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  1. All the Taiwan variants seem to have that red-headed guy. And that crowd in the background all look like they're tripping balls! This one's the weirdest: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-2600-vcs-boxing_7427.html Even if you don't read English, how do you end up printing end-labels with the letters vertically flipped?
  2. I'll never be able to un-notice this now. At least with Circus Atari, having things a little off-kilter seems appropriate.
  3. Huh. I'm genuinely surprised I've never noticed it either - in Circus Atari or other games. Does the vertical separation oscillate? Are the middle two digits up on one draw cycle and then down on the next, and the end digits vice versa? This would give the illusion of horizontal alignment, and also make the crossbars on the digits look closer in thickness to the verticals. Is this why I've never noticed it?
  4. As a first edition owner, I'd love for there to be a second edition. I wouldn't mind even if it was exactly the same. I want to talk about how great this game is without feeling bad for people who don't have the chance to play it! When I bought it I wasn't aware of any assurances of limitation, only that it was very unlikely that First Star and the developers would agree on any further licensing deal. If any stronger assurances were made then I think they should be honoured on principle.
  5. The exact odds of an accidental reveal would be an excellent clue, but you've given us three different probabilities here! Is it 1 in 10 000, 9 in 100 000, or 9 in a million? (and please don't answer "yes" ) . . . If it's 9 in a million, then the game would need to be played 77017 times before there was a 50% chance of finding the easter egg. So if the other 249 of you play it 309.3 times each, I'll fire it up for one more game and reveal the easter egg
  6. Nice bargain! Sold. If I wore the shirt to school, I wonder if the kids would think I'm a Blade Runner fan rather than an Atari fan? It's not a UK-only deal, and postage was only AU$7.50 to Australia.
  7. As a kid I always imagined that the patient was myself. I'm technically a grown-up now, but I still have no issue with imagining myself simultaneously being both macro patient and micro doctor. There are far weirder scenarios in videogames than mere colocational duplication of self!
  8. I never knew about game 4 on Casino when I was a kid, I just played blackjack and poker with my family. Game 4 is a one-player solitaire where the player tries to arrange 25 random cards in a matrix, with each row, column and diagonal making a poker hand. Because of how the hands intersect, it's a complex strategy to try and make as many viable poker hands as possible - while always leaving one option open for a big scoring play.
  9. Strawberry Shortcake's Musical Matchups. All 125 possible tunes!
  10. 1. Beamrider 2. Juno First 3. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 4. Turmoil 5. Fantastic Voyage ...honourable mentions (if I had a top 10): 6 Stargate 7 GI Joe - Cobra Strike / Action Man - Action Force 8 Starfire 9 X'Mission / Raumpatrouille / UFO Patrol 10 Crossbow
  11. There's something about the programming of VCS games that stops me getting angry at them. I might find them hard, or be disappointed at losing, but without fail the collision detection on the Atari is absolutely perfect. I can never dispute that I did, in fact, hit that thing which should be avoided, or miss that thing I was trying to collect. The mechanics are always fair, no matter how sloppy the game design. On more complicated systems, hitboxes and distance detection and other routines mean that I'm often deeply dubious that I actually failed to land a platform or dodge a missile. You eventually learn to accommodate these inaccuracies - but there's always denial, anger and grief before you reach that state of acceptance. Thus only VCS games that are deceptive in other ways make me angry. An example is Chuck Norris Superkicks, where you are tasked with rescuing "a famous leader" from the monastery in which ninja hold them (thirty years ago saving a politician may have been seen as a worthy task). The final ninja bosses start blinking after you defeat the first three, and stay hidden for longer each time you defeat three more. There's a rescue to pull off right? Surely there's a limit! But then you get good enough that you defeat three ninja even when they are only appearing for a single frame. And nothing changes. There is no possibility of victory. That's when you go back and read the manual and realise that an ending wasn't even planned. The manual is replete with weasel words from start to end, suggesting the possibility of an end while deeply, cynically aware that it ain't gonna happen. No matter what you do, "The game ends when time expires," and so does my patience, replaced by a Chuckworthy vein-popping rage.
  12. If only youtubers could write descriptions of their videos, or if only users could mouseover the timeline to see what comes later in the video It took me less time to find out HCRAYERT504's top 10 than to read your complaint! Kangaroo's an unusual number 1. I love the way it plays, the sound's great, but I don't play it too often. Every couple of years I'll play it again, play a few rounds to remember the strategies for each level, and then get good enough to ring the bell three times on each level to get all of the fruit bonuses. After that I'm done. It's not a game I'd try for a highscore run on. It does leave me feeling happy each time. It's bouncy in every way. I'm still not convinced that kangaroos could climb ladders
  13. Star Wars: The OP Likes Black..........................................*has already left the building*....
  14. Fathom and Wing War are two great Adventure-likes. Along with Riddle of the Sphinx, Imagic made three of my favourite Adventures on the VCS. Anguna looks good enough that I'll wait for the cartridge release to play it. Could it compete with Ature for the Zelda-like crown? And did anyone ever put Ature on a cart, and if so could they please send it directly to my console?
  15. It can't be that one, Rom. There's only enough switches for 32 games! Unless it uses a difficulty switch, the colour/BW switch, or the channel switch to swap between two banks of 32? Or a menu option at the start?
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