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  1. I dont know all the other games that were with it were NTSC but Not sure if the P stands for Pal
  2. asterix for the atari 2600 PAL found it at a yard sale dont really know if its worth much 15.00 shipped
  3. why are you so convinced michael jackson is some horrible pedofile? They had no real evidence both familes who sued were in debt problems/welphare and had tried to sue previously. Sometimes its important to do research on your own rather then just spewing stuff you here. It seems like every post you get a cheap jab in. No one knows exactly what happened why ridicule someone for something that is very possibley untrue? Its sad some people try to make them selves feel better about themselves by bringing others down.
  4. Bump Im not to picky about prices Not looking for a lot
  5. Mouse trap CIB SOLD Victory Factory Sealed SLightly smooshed Beamrider Factory Sealed Perfect shape ladybug CIB SOLD Donkey Kong jr CIB Facemaker rocky Super cross force super action baseball front line
  6. Does anybody know what this is? I found it a yard sale for 1.00 The Label is not the normal smurf labe.
  7. No I dont. Learning Fun CIB was over 200.00 Wish I had Boxes
  8. all Mint condition except strawberry shortcake has only minor wear. make an offer for all of them. Im not looking for alot
  9. Congo Bongo Pole Position and Manual Super Pro Football and manual Super Pro Decathlon and Manual Diner Sewar Sam Hover Force Thunder Castle Ice Trek Dig Dug and Manual Slap shot hockey MANUAL World Cup Soccer Pinball white water and manual happy trails dreadnaugt factor
  10. I just came into a bunch of uncommon and rare Intellivision games all cart only I know diner and super pro Decathlon are worth around 30 each or so anyone know average prices of Dig Dug and Learning Fun these will be up for sale shortly when I Get pics Diner Super Pro Decathlon Learning Fun I Dig Dug
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