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  1. Hello guys Just toke this picture. 600XL on top, 800XL on the bottom: Sincerely Mathy
  2. Hello guys A couple of fotos from yesterday evening: Sincerely Mathy
  3. Hello guys Wednesday afternoon: Sincerely Mathy
  4. Hello guys IIRC I've seen a 1090 in real life once, decades ago. So I'm not sure how big the 1090 is, but... My guess would be that width and depth (of the original 1090) wouldn't be the problem, biut height might be. Maybe it would be possible to design the housing in such a way, that that walls would exist of two square rings. If you only want to use old style, full height 1090 cards, you'd use both rings, but if you'd only want to use newly designed more modern cards, you'd leave out one of the rings. With just one ring, the top would be low enough that you could put a monitor on top of the new 1090. Sincerely Mathy PS taking this a step further, you could use a case of a Megafile (or recreate something similar) and create a ring that would raise the top of the Megafile case to create enough height of the 1090 cards.
  5. Hello Michael Not everybody looks at this only from a nostalgic point of view. This topic probably is interesting for those who do AND those who don't. And if at some point somebody would want to reproduce the hardware (read: The 1090 case and motherboard), quantity matters. Sincerely Mathy
  6. Hello Steve Or those in Henry's house were inspired by the curtains in the Schützenhaus. Sincerely Mathy
  7. Hello guys Monday evening approximately 20:30. Sincerely Mathy
  8. Hello Paul We're expecting more people later in the week. Sincerely Mathy
  9. Hello guys It's monday afternoon, just after 14:00 hours. Sincerely Mathy
  10. Hello Rybags, guys The difference between Amiga and ST Mouse is that one direction (IIRC up and down) is reversed. The mod for the ST mouse that let's one read the right button is here on my Special Stuff Page. Sincerely Mathy
  11. Hello guys I tried to make a panoramic foto. Remember, it's still the first evening. Local time 20:42. (For the West-Atlanticians among us, deduct 12 hours and add "PM") Sincerely Mathy PS we just ordered some food twenty minutes ago. They told us it'll take two hours. If you don't hear from us after this, we probably died from starvation.
  12. Hello Mauricio Not that I know of. You can find the realtime text here, but it's mostly in German. The screen will NOT update automatically, you'll have to refresh manually. Sincerely Mathy
  13. Hello guys Mr. V. opened the Schützenhaus at midnight. Just over two hours into the Fujiama 2021 and here's the first picture. Sincerely Mathy
  14. Hello guys In just over 22 hours, the gates to paradise, also known as the doors of the Schützenhaus, will be opened. Sincerely Mathy
  15. Hello DrPeter Looking forward to seeing the other three. Sincerely Mathy
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