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  1. Hello Steve Thanks for reminding me. HARdwareDoc (and a couple of other people) toke his pages offline, because some troll was causing trouble in Germany. Sincerely Mathy
  2. Hello orpheuswaking Something like a combination of the Atari 2 computer interface and the SIO-Splitter. Sincerely Mathy
  3. Hello guys I have three of those. HARdwareDoc's MIDI-interface is fairly common in the German Atari 8 bit meetings scene (of which I consider myself part). It's hard enough to get multiple computers connected together the right way (believe me, I've seen more than a few meetings where it toke quite some time to figure out who plugged in which cable wrong on what interface) when all interfaces use the same order. If interfaces use a different order than what most have (in the 8 bit scene), this gets more confusing/complicated than it has to be. So please consider using the order HARdwareDoc used. Sincerely Mathy
  4. Hello Ivo If you put In-Thru-Out on the same side of the PCB and in that order, I might be interested. Sincerely Mathy
  5. Hello ChildOfCv IIRC the delay times are in the original Atari schematics of the 600XL and 800XL. Which you can find on my site (docs page). Sincerely Mathy
  6. Hello guys Or use a different switch in a different location on the back of the 600XL to switch channels. Sincerely Mathy
  7. Hello wesmond IIRC, Kevin Savetz lives in Portland, Oregon. Sincerely Mathy
  8. Hello guys CLOADing a commercially purchased cassette? Sincerely Mathy
  9. Hello guys We need this: But in more modern redesign. Sincerely Mathy
  10. Hello 800xl_1984 Try contacting Steve Tucker of AtariMax. He's selling cartridge shells in a couple of different colors. Sincerely Mathy
  11. Hello guys Freetz, the guy from the ABBUC Software contest, has entered a SIO2Arduino interface into the ABBUC hardware contest. It comes with a SIO cable on one end and the PCB on the other end plugs strait into an Arduino (not sure which one, but it's not the Nano). Sincerely Mathy
  12. Hello Turbofly Try Florian's Hardware Tester, which you can find in this posting, just to make sure the light gun works. Sincerely Mathy
  13. Hello guys A right cartridge is just a left cartridge with half the possible address range. Sincerely Mathy
  14. Hello slx The new numberplates with the blue part on the left with the "A" in it? How did they manage to screw that up? Sincerely Mathy
  15. Hello guys Maybe Emkay should use auto-tune, just like Madonna... Sincerely Mathy
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