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  1. That 3D or pseudo-3D or whatever it is just looks incredible. Of course we Lynx fans will love it and appreciate it, but I can't imagine what a title like this could have done for the Lynx back in the early 90s. I can't think of any 3D effects on the SNES or Genesis that looked as convincing as that gorgeous Nazca-line background. And the transition from the eclipse/space area to the Nazca area is pretty jawdropping too.
  2. Does enemy fire effect other enemies in AvP? I know they won't intentionally attack each other, so it would have to be a friendly-fire type thing. It always bugged me how (playing as a Predator, for example) you could open a door to find Marines and Aliens hanging out in the same room, and they didn't fight each other.
  3. It's very tempting, but I recently bought a Jag2Gen and if the picture quality is comparable, then I should probably pass. I guess I'll wait to see the price and decide then.
  4. That article is clearly aimed to get clicks without offering anything of substance. Those aren't the most valuable or the most rare Playstation games. To call them "incredibly rare" is absolute BS. And to make a list of the most common games worth a lot of money is like trying to find the intersection of two very different lists, which is just awkward. And to answer the topic creator, I have three of those: Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and Castlevania Chronicles.
  5. Got my order in. I can't wait to check these out!
  6. Holy cow...these boxes look phenomenal. I wasn't expecting something that looks factory-produced. I mean, the boxes were pre-creased and everything. Very nicely done.
  7. Saving and reloading is part of the intended gameplay, so I guess I don't see the point in determining maximum score without saving. Maybe that's just me though?
  8. Ms. Pac Man should have been done in TATE mode. They could have used the original screen ratio, or something close to it, rather than smooshing the graphics like the released version.
  9. Sounds pretty cool! I'm always up for some new/enhanced Lynx games. And I was never able to get the Ynxa rom to work, so it will be great to have that on cart.
  10. On that note, I only got a Lynx and Jaguar because nobody else had them. I wanted an NES, Gameboy, and SNES like all my friends. And my parents did not want me to have those specifically because they thought I just wanted to be like everyone else.
  11. PFG 9000

    Growing Ties

    Sounds great. The baseline gives me Maniac Mansion vibes (not a bad thing at all) but maybe that's just me. It fits the game well! Like, if it was a necktie, you guys would score a 10. 😆
  12. If the description said it had HDMI, but the HDMI doesn't work, can't you return it? Or file a complaint with Ebay or PayPal? Why pay for something that was poorly represented and isn't what you wanted?
  13. Whether the roms are released for homebrew games is up to the developer. Orion has posted roms of his games for sale on his website. There are tons of other free downloads here if you use the search function.
  14. Great news! Is the overlay embossed like the authentic ones? I've always been interested in the custom overlays offered by various individuals, but they're always flat and of inferior quality compared to the originals.
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