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  1. I like the Bliss Box. Works with ANY DB9 controller, as well as almost anything else out there (NES, SNES, Sega, PSX, N64 etc....)
  2. Blissbox does work. Love my original hand made and 4-Play.
  3. SO any of the above would work? I would have thought it would have had to match the arcade game?
  4. Hmmmm, I might have to make my own 5200 controller when I get the time.
  5. Nothing a 3D printer cant fix. Would not be hard to make something that slips right over top of it, and you would never know the difference.
  6. I bought his Star Wars yoke from Kickstarter, which we should see in about a month. Happy Birthday to me!! But I also got this stick, spinner and trackball that he designed coming with it. Everything I have read about it so far said it is great.
  7. Since I only got one response, I am exploring other options. I was looking for a 3D printer with a build volume large enough for a full size wheen, but decided to go with a smaller one. a go-cart steering wheel is 10" and can be found pretty cheap, so I have pretty much decided to go with that, and just print an adapter to go between the steering wheel and sit on top of the spinner. Pretty much the same way the smaller ones do, but using a bigger wheel.
  8. Just curious, what is the button with the orange light? I have a tankstick and replaced the joysticks with the Dominux 8 from Groovy Game Gear. Holy smokes! What a difference. I configured them for 4-way, and now play Pac-Man and Donkey Kong the way they were meant to be played. They are expensive, but well worth the price to upgrade the X-Arcade. I have a Star Wars yoke and a Tron joystick and spinner coming in July, but that will be going into a different panel. Glad to see someone 14 heavily into retro gaming!!
  9. For sure. The ORIGINAL version of Crazy Otto was supposed to be in Mame a few years ago, and then was yanked shortly before it was to be put in. Luckily Scott Lawrence did a perfect recreation of 4 or 5 different versions of the game, from notes, videos and screenshots from Steve Goldson who is the original programmer and owner of said roms.
  10. scotty


  11. Quick and easy way is (in Basic if you have a cartridge) type POKE 54018,52 and press the enter key. That will tell the motor to turn on. Replace the 52 with 60 to turn it off, or just hit stop on the 410, or turn the computer off. Pro tip: if you put an audio tape in the 410 and do this, you can listen to music while you do stuff in Basic. Also, there was a version of Pole Position that had this enabled back in the day, So you could have a cassette deck in your racecar, listening to music while going 240 MPH. Not sure if this was done by Atari, or if someone hacked it. Not sure if it was all versions of the game, so your mileage may very.
  12. GameGod: The 410 play button does not function like a normal play button. You can press it, and you will wait for the end of time, and it still will not go. It waits for the computer to tell it to start. That way you can have a tape in there, press play and the computer will start and stop the tape when it needs it. This works great for thing like the Conversational Spanish, and other languages as well as a lot of other educational tapes that have voice tracks on them. I never had a problem with my 410. It was very reliable. I can almost guarantee you will have to replace the drive motor belt though. That is the case on ANY cassette/CD/DVD drive. They are basically a rubber band, and as you know, rubber bands only last a few years before they dry rot. I would go back to the thrift store and get the 410 if it still available. Just like the 400/800, they were built like a tank. They came out before the cost cutting and cheaper materials that were used in the XL/XE product lines.
  13. Trying to make a Pole position controller for Mame on the cheap... As cheap as possible for a proof of concept. As far as a gear shift, being that is just high and low, is there any reason that a standard home light switch wired to an encoder do the trick? Also, wouldnt a light dimmer switch connected to an analog encoder work for pong paddles?
  14. Just gauging interest... Full size steering wheel that would connect to your existing spinner, for games like Pole Position, TX-1 and other driving games that use a 360 degree spinner in Mame. There are small wheels out there that you control with your fingers, but WTH??!! I am talking a FULL SIZE wheel that you use with both hands for the true arcade feel. Wheel would be black with painted silver handles in the inside, very similar to Atari's Pole Position wheel. Any interest?
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