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  2. I'm trying to create an ADF disk image for use with MiST. Specifically, I wanted to play WBSteroids. I found an lha archive with WBSteroids which I extracted using 7zip. I then used ADF Opus to create a blank image and then add the WBSteroids files to the image. I then booted MiST with the MiniMig core and put the WorkBench 1.00 adf in df0 and the adf file I created in df1. Workbench shows that the disk image I created as being populated but none of the files show up. I'm sure I did something wrong but I'm not sure what. Any ideas or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance, tjb
  3. Thanks for releasing this! I like it. I played it last night on the MiST. I especially like that you were nice enough to release the sources. Like Bill I look forward to checking out the source... tjb
  4. Awesome! I've been waiting for this. I just placed my order... -tjb
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    CLSN Pascal

    Sweet! Thank you for following up on this...I'll have to check it out. I totally forgot about this.
  6. Thanks for making me feel at home..that's one of the reasons I like AtariAge tjb
  7. Thanks for the responses. It just goes to show how out of the loop I am. I used to keep up with the forums but life has a way of getting in the way...
  8. If this has already been discussed elsewhere I apologize. I get the impression that the controllers on the new Intellivision Flashback system are detachable and the system itself can use actual Intellivision controllers (for whatever reason). My question is: Can you use the controllers that come with the Intellivision Flashback on a real Intellivision 2? Thanks, tjb
  9. Hopefully you'll opt for some sort of public release for RGB. I'd be willing to pay money for it and I'm sure others would too. tjb
  10. Once the contest has ended will the entries be available for purchase? They look great BTW. tjb
  11. I don't recall seeing the glitch over to the right of the screen (I may have just not noticed) but I've definitely seen the phantom objects at the top of the screen. I was using Atari800Win+ FWIW. tjb
  12. I just found out about this and played the demo. Great work, I really like it! I'll be purchasing a copy. tjb
  13. tjb

    WTB: APX Titles

    Bumpity Bump Bump Bumpity Bump Bump to the top we go...
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    WTB: APX Titles

    I'm looking for the following APX titles: Extended fig-FORTH fun-FORTH Forth Turtle Graphics Plus Deep Blue C Compiler Deep Blue Secrets Mathlib for Deep Blue C Atari Pascal Language System T: A Text Display Device Thanks, tjb Update: I realize many of these are available in binary form at atariarchives.org but oftentimes the docs are not available. So even if all you have is the manual I'd be interested in that too.
  15. Does anyone know of Atari 8-bit commercial apps written in Forth (to include games)? I saw a thread that mentioned that Antic's Rambrandt was written in forth as well as a CAD program (the name escapes me at the moment). Are there others? Also, what implementation(s) were used (i.e. VolksForth)? Unlike many of the C implementations available back in the day, Forth seems to have been a viable development tool for real applications. tjb
  16. Thanks for all the posts and the interesting discussion. Anyone have any experience with C64 C compilers? I was always a bit envious of the C64 as it seemed to have far more serious development packages that our beloved platform. tjb
  17. Does anyone know of any commercial apps (or for that matter any PD ones) that were written using Deep Blue C? Did anyone actually use the package as a commercial development system or was it really just a novelty or tool used for learning C? Don't get me wrong - I'm not being critical of it - it was quite a feat to make it work on such limited hardware. I'm just curious. Does anyone know any of the technical details regarding the package? I plan on looking at the Deep Blue Secrets package but from what I've read the package was derived from the Small C Compiler (as was many early C compilers). It sounds like the Deep Blue Secrets package includes the C source for the compiler along with the assembly source for the p-code like "C-code" interpreter. From what I understand the "C-code" is actually 8080 object code. This makes me wonder if the author modified the Small-C compiler on an 8080 system, built it, and used the interpreter to boot strap creation of the compiler from sources on the 8-bit Atari (the compiler was able to compile itself). Finally (my last question I promise), does anyone know whatever happened to John Palevich (the author)? I have an APX catalog that has a picture of him, circa 1982, and he appears to be a young man. It mentioned that he was hired by Atari Research. tjb
  18. This is a pretty long running thread! tjb
  19. tjb


    I personally have never seen them on Ebay for $50-80. In my experience it's much higher. His prices are in line with their value IMO. tjb
  20. Thank you for sharing the information with us. I'm very sorry for the loss of your Father. I can tell you he was very well respected for his abilities and contributions to the Atari community. tjb
  21. I like this app: 6502 Macro Assembler, Simulator, and Debugger http://www.exifpro.com/utils.html I used it to develop routines for my Atari 5200 Rasteroids game. It allows you to step through your assembly code and shows the effects on the registers as well as memory. As a bonus it has a built-in macro assembler. Great for learning and developing routines. I'm sure the others listed have comparable features but hey it's another option. To me it's just like code editing: some like vi, some use IDEs, and everything in between. Oftentimes a matter of personal preference. That said, it's definitely worth checking out. tjb P.S. You can get full source for the app as well. At one point I started making some changes to be able to display two memory locations as an unsigned integer for instance. It's an MFC-based app IIRC.
  22. You did say it was available using bank switching, correct? I take you just couldn't expect to use it with existing software such as Ramdisks. tjb
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