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  1. That is definitely my fault. I need to get around to updating to the newest releases. A couple things worth noting. You can drag and drop links directly onto JS7800. So, you don't have to necessarily copy and paste the links (although that will work as well): The other thing to note is that the default list of ROMs that are displayed come from an external "cartridge list". You can actually create (and share) your own cartridge list and specify it via a request parameter (the same way you can specify a default cartridge). I put together a tutorial that walks through the process of creating and sharing a cartridge list here. Hope this helps, Chris
  2. A minor update to JS7800 has been posted: https://raz0red.github.io/js7800 1.) By default, high scores for games that are not supported by the Global High Score server will be stored locally. This behavior can be disabled in the settings dialog ("High Scores" tab). Thanks a lot to @RevEng for the suggestion! 2.) Fixed a defect where Global High Scores were not supported when local storage was disabled in the browser (cookies disabled, etc.). Thanks, Chris
  3. Hi Walter- The current builds will run locally (local files via the browser), but there are some limitations. I will look into what it would take to disable those features that require internet access when running locally. Thanks, Chris
  4. Hi- Just to clarify, it is not in the default cartridge list, but can be played in JS7800. You can load the cartridge locally, or specify a URL to the ROM remotely. This link will play Baby Pac-Man by default. Thanks, Chris
  5. A new version of JS7800 has been posted: https://raz0red.github.io/js7800 1.) The XM implementation has been updated to be consistent with the released hardware. All the credit for this feature goes to @RevEng who provided the source code to base the implementation on and answered all of my annoying questions. There is an option in the "Advanced" tab of the settings dialog that can be used to control when XM is enabled. By default, it is enabled based on the value in the cartridge header or the value in the internal JS7800 cartridge database. It can also be set to always enabled or disabled. 2.) Initial version of the Yamaha (YM2151) sound chip. There is a fairly high likelihood that several defects exist with this initial implementation. 3.) Added ability to disable vertical sync ("Advanced" tab of settings dialog). 4.) Added Zanac and Side-Crawler's Dance Yamaha music demos to the default cartridge list. Added an XM memory test developed by @RevEng to the default cartridge list. Thanks, Chris
  6. My guess is that OpenEmu3 is based on ProSystem. The original ProSystem code has defects in its handling of Holey DMA. These issues were really obvious on Pac-Man 320 (and related releases). Chris
  7. Hi- Thanks a lot for the report. Unfortunately, at this point it does require a newer PC. I do plan on adding some settings that would allow for better support across all hardware (frame skipping, etc.). It would be great if you could help test those changes once they become available. Thanks, Chris
  8. Thanks a lot! I had a great time playing the Millie and Molly demo this morning! 😃 Chris
  9. A new version of JS7800 has been posted: https://raz0red.github.io/js7800 In addition to some minor bug fixes, the following updates have been made: 1.) The addition of @Trebor's palettes. You can select from his "Cool, Warm, and Dark" palettes in "Display" settings. The palettes are available in two variations, "Dark and Light" based on the brightness level of the palettes. A big thanks to @Trebor for contributing his palettes and helping me get them integrated. 2.) A new "Fullscreen" scaling option in "Display" settings. This allows for enabling integer vertical scaling (versus "Fill screen"). Integer scaling ensures that no fractional pixels (vertically) are present when in full screen mode. Horizontal scaling in fullscreen is still controlled via the "Aspect ratio" option. A 1:1 "Aspect ratio" combined with "Fullscreen" integer scaling will ensure that no fractional pixels are present when in fullscreen mode. 3.) Added "Super Cobra", "Color Selector Demo", and "Worm!" to the default cartridge list. Updated "Dragon's Cache" to the latest version. 4.) Added a new "Global Leaderboard" page. https://raz0red.github.io/js7800/leaderboard/ The leaderboard page allows for viewing the current high scores for games that are compatible with JS7800 global high scores. This simplifies viewing high scores for games, as previously they could only be viewed by playing the game and waiting for the scores to appear. In addition to the current high scores, this page also displays players with top points obtained across all games (1-5 points per mode based on position). The leaderboard also attempts to determine what the top 5 most competitive games are at any moment. There is also a panel that shows the top players for the current set of "most competitive" games. JS7800 also provides a link to the "Global Leaderboard" via an icon that looks like a "medal" in the command bar. If the current game supports global high scores, the global leaderboard will be launched contextually. It is also possible to launch JS7800 contextually from the leaderboard for a subset of games. A small controller will appear in the bottom right of the selection header if JS7800 can be launched for the current game. Thanks, Chris
  10. Unfortunately, at this point, it only supports 7800 emulation. JS7800 is an enhanced port of ProSystem, while A7800 is a greatly enhanced version of the 7800 MAME driver. So, while they may be similar in some respects, A7800 is going to be superior with respect to accuracy, additional hardware compatibility, and other features. Hopefully, JS7800 can incorporate some of those features over time. Also, thanks for sharing the link to your WIP game. How have I never seen this before? It looks fantastic! Chris
  11. As @RevEng mentioned, when you specify a cartridge via the cart request parameter, it loads that cartridge when JS7800 initially loads. For this to work, the cartridge must be available from a publicly-accessible URL (in Mike's particular case, it is hosted on AtariAge as an attachment). Unfortunately, there isn't currently a way to upload ROMs to the JS7800 site for direct hosting. Thanks, Chris
  12. Hi- Thanks a lot for the kind words! Currently, there is not a way to use paddle controllers. There are a couple things that need to be done to make that happen. First, paddle support needs to be integrated into JS7800. I did make some progress (as a POC) during my development on the latest version of the Wii port. I spent some time looking through the A7800 source, which has excellent support, and was able to make it function (albeit it was a quite hacky on my end). The second thing that needs to be done is to add the ability to provide custom mappings from the HTML Gamepad API. The HTML Gamepad API provides a "standard" mapping that most modern controllers should map to. This essentially takes the common buttons of modern controllers and maps them to a standard layout. My guess is that the "2600-dapter II" may not map to the standard mapping, and therefore would need a custom mapping. You can actually test this if you go into the "Settings" portion of JS7800 and go to the Gamepads page. That page displays whether the connected controller(s) have a standard mapping. It will also indicate if the buttons (or paddle) is currently being mapped. If you press the buttons, etc. on a controller, a "white dot" will appear to show what 7800 control it is being mapped to (this is only applicable to joysticks at this time). The paddle controller, I assume, would need to map to an analog input. Further, this site, can be used to get more detailed information about the connected controller. I would be very curious to know what that site has to say about the "2600-dapter II". Does it map the POT movement to an analog input? I do definitely want to add paddle support. I think the first step would probably be supporting it via mouse input (or touch once a mobile version of JS7800 is released). The second would be figuring out how to map adapters such as the "2600-dapter II" it to the HTML Gamepad API. Thanks again, Chris
  13. Sure, absolutely. Just send me a PM and we can figure out how to do that. Thanks, Chris
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