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  1. no offense.. but Rez was all about getting the high score etc.. but that was worth well more than 50 dollars to me, even though it was a simple shooter at it's core. its a bit unfair to say a game isnt worth a higher price tag just because of it's genre dont you think? it has a LOT more content than the original dloadable version, and is a full game.. in my opinion, that time, effort, and money put into this larger game deserves a larger price tag. you pay for more content.. no matter how simple the game is at it's core. i mean.. i can think of tons of non-cheap shooters off the top of my mind. nanostray, r-types (like the ones on the ps2) etc all come to mind. just my two cents.
  2. ok.. now i beat him.. with hardly any damage.. i think me shooting the ice this time made things much easier.
  3. Doesn't he really like Red Steel? If so, I can't say I'm inclined to say he hates the Wii. Yeah but he said something negative about the Wii. When folks do that it makes AtariJr's underwear bunch up and causes him to post nonsense. Last few weeks there's been a lack of posts like that, was kinda nice. Oh and the reason Wii commercials are so goofy is simple. It's because they are ment to appeal to your mom and non-gamers. Carnival Games looks like another game that will be perfect for when the folks come to the house. Like Sports it's another offering of games lots of people are familiar with already. I plan on picking up a copy for when company comes over. its nice to know my absense has made you so happy.. glad im back. and i was simply pointing out a simple fact, manshow has never been a big fan of nintendo around here.. so i dont see how pointing that fact out is horrid. also, last i chekced i wasnt the first perosn to post about his idiodic thread, so go yell at someone else. btw, convenient of you to totally overlook my bashing of this waste of disk space. although the first part of your post is as pointed as even, yes your dead on. this game is made to appeal to families and kids. This means that its going to try to appeal to them.. if you presented this like a "game' it might not appeal to mr. and mrs. smith who dont really like to play them. the inclusion of the carnival people, while a bit silly looking, is simply trying to show them that this is like the carnival.. a place most people of any age have fun at.
  4. you guys are lucky. im honestly not that great with fps.. and im getting schooled on this ice boss . im doing everything right, ripping off his armor and such.. i get his armor off like 3 times and i die around there. im hitting him with the hyper blast when weak too.. but i just cant hold in there. his dang ice on a chain always seems to hit me.. even if im behind an ice pillar as it just goes right through it. is it me.. or in these boss fights you just wish samus could run a bit faster.. she just seems so dang slow right now..
  5. wow, can i borrow your 64? must have had some updated chips in there to get polygons that are smooth like that. not saying the game doesnt suck, but i think thats more of an artistic choice than a lack of hardware. really do wish games like this stopped being produced, however, i dont really see how this is that much more beyond other wii commercials. i think they do a good job of showing how to play it and game play.. certainly beats the lack of ads for the GC.
  6. last i checked i thought you hated the wii and all things nintendo...
  7. I most likely will buy the Wii version of Twilight Princess when it's $20. But not now. idk.. i coudlnt get into my freinds' gc version after playing my own wii version. id at least rent it to see the differnce.
  8. yea.. ive done that before.. just forget that the environment im in is dangerous, and im scanning then some rapterwhatevertheycallit thing scares me by teleporting in fight behind me and hits me.
  9. so many good old nes games no ones bothered to make "primed" like metroid.
  10. this is like the only good full online guide ive found that you dont need to pay for.. thought id help you all out. http://www.mycheats.com/view/section/6384/..._corruption/wii
  11. god dang.. finally.. i found it.. got the grapple hook swing ability...thank you. stupid pebble that i ALREADY scanned.. didnt know do bomb it.. figured the missle was enough to destroy it.
  12. ive scanned all i can.. korba.. the other animal... hell.. even the missle expansion... i see NO weak points highlighted here.. and ive used missles all over the wall to death.. nothing happens.
  13. it is... flick up on the wiimote and you jump now... so jump with the wiimote.. lay a bomb, and jump into it... double jump.. lemme see if i can see a weak pint.. i tried scanning and cant find one.. where is it exactly>
  14. Not sure why this is a negative, it's a pack-in, at least for the US. I think it's safe to say that 10 months into the 2600 lifespan the #1 selling software was Combat. So you are saying that US pack in games are considered as individual sales and figured into the over-all sales for the week? Does anyone know if that is a fact? I don't. Is Wii-sports packaged with each Wii? Because i honestly do not think you can count pack in games for software sales, and if they do, it really throws the reality of the software sales askew because you can't buy Wii Sports without getting the Wii..right?? Did Combat count for software sells when it was packaged for the 2600 or did SMB for the NES count as software sales though it was packaged with the NES?? I honestly believe pack ins should NOT count. according to joystiq.com it counts for some reason.. its why its always on the top of the wii charts. anywho, i liked this game.. and I too was very much insulted when reviews said it was no better than ps2 graphics. there were many things like the wood floors , and even the bubbles in the car wash that were pretty impressive.. and that needed more horsepower than a 7 year old chip. However, I must say that "adjusting" to the controls isnt ok anymore now that ive played Prime 3. I thought it was ok back then to spend a lot of time figuring the controls on red steel out and "fighting" the system to get your hand where you want it... but now with Prime i dont think i can go back to red steel. Im hoping that Ubisoft adopts the prime control so that Red Steel 2 is playable. its a great game, with good voices, graphics, and levels.. a lot better than how bad it was scrored, but yea.. the control is unforgivable now where as back at launch it was something i could deal with. if you like red steel so much (whoever started the thread) go buy metroid. If your going this ga ga over a launch title, youll crap your pants with prime 3 I played Prime today. Yes, it is fun but I still like RedSteel better. I can't turn my gun to the side like a gansta in Metriod Plus the control setting prevents me from using my gun attactment and an Alien world doesn't look as good as the Asian setting in RedSteel. wow.. i think about every gamer here would say metroid's environments are much more exciting than those in red steels.. but.. to each his own. as far as gangsta style gun holding.. i never relaly used that in red steel as you cant really aim well doing it that way. That, and having that option in metroid would be kinda retarded as her gun is round lol.... you woudlnt be able to tell shes doing it. and is the gun attachment that important to not play one of the best shooters of all time, or simply the best one on the wii? youre living in the stone age of wii shooters... please upgrade.
  15. Im on the Bryyo right now. i just made the reptilish looking snake head thing roll back so i can get into a hall with one of the scrolls to scan. down below is a ledge with what looks like a morph ball track and a bottomless pit. ive tried so so hard to get on further but i cant. it says on the online guide i found to bomb it and roll into the wall.. ive used morph ball bombs and missiles at the weak looking wall but nothing happens... and ive fallen to the abyss far too many times trying to jump into the side of the wall.. HELP?
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