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  1. I don't know if they have been documented, but definitely seems like an issue with the ProSystem TIA implementation. Chris
  2. Wow! This is great news. I can't wait to try it on the MiSTer. Thanks for helping make this happen @RevEng.
  3. Great to hear! Thanks a lot for testing it out. Thanks again, Chris
  4. Just as an FYI, I tried that particular build under the in development version of JS7800, and it did not crash for me (but, I only tried once). I would be curious to know if people are still able to replicate the issue with the current development version. Here is a link if you want to give it a try. Wizard's Dungeon on JS7800 (In development) Thanks, Chris
  5. Loving this game! One thing I noted is that if you die right when the level ends, you do not lose your ship. For example, on the first stage if you let the last enemy fly into you. Maybe that is the way the arcade game works? Thanks, Chris
  6. Honestly, I am looking forward to it as well. 😃 Also, thanks for the permission to add your demo. I will look to integrate it for the next release. Thanks, Chris
  7. raz0red

    Popeye 7800

    There is nothing in the implementation that is specific to JS7800 (it is just standard HSC support). I would guess that there may be some issues with your current HSC implementation. I know there were a number of issues that I discovered and resolved when adding HSC support to JS7800 (coming from the existing ProSystem implementation). Also, in cases like this, I would highly recommend running against A7800 for comparison, as it is very accurate and has been thoroughly tested. Thanks, Chris
  8. Very nice! I will have to give it a shot on my 3DS. Once I get the JS7800 core finalized with the latest changes, I will port them back to Wii7800. At that point, it should be pretty straight-forward to walk through the changes and determine if you want to include them in your port. Thanks, Chris
  9. That is something I would absolutely like to add once I am happy with the core emulation code. I think it would be pretty straight-forward to add a very simple debugger by leveraging the existing browser JavaScript console (similar to GDB). Once that is implemented, time could be spent to add a more advanced UI for the debugger. Thanks, Chris
  10. Thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Honestly, while JS7800 (and Wii7800) have improved on the original ProSystem code, they are still quite a bit behind A7800 and BupSystem in terms of accuracy and features. My goal is to improve the accuracy of JS7800 (which I am currently working on). Once that has been improved, it can be replicated to Wii7800 and other ProSystem-based emulators (I think the existing 3DS emulator is based on ProSystem). Thanks again, Chris
  11. would be possible to add a scanline effect? Yes, all sort of filters can be added via the use of WebGL. Early on I prototyped scanlines and various other effects, but I haven't had time to get back to integrating them. They probably won't be integrated until I am satisfied with the core emulation implementation. I've just checked demo 1E78 by Desire and it works ok till that moment Yes, there are several issues with that particular demo. Specifically, there are missing implementations of undocumented opcodes (SAX), not applying a maximum DMA time limit, and inaccurate DMA cycle timings. I have done quite a bit of work to resolve those issues, but there are still several defects that I need to resolve before promoting the changes to the general release (master). @RevEng has been a huge help, answering all of my annoying questions, and providing tons of valuable insights and suggestions. At any rate, you can view a working version of the IE78 demon in JS7800 (on a branch) via the link below. But again, this build has many other defects that are still yet to be resolved. IE78 in JS7800 Thanks, Chris
  12. A new version of JS7800 has been posted: https://raz0red.github.io/js7800 1.) Added global high score support for "Popeye" 2.) Added global high score support for the latest version of "Pac-Man Collection!" 3.) Updated to recent versions of "Dragon's Cache", "Dragon's Descent", "Popeye", "Spire of the Ancients", "E.X.O", and "Knight Guy: Castle Days" Thanks, Chris
  13. A minor update to JS7800 has been posted: https://raz0red.github.io/js7800 1.) Added support for undocumented ASR and ANC opcodes (fixes graphical glitches with "Popeye 7800: Mini-game"). Thanks a lot to @RevEng for making me aware of the issue and the missing opcodes. 2.) Added global high score support for the latest version of "Pac-Man XM". 3.) Added "Popeye 7800: Mini-game" and "Knight Guy: Castle Days" to the default list of in-development games. Thanks a lot to @darryl1970 and @vhzc for granting permission. 4.) Updated to the latest versions of "Dragon's Cache", "Dragon's Descent", "GoSub", and "Spire of the Ancients". Note: Updating to the latest version of "Dragon's Descent" required the global high scores for this game to be reset (the latest version modified the way high scores were stored). Thanks, Chris
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