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  1. Hello Bob Luckybuck is our Atarcheologist. He's found source code that many thought would never be found or even declared public domain. He's been in contact with people like Bill Wilkinson and the family of the late Frank Ostrowski (Turbo BASIC XL). Sincerely Mathy
  2. Hello Bob Summoning @luckybuck Sincerely Mathy
  3. Hello guys I come from a country where people are often called direct or blunt. And I can would say that although I like to expres myself in a very indirect way, at times I can be VERY direct. But xxl is getting to the point where the "ignore" option on this fine forum/site gets to become a real option. Sincerely Mathy (who enjoys a little pun from time to time too)
  4. Hello Vitico You are using a "Q". Shouldn't that either be an "H" or better yet, a "U"? Sincerely Mathy
  5. Hello Ken Can't remember the mod or it being on my site, but I've found stuff on my site before that I didn't remember putting there. And I'm the only one who can put stuff on my site. :-) I never had a MIO (couldn't afford one and when I could, the BlackBox looked better), but the MIO-DIAG image would be welcome too. I guess it would work without SDX? Sincerely Mathy PS are you planning to sell the passthrough PCB's?
  6. Hello gilsaluki Tell her it'll happen the day she gets rid of most of her shoes, coats, etc. Sincerely Mathy
  7. Hello Ken Can these only be used for Diamond GOS or for all ICD passthrough cartridges? Sincerely Mathy
  8. Hello Ken Could you explain to me please what exactly it is that you ordered? Sincerely Mathy
  9. Hello slx I did a quick search and found it via a link on this platform they call AtariAge. Never heard of it before. Bob's XEP80 TTL mod. Sincerely Mathy
  10. Hello guys Similar to what Atari did on many 65XE's and all the 800XE's that came with 130XE PCBs. You just have to desolder three zero-Ohm resistors, solder in a socket and stick in the CO25953 to upgrade them to 128kB of RAM. The new PCB would have this and some circuitry to go to 320kB, preferably without using bits 4 and 5 to select memory banks. Sincerely Mathy
  11. Hello guys That's why I want pick up point (through holes) for the chip select signals. That way, you can choose between piggybacking the second Pokey, using a Dual Pokey Board or installing a PokeyMax. Sincerely Mathy
  12. Hello guys Have you tried Bob Woolley's TTL RGB mod for the XEP80? Does that make a difference? Sincerely Mathy
  13. Hello guys Hmm, maybe somebody can combine this idea with the cartridge holder, resulting in a cartridge holder that will hold 8 to 12 carts, that will fold open to make it a cartridge stand and will fold shut to turn it into something that looks like a smal suitcase. Would be ideal for taking some cartridges with you when traveling to meetings... Sincerely Mathy
  14. Hello foft Isn't that kinda what I said here in number 17? Sincerely Mathy
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