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  1. Thank you for your response - I am seeing one of the ones on eBay now with the grey lettering - not sure how I missed that in my previous searches. Any ideas as to what this might be worth? The roughest section of the box is the bottom right, pictured ... it is in very good shape. I haven't seen a sealed sixer for a while on eBay, but my searching has been hit and miss in the last few months.
  2. I am what I would consider to be a serious Atari 2600 collector - haven't purchased anything in a few years, as other things in life have taken priority. Thankfully though it's never come down to selling anything. There is always the possibility this COULD happen though. I am asking for the community's help here, in understanding if I have a rare piece. Over the years, I have not seen any others like it. I've seen ONE out of Japan that had the grey lettering on the front, but that is the only one I've seen. I purchased this back in 2006 on a risk. As far as I can tell (and I have other sealed consoles) - this has NEVER been opened. I am not willing to open it myself to verify, because at least judging by the box, this might be a very rare piece. All of your collective knowledge and the things you've seen will hopefully help me figure it out. I'm not looking for whether you think the box is sealed - I'm specifically interested to know if you've seen any boxes exactly like this, as I have not. Thanks everyone!!
  3. Purchased a complete Heavy-Sixer with the box, no s/n on the outside, dated 1977 with the chess piece on the front, hex disc joysticks present, no channel selector switch, S/N 29102H. It is absolutely mint condition. Also had the original Combat cartridge with the old-style box with the flip out on the front, first time I've seen one of these, pretty neat
  4. Well, the most I had ever seen spent on a single console before was just a few weeks ago, the one for $2025. It seems that just in the last few months a lot more people have been paying attention and getting in to collecting Atari's, I watch the market VERY closely and have seen prices across the board going up on everything, particularly sealed items. I see people on here saying it's not worth it . . . not to THEM! Apparently 5 people on this last auction thought it was worth $3500 . . .
  5. The last one was actually a light sixer because the serial number was on the box. This one based on the weight is most likely a heavy sixer, but since its the 1978 box (w/out chess piece) it may be a taiwan version instead of a true sunnyvale usa unit. Myself I'll just stick to the loose/open systems unless I can score one at a thrift or garage sale on the cheap. Yes I knew the first one was a light, making the fact that it broke $2000 even more amazing!
  6. believe me you can tell the diff. I've been ripped before on a *sealed* unit, I inspect the crap outta them. I have 3 sealed boxes now, one a heavy sixer, chess piece on the front, and gray/silver lettering instead of white! Mine has apparently shot up in value And there's no doubt in my mind it's sealed, no creases on any flaps and tight. I think this is becoming a new market.
  7. Well I'm sure you've seen the final: $5100!!!! That is two in a row now that have broken $2000 . . . and several bidders on this one thought it was worth it.
  8. ChevyNo1

    200 games!

    sorry double post, tried to delete but didn't see that option
  9. ChevyNo1

    200 games!

    Congratulations on your milestone! I've been collecting for just about 4 years now, I'm at about 190, but mine are all in the shrinkwrap. I started out that way and decided that I would only collect NIB boxes. It hasn't been cheap! And I'm finding that it's quite hard now for me to find sealed carts I don't have, unless I want to spend $50+
  10. darn... I was hoping it was for sale Could you do me a HUGE favor and weigh it, even if it's somewhat approximate? The only scale I could weigh it on would be a cheapo bathroom scale, I highly doubt it would give you an accurate #. The next time I get it down though ( JUST got it all stacked/arranged ) I will do so.
  11. There is alot more than just yours. Also they are worth a bloody fortune. You would think so . . . but tell me the last time you saw a heavy-sixer, dated 1977, with SILVER lettering on the box. Every one I have seen, even if it had the chess piece, has WHITE lettering. I'm sure mine isn't the only one . . . just stating that I've never seen another silver-lettered box yet. I haven't had anyone tell me they've seen one either. For those asking how you'd know, IF you get a box dated 1977 you're guaranteed it is. IF you have a 1978 box, you may or may not have one.
  12. I don't know if this is UNIQUE or not . . . but if it's not I'm sure someone here will tell me! SEALED 1977 CX-2600, Heavy Sixer, Chess piece on front, and grey lettering rather than white. I haven't seen any others on Ebay in the 4 years I've been searching:
  13. ha ha, I don't think I'll be opening that box I have never seen another silver lettered, sealed box on Ebay, that is for sure. I've seen a handful of sealed '78s with the white letters though
  14. Yours is PAL. Try finding the NTSC ones. To answer your question ChevyNo1 the box you have has a standard Frogger in it. The rare Square carts came in an regular US version box with English (not the English French boxes). I know because I have got one boxed like that. Oh, OK . . . thanks!
  15. Thanks! All of my stuff I've gotten off Ebay, I've only posted here a few times but I can see I've been missing out! It's been about a 4 year collection process so far:
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