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  1. Hello YSG2020 Bob Woolley describes a TTL mod for the XEP80 on page 16 of Atari Classics Volume 2 Number 6. Sincerely Mathy
  2. Hello Bob It was published in Atari Classics Magazine, as I say on my Special Stuff Page. Sincerely Mathy
  3. Hello guys The H.A.T.Z. is held in a small town not too far from the French border. And not as far from Paris as the Fujiama or the NOMAM are from my hometown. If you want to visit an Atari 8 bit meeting, you might want to try the H.A.T.Z. Attendance is not as big as either NOMAM or Fujiama, but it's a vert nice meeting that I myself would not want to miss. Sincerely Mathy PS the first mentioning of the H.A.T.Z. on my page can be found here. Scroll down for more.
  4. Hello YSG2020 You can find a lot of information about the XEP80 on my special stuff page. Sincerely Mathy
  5. Hello Marius Did you use the old version of the manual by Wil Braakman or the updated version by Sleepy? Sincerely Mathy (who knows Wil and Sleepy personally)
  6. Hello Michael Probably zero. Most of us mainly use it for playing MIDI Maze at Atari 8 bit meetings. But looking at the "picture" of the SIO2IO, there is ample space for a couple of extra connectors. Sincerely Mathy
  7. Hello Michael In this day and age and in the retro (Atari) scene you often have to "get it while you can". Because by the time you need something, you might not be able to get it anymore. That's why I want MIDI THRU in now. Even if we have to solder in the MIDI THRU port later. Sincerely Mathy
  8. Hello Michael You obviously haven't been to a German Atari 8 bit meeting like the Fujiama, the NOMAM or the H.A.T.Z. Sincerely Mathy (who owns three himself)
  9. Hello guys (m/f) Re: MIDI Thru: I haven't used it and may never do so. But this piece of hardware is not being made just for me. Somebody will likely need it some day. Yes, you can use special cables, but a) here the heck is it when you need it and b) most of us have more than enough different cables. And special cables cost special money. Solving it in software takes up cycles or space in some programmable device. And yes, preparing the PCB for connectors some of us want more than others would be fine. For MIDI Thru and SIO. Lenore is working together with other people. Often with Jürgen, this time with Pasiu (not sure if Gramblicka is his last name or a different person). I too want a cheap memory upgrade, but only if it's at least 1MB and works 100% like my 1MB upgrade. With all those XF-clones (5.25" and 3.5"), I'd like to see a (Mega)Speedy upgrade for the original and all XF-reproductions. Sincerely Mathy
  10. Hello Lenore Since everybody is coming up with ideas: SIO2IO: - I'd love a MIDI THRU port. And a WaveBlaster port. - I'd also like to see a second SIO port. - What size is the PCB at the moment? (Approximately) Wireless CX40: - If you use joystick extension cables, you don't need different versions of the receiver. - Your idea is to replace the existing PCB inside the CX40. Why not use a PCB that has a DB9 receptacle? The user would plug the joystick (cable) into the PCB, which could not only be a lot smaller (and therefor cheaper), but it would also enable the user to connect ANY joystick to the Wireless_Upgrade_PCB. This would not only broaden the market for this product to all joysticks, but also to all computers that use the DB9/Atari 8bit compatible joystick port. And maybe even more important, it would be plug and play. No screw drivers needed and no modifications to the joystick needed. How's the donation project going? Sincerely Mathy
  11. Hello Lenore Nice idea! SIO2IO looks nice and so does the CX40 wireless upgrade. Sincerely Mathy
  12. Hello guys (m/f) The NOMAM 2020 will be held from April 3rd until April 5th 2020. We are returning to our first location, the school at Schleswiger Straße 29, 25840 Friedrichstadt, Germany. Hope to see you there. Sincerely Mathy PS my meetings page will be updated as soon my ISP responds...
  13. Hello guys (m/f) This years Fujiama wil be held from August 20th until August 23th 2020. We start at midnight from Wednesday on Thursday. As always, the Fujiama will take place at the Schützenhaus, Schützenhausweg 11, 08485 Lengenfeld, Germany. Hope to see you there. Sincerely Mathy PS my meetings page will be updated as soon my ISP responds...
  14. Hello guys Will MIDI 2.0 be doable on the 8 bit Atari? Sincerely Mathy
  15. Mathy


    Hello guys I'm using BlueHarvest to keep removable media free from Mac-specific files. BTW you can check if all hidden files are really removed by pressing "Shift-Cmd-." It will show all hidden files if present. Press the same combination again and all hidden files will be hidden again. Sincerely Mathy
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