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  1. What a cool idea! Nice work. Now to find somebody else who will play it with me...
  2. 38,350 That high score of 63,000 is awesome. I can't see myself getting much better than this 38k on a really good day.
  3. I saw the post on this in the Lynx Fans Facebook group, and watched the video posted there. Really amazing work, whoever did this. I can't imagine what kind of work went into this, but I can't wait to try it out!
  4. I stumbled across a video of this on YouTube today, and it looks fantastic. I can't wait to try it out!
  5. That's awesome. I would have gone if I would have been aware of it at the time. I didn't find out about JagFest until a few years later when it morphed into the Midwest Gaminc Classic, and I've gone every year since then (maybe 2005ish?). It's crazy to think what a massive event started out as a small group of dedicated Jaguar fans. It's also sad to see what little representation the Jag has there today.
  6. If you could provide a link to the auction, we could give you a better answer. But it's probably a reproduction (pirate copy) cart.
  7. I was wondering what the "Boomstick" option on the new cheats screen would do. Really incredible stuff here. As amazing as Heretic would be on the Jag, I cringe to think what would happen with it when the JSIII crew gets ahold of it. You know, since they've had a working version for years now. *gags*
  8. Awesome! Day one pickups for me. Thanks for continuing to dedicate your time to the Lynx after all these years, Carl.
  9. Does it have anything to do with the Pacman-looking guy on the back of the Loopz box?
  10. This has me so curious. I'm just in the middle of a long hectic stretch of life and haven't been able to check mine.
  11. To be fair, the Jag Game Drive is now a proper Jaguar project. It was missing the typical Jaguar sabotage and drama til now. 🤣
  12. Crap, I missed the deadline and didn't get to vote. I wish the deadline had been a little more clear from the beginning. I struggled to get a number of the games to work initially, and still haven't been able to get 4TTUDE and Nutmeg to work. Everything else worked for me eventually. I struggled to rank these games because it seemed the battleground was uneven. How do you weigh an ambitious, groundbreaking, but unfinished game against a smaller, simple, yet complete game? Do you dock points against a game for being unfinished, or do you praise it for lofty ambitions? As somebody mentioned previously, it would help to rate the unfinished games against each other, and to have a separate competition for the finished games. In the end, I found Lynx Quest, On Duty, Growing Ties, Assembloids, and YNXA to stand out from the others, but all for different reasons. Lynx Quest has probably the best pixel art I've seen in an actual game on the Lynx. On Duty seems like a wonderful, varied, ambitious title offering many hours of entertainment. Growing Ties looks really basic, but it has that addicting mechanic and just enough polish to make it stand out. The same goes for Assembloids. YNXA seems like the Metroidvania-lite that we never got on the Lynx, again with good potential for hours of fun. All of these titles were really impressive though. I have a great deal of respect for everyone who invested time and labor into these wonderful projects.
  13. You know what's great about this competition? Well, lots of things, but specifically I think it's amazing that there isn't one standout game. There's some good genre variety, some new territory being explored on the Lynx, and some aspects of these games that I think are better than anything we've seen before in a full-size Lynx title. But I'm having a really hard time choosing a top 3, because of all the impressive work the contestants have put in. As an outsider to the Lynx coding scene, but a lifelong fan of the platform, this whole thing has been very entertaining to follow. How long will voting stay open?
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