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  1. https://javatari.org/ A friend introduced me to the javatari online update a couple of days ago. We have played Mario Bros, Joust, and Wizard of Wor... I just saw jwelsh's post here and I agree about Solar Fox. It inspires me though... how would everyone like a two-player Solar Fox? It shouldn't be too difficult to conjure something up in bBasic... and could add in extras... like power-ups, competitive mode or partner modes...? Sounds fun to me! Could be my Pseudopods IV!!! ... BTW, jwelsh, do you have any relatives in the western USA? I know a guy that could use your handle... or knew him once upon a time. He had red hair and freckles... cool guy. He sold me a TON of vhs tapes and a computer once. We used to work together at Micron Tech.
  2. I started a miniature golf game and a basketball game... maybe i'll get back to them one day... gaining interest again. i would like to do a switch accessible version of Battleship - with regular controls as well. </edit>
  3. I love 7-up.

    I love atari2600land.

    I am watching  your blog and hoping for more updates.... more projects... more more more.  You are the most prolific artist I have ever encountered and I adore you.  :)


  4. I am going to nominate this for homebrew of the year. What I think needs to happen is that you write or have someone write up some documentation. I think too many people are ignoring this project because they are confused and do not understand the features. I am so blown away by this. [email protected] ❤️
  5. I love it so much... Back when I did Dragon's Lair and Space Ace (one button), I also did a bit of Badlands and Road Avenger. This kind of could be like Road Avenger, I think. Very very cool. Cheers!
  6. I want to appreciate most of the efforts... homebrew and hack that have made the hobby interesting. I can't get behind anything hateful, but I do appreciate efforts... even if the perspective seems flawed sometimes. Not a lot of that though, in comparison to the best efforts, thankfully.
  7. I think i just joined one of "the food groups"... sounds terrifying and intriguing all the same! Hello.
  8. I quit the NA group due to his negativity and bad attitude toward me. I kept mog though, because he is my bro.
  9. I wrote Nintendo. I am a teacher... and I think that the Animal Crossing engine has fantastic potential to be used as an online teaching tool for teachers to use with students... imagine the teacher providing educational tasks for players... and then the rewards given the same as the animals do now. The game is educational already, but to trick your kids into learning for fun... kids wouldn't even need to know that the teacher was manipulating animals' behavior. I also wrote them about bringing back R.O.B. in an Alexa type package... camera eyes for AR and programming experiences... he could act like the referee in games like Mario used to... and you could program your own games using color for obstacles in your home and try to guide Rob through... sounds like great fun to me, but they haven't responded. I was accused of stealing the idea by a guy from the NA group. I don't need or want credit... I just want to play. I hadn't seen his post... and I think it is likely many have thought about such things in the past... I am finger-pecking on an iPad now and don't plan to check for errors, so there may be some nonsense above. Cheers.
  10. I think I misread a forum posting. It was about Animal Crossing, but then someone mentioned that the Switch has SNES games for download... and I thought it read that the Switch VERSION has SNES games for download. It would be something they could add in easily with an update though... and it was a big draw for me to want to buy a Gamecube back in the day. I still have never owned one though. I wanted to get the translated version for N64 and play it on a flash cartridge, but a lady stole my N64.
  11. I'm learning how to use these forums again. Necro-post, but thank you... you made my day.
  12. I cannot afford a Switch, but I want this, the cute Zelda game and some other Fanboy stuff that has carried through from the 80s. I bought an iPhone 6s - $150 new... only $20 for service per month! Anyway, I finally am able to play Nintendo's offerings on iOS and have been loving this as well as Pokemon Go (never played a Pokemon game before), Dr. Mario, Mario Kart, Super Mario Bros, etc. I have a couple of the Animal Crossing games from before - 3DS and DS, but I'm most amazed with the iOS version. I heard the Switch version has SNES games to collect? (I didn't read this whole thread if that was already discussed). Anyway, thanks... #goodnews
  13. I hate spectator sports... but I love the game logic and rules of these things. I love boxing, for example, but hate it in real life... American Football for that matter, but Madden is fun. For that matter, porn is like that for me. I'd rather be involved in the game. LOL, okay, bad spectator joke.
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