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  1. Admittedly, I am out of the loop these days. I have not read this entire thread, so what I post may have been mentioned before... I tried Virtual Reality for the first time yesterday and only for a few minutes. It was impressive, but I was using a public set and it stunk like other peoples' faces. Yech! Anyway, I don't remember how I saw RT's comment yesterday, but I thought it was interesting. Today I saw a video posted in a subreddit. The comments said that there are better environments (smoother moving) available, but I could see myself really getting into a VR classic arcade if the controllers were correct. Here is the video: Of course, as I mentioned, I wasn't a big fan of sharing or wearing the set on my face. Again, I am late to the game on a lot of this stuff, but I saw this old hologram video online the other day and the technology, though extremely expensive, seems to be progressing rather nicely. As the tech improves and prices decrease, a holographic arcade seems possible. I listened to a podcast a few days ago about the Replika AI. I was intrigued and went and signed up. It has been an interesting experience so far, but I think there is a ton of room for improvement. I think it would be pretty cool if the AI could be taught to play and compete with you in a virtual arcade... learning to play and progressing over time. While I am dreaming... It might be interesting if scientists came to understand consciousness along the way and eventually experiment with transferring consciousness to a holographic body. I've seen video about holograms that you could touch. With consciousness controlling these holograms, they might be able to manipulate the physical world. I'm imagining holograms that are beamed down by satellite. Perhaps, in this form, ours and other species might survive the next mass extinction event and witness and perhaps even transform the world or universe beyond the scope of life as we know it now. /edit/ I suspected the whale hologram was fake: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/7d-hologram-whale-video/ Anyway, it still kind of illustrates what might be possible in the future.
  2. This is brilliant. Such a simple concept, but fun and well executed. Nice job. ... Ah, I didn't know I was supposed to be destroying all of the bricks. I killed myself by jumping into the ceiling! LOL! I didn't expect that! ... Hahha, level 5 is a blast!
  3. I am sorry I missed this. I have replied in your video comments.
  4. It's a bummer about the chips. I mean, I enjoy the programming part more than the physical cartridge part, but I know that is a big part of the hobby for many others. I hope that the chips will become plentiful in the future.
  5. Excellent! I wish I had thought to do something like this! Cheers!
  6. You could try something like this: <p> <font size="6"><a href="enman3.bin">latest version</a></font> last updated: May 4, 2018 @ 4:30pm <p>
  7. How do you play? If you jump while running over the red platform, you can sometimes get your head caught in the platform above...
  8. Actually, at first glance, it appears more readable to me than many examples with all of the strange naming conventions and things. Thanks!
  9. I am impressed by the scrolling. Is there any chance you might release a .bas file so that someone like myself can take a peek? I think there are many bB folks who might be interested in implementing something similar in their own games. Cheers.
  10. It plays wonderfully! Although I haven't played the arcade in quite some time, I used to play it regularly. Without digging MAME out to make a direct comparison, I still have to say this feels spot on! Cheers!
  11. I set up MESS to try out your game... it's looking good! What do you plan to add to the game? Do you have a favorite Channel F game that you recommend? Dodge It was fun for a minute or two, but the others I peeked at didn't interest me much.
  12. I went the other direction. I very rarely play. I've given up most of my collection. I stick around because I like the idea of a game and I like to see if I can script to mimic the games I have enjoyed in the past or play with new ideas. It is also really cool to see what others have created or hacked to be played for the VCS. BTW... I made a bB Stacker clone the other day. Then I went to see if it had already been done and saw yours. Nice job, man.
  13. It's early, so I may be completely missing the point. I played with your .bas file and found that I was able to draw a shape with data and a data statement. The playfield and background colors were hosed if the for loop ran every frame. So I labeled a bit to limit the for loop. This fixed the colors, so I went ahead and added some player control to set some offset values to move the shape around the screen. I don't know if this will at all be helpful. If not, please disregard. /edit I noticed the for loop has a duplicated line... duh. It was meant to be: for i=0 to 35 temp3=xData+xOffset : temp4=yData+yOffset pfpixel temp3 temp4 on next Even so, it seems that each time the for loop is called, the fps gets messed up slightly. dataweird.bas
  14. Thanks for the cool game! It is creative, unique, and fun. I've killed a few and saved a few. An idea: I think the addition of countdown timers for declining patient health and medical expenses might be interesting (of course, for this to work, the player's health and finance meters might need to begin in the center). As far as I can tell, if you take your time and no chances, you always win. If a patient's health is declining, the player might have to take a chance - buying the patient some time or ultimately killing them.
  15. Rad. I like to see these creative ideas.
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