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  1. Hello Bob Nah, don't think so. Wonder if he ever will. Sincerely Mathy
  2. Hello guys This feature is case sensitive BTW (as I found out when I put together the posting above). "bob1200xl" won't appear in the list if you start with a "B" instead of a "b" after the "@". Sincerely Mathy
  3. Hello guys DST in Central Europe is always from the last Sunday of March (02:00 AM) until the last Sunday of October (03:00 AM (first time the clock turns 03:00 AM)). Sincerely Mathy
  4. Hello Mark All previous versions on your site are in chronological order, except the last two. Could you please change that? Sincerely Mathy
  5. Hello guys Let's try this: --> @bob1200xl Sincerely Mathy
  6. Hello guys Or RGB + Black, in reverse order. Sincerely Mathy
  7. Hello Steven If you like DaisyDot II, you'll love DaisyDot III. Only thing it's missing IMHO is a "temporary stop printing while I put in a new sheet of paper" option. I never had a sheet feeder and tractor feed didn't really work on my LC10 (printing more than a few pages always resulted in a paper-jam), so I had to restart the printing/calculating proces after every page/sheet of paper. Which results in "calculate page 1, print page 1", "calculate page 1 and 2 and print page 2", "calculate page 1, 2 and 3, print page 3", ... Sincerely Mathy
  8. Hello Ralf You can upload newer/improved versions until the deadline passes. Sincerely Mathy
  9. Hello guys I've bought two XEGS new years ago. One came wit the grey joystick, the other with the black one. So not every XEGS (that came with a joystick) came with a grey joystick. Sincerely Mathy
  10. Mathy


    Hello guys Does that mean we can obtain higher bitrates/better sound quality? And which output media do we select? Sincerely Mathy
  11. Hello Filippo And Romansh. At least that's what they told me. Sincerely Mathy
  12. Hello Sascha Isn't that DJayBee? Sincerely Mathy
  13. Hello guys First of all: Geister, I hope your chemo goes well and the UTI (had to look that up. Ouch!) goes away soon. IIRC there was an article in one of the Atari magazines (can't remember which one, but it must have been one of the North-American ones) concerning the Theremin. Might have been at the time when they where grasping for straws and telling us they had discussed all there was to discuss Atari 8 bit wise. Sincerely Mathy
  14. Hello ianoid This might be a stupid question, but have you tried entering a date before the year 2000? Sincerely Mathy
  15. Hello guys During the process of buying cartridge shells from him, Steven often told me he was away from home a lot. Sincerely Mathy
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