else, yet certain files did like two homebrew discs did.. But when unplugging the SIO cable from my XE with the AVGCart, one of the wires came out of the SIO plus (a red and white one but I have no idea where to plug it back into)
  14. I used to buy now my 65XE has gone bust AGAIN! (dark red screen) - I only had it fixed last year.
  15. Thanks... and yes I do
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