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  1. Hello... All of my emulators that worked on XP work in Vista but I've not updated in a good while. I was wondering what the best 2600 emulator was these days? I love StellaX because of it's nice and tidy menu...I tried the latest Stella (not StellaX) and it wouldn't save my directory's when I quit and listed file names rather than the nifty game title and rarity as in StellaX. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks! I couldn't recall it..I remember when younger not knowing how to pronounce kamikaze listed as a game option and called it (pronounced) KAS MA KAZE..hahaha.
  3. Hello.. What was the name of the Sears version of Street Racer? Thanks, Brian
  4. Space Invaders Adventure Pitfall 2 Star Master Asteroids Haunted House to name a few...
  5. I agree..it is a darn fustrating game but a darn good one too..it was a "crash release" game that never got the notice it should..heck, I never saw it until 1988.
  6. Well, Pitfall 2 of course...but Battlezone was good...
  7. I purchased Pitfall 2 when I had already dumped my Atari for the Colecovision with the Atari adapter. And I played it more than my Coleco games.
  8. I always loved the "Dear Atari Anonymous" ad where people came over and never left. They wanted to play Missile Command, etc before they go. I never found a clip of that on the net. Anyone have it? Brian
  9. Mine just fails immediately...gives a fatal error and wants to "report" the error to Microsoft. Sad, because I loved PCAE. Using Z26 now. It works, so I wont complain..for now..
  10. Let me add: Porkys...I actually found it challenging...and that weird shower is still one of the most bizzare things I've seen in a game.
  11. Aliens Vs Predator Tempest 2000 Rayman Power Drive Rally Myst (CD-ROM)
  12. Hey Dan..I like PCAWEIN 2.6 too but it doesn't seem to run anymore on my XP machine..not sure if it has to do with any "Windows Updates" or not. It used to run..
  13. Thanks! I'll give it a try. I really like the one on my PocketPC (Virtual VCS) but it is so hard to control.
  14. Hi! What is the best 2600 emulator for Windows XP these days? I used to use PCAEWIN but it seems it doesn't like Service Pack 2. I cannot get it to run. Thanks, Brian
  15. E.T... I have it on my PocketPc and play it when I need to kill time.
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