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  1. I just sat down with Unnamed for about an hour. I really like it so far. I think it's an excellent addition to the Lynx's library. It's always great to see stuff on the Lynx that isn't so "arcadey." (Not to slight arcade titles in the least, as they're the Lynx's bread and butter.) The save feature is really helpful here. I have no idea at this point how long Unnamed is, but already I wouldn't want to repeat all the progress I've made the next time I fire it up. If item acquisition is any indication, I might be about halfway through...? I have 8 items in my inventory, plus a 9th that I lost upon using it. But I'm stumped at the moment. Pleasantly stumped. Nice work on this one!
  2. Yes! There have been some very impressive homebrew projects on the Lynx in the past few years. This was among the best, and that's saying a lot! It really deserves a physical release.
  3. Serblander, do you have an update on when the auctions might be posted? I've been checking in here a few times a day so I don't miss out. 😃
  4. Got my copy of Philia today. Thanks! That shipping was super quick.
  5. This is really coming together nicely! Great work.
  6. I worded my post poorly. I don't think it's an actual 3D model - I just think it looks like one. I figured maybe he used a technique like Donkey Kong Country on the SNES, with pre-rendered texture mapped polygons converted into sprites. But I'm completely out of my league here, with zero programming/technical knowledge.
  7. Yeah, Trevor McFur did look amazing back in its time, in screenshots...but in every other way it was complete trash. It doesn't take advantage of the Jaguar's 2D power at all. There are NES shmups with better effects and faster gameplay, even with a comparable number of sprites, like Recca. And there was zero thought put into the enemy placement. They just toss gobs of enemies at you...that's it. No fun bullet patterns to weave through, no interesting animations or enemy wave patterns. There's no music. The powerups are boring. It's not even that it doesn't have anything to make it stand out...it's that it isn't even mediocre. It's just like they took too long to learn the hardware and didn't have enough time to make the game fun.
  8. I thought it was in reference to the huge spacecraft coming out of the background. Looks like a 3D model to me. This continues to look impressive, Bob_63. I can't wait to experience it on a real Lynx!
  9. In Ebay's eyes, it probably builds urgency. If you're torn between either placing a bid or just clicking Buy It Now, and you know you can change your mind afterward, then you might as well just bid. But if you know that BIN could disappear at any second (because somebody else placed a bid), then you have an extra incentive to use BIN.
  10. Definitely interested, but I would have to see the finished product to make my decision. If it could fit into a standard Jaguar CD box protector, that would be great...a couple of the retail releases don't fit.
  11. The last time we heard from them, they were stringing the community along, stating they were doing another run of Hotdog and Relief Pitcher. They reappeared periodically to stoke the interest before disappearing for good.
  12. This is great news! I can't wait to dig into the final version. In answer to the question, I would prefer a physical release, but I would very much like to buy both if available.
  13. All of those backgrounds look great! I actually like the third one the best, but I do see the point about colors not standing out. Maybe use it in a place where your foreground is a different shade, or as a background on a text screen, or something? It's too pretty to ditch altogether.
  14. PFG 9000

    Growing Ties

    That's awesome! Day One order for me.
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