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  1. Hello Hiassoft MyPicoDOS can not read the formatted SpartaDOS. Can you help ?
  2. I have seen the smartdos 6.1 that comes with Rana 1000 but never seen 8.2. 8.2 looks the same as 6.1. what is the difference between 6.1 and 8.2 ?
  3. Karin Maxi 3.5 drive can increase the capacity to 980K, 24 sectors per track. How do I do that?
  4. I am looking for the software in either MyDOS or SpartaDOS that copy the whole disk and compress it into the smaller imaged file. I found the diskformer that can copy the disk to file but no compress available. Any suggestion?
  5. I am looking for the program for SpartaDOS that copy the whole disk to the image ATR file. Like Copy the CDROM to ISO file. Any help?
  6. I do not like the flicker and black screen during the reading/formatting/writing. Can we disable both ?
  7. I want to buy the Karin Maxi drive! How do I order ?
  8. Do you know what it is used for ? It boots up before loading the non-dos games. It shows boot error. any suggestion?
  9. Thank you for response... however the copymate XE takes too long to copy the whole 80 track disk without burst speed. Another way is to write from ATR image file to a PC drive. It is much faster. If it is not possible, any idea???
  10. Most copy softwares on Atari 8bit do not support 80 track and 2 sides disk. I am looking for 720k copier. Can you help? WriteATR is used in MS-DOS. however I use Windows 2000 or XP that does not support the writeATR under the command prompt. I am looking for WriteATR GUI for Windows not MSDOS. Can you help? Thanks! JT
  11. MyDOS 4.53 or SpartaDOS 3.2g boots up in Atari 1050 as primary drive. I have secondary 3.5 drive with Hyper XF rom in XF551. I tried to format 3.5 double density disk but it shows the error 144. How do I format 720K in one partition? I have high density 5.25 drive that allow 80 tracks but we do not use 1.2MB floppy disk. Can the drive format 5.25 double density disk to 720K ? Where do I find Hypmode.com and Hyper XF tool disk? Thanks! Jack
  12. I found the jumper near the most 1.2MB 5.25 drive from the PC. The jumper of drives set D0 or S0. The different drives connect to XF551 board. All the drives can not read and format. The XF551 drive sets D1 that connects to PC, the drive can not read and format! I dont know which part is damaged. Do you think 360K PC drive works with the XF551 board? what else?
  13. How do I check the drive 0? Show me how to check it.
  14. Do you have any XF551 diagnositc program to test the XF circuit if it is ok? Which mechanism works with XF551? I tried to use teac, it does not work.
  15. I tested the Single Density formatted disk on 1050. 1050 can read it. I insert the same disk in XF551. XF551 still cant read it. XF551 is damaged. I do not know what part is damaged. I think some chips are malfuctional or 5.25 mechanism. Which one is damaged? Thanks! Jack
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