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  1. That's what I'd love to know - I sent a package to Michigan (from the UK) three weeks ago and it's still not arrived but no-one at my local post office never told me postal shipments weren't being made to the US.
  2. Oh, video... Thanks - just want to use games.
  3. I've not long recieved my cart but not used it - can I just put the cart files on? I've not seen anything in the documentation that says you have to do something else first.
  4. I got told NTSC games could be played on a PAL system..
  5. When he died, I was running a (now closed) channel and I did a tribute video of ten of his best tunes. But I rated him very well, especially loving his themes to the MASK games. That was one of my most viewed videos, but also one of my more liked ones.
  6. I've just got an AVG cart and am keen to put software on it but looking at the cart files on Atari Mania, most of them have US or Canadian flags on. Can I run software for US/Canadian machines on my UK machine Many thanks!
  7. How much would it cost? Thanks
  8. Thanks - looks a good deal.. Same price as a similar device for the Spectrum.. Will need to wait a few weeks though due to current expenses.. (and will ask about the cable too)
  9. Thanks all - got to see how much the cart will cost first.. Tapes - I only have four tapes.. I've been using virtual tapes. and I don't have a disc drive.. I plan to get an S-Disc Max for discs however..
  10. Thanks - to be honest, when it comes to Atari - I wouldn't know an SIO cable to something else people says with Atari.. I'm more an Amstrad CPC expert..
  11. Thanks - I wouldn't have the confidence to try and put one together.. (and my hands are too unstable to use a soldering iron)
  12. Is there anyone who is selling this ready made? Can it run homebrew carts like Space Harrier? (I've got my 65XE upgraded to run 128k stuff) Many thanks in advance.
  13. The CPC uses a Z80 processor but despite it's pros, it's not very good when it comes to scrolling in some case. But you can get some good stuff on it. For instance, it's got a powerful word processor suite on a ROM expansion. What didn't help the CPC was when companies had the programmers do shoddy ports from the Spectrum (although some did do good ports from the Spectrum for technical reasons).
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