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  1. kb9snl


  2. That sales receipt is pretty cool!
  3. Yup, do what they said. I forgot about the direct connect method...<facepalm>. Toss aside the switchbox and use the RCA to Coaxial.
  4. There are connectors out there to hook them up to cable ready TV's, such as: http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.asp?p=WMXFMR&d=Perfect-Vision-Push-On-75-to-300-ohm-Transformer-(PVAB10)&utm_campaign=base&utm_medium=organic&utm_source=google_base This will allow you to connect the switchbox to any TV without screw terminals, including some HDTV's with an analog-capable (pre-2009 made in particular, but not exclusively) tuner in them. It will make no noise and as you noted has no LED or anything, but when on Channel 2 or 3 it should do at least something once hooked up, black screen when powered, game screen, whatever. Not sure on the super game labeled carts on the 7800. I think it was more of a marketing ploy than anything else; not necessarily anything different about those carts overall.
  5. Saw this at the TraderBaker's flea market in Martinsville, Indiana over the weekend, but did not purchase. Games were priced too high (Dig Dug @ $8!), but the Tele-Games center was all there, although a bit nasty. Did not have a price tag on it and didn't want to mess with finding out the price, so if anyone wants to go get it, it's there! (Games there were Football (M Network white label), text label combat, Empire Strikes Back, Q*bert, and Dig Dug.)
  6. I hit yard sales, flea markets, especially "Hamfests", or Ham Radio flea markets, where I've found a LOT of old computers and Atari stuff. I also kinda like Gamegavel.com.
  7. I noticed most of these articles on Sony's announcement immediately tied this medium (or implied as such) back to audio cassettes, which they most certainly aren't/will not be. They'll likely be in this form factor (LTO Family) or one similar. It has more in common functionally with VHS (spinning head, etc) than audio cassettes. I use these at work for server backups of over a TB of data nightly. they manage to increase it's storage capacity every few years, but NOTHING like Sony has announced. That's just crazy storage.
  8. 147 at this point, not counting duplicates. (Dupes not pictured) Most recent = Marble Craze, my first homebrew purchase
  9. I too would love to be on any future wait list, can also pay immediately. Thank you!
  10. Still on display as of last Tuesday. There is a cool early 90's display too with a Game Boy and some other mostly mario-related odds and ends.
  11. I'd definitely be interested in taking a look and even perhaps making a purchase for my 800XL...
  12. I'm reasonably sure no model of the 2600 ever used any real wood. Faux woodgrain finish was huge in the mid 70's to about the mid 80's.
  13. This document is spectacular. Thanks for your hard work!
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