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  1. Downloading now. Thank you for sharing!!
  2. Avery, Got a question.... I decided to convert a short and simple Microsoft Basic program to Atari Basic. I copied the source code from plain text, and pasted it in to Atari Basic in Altirra ro make changes. For some reason, all of my REM statements and all of my line were converted to upper case. I can understand basic commands like 'print' being change to 'PRINT', but even the stuff I had in quotation marks became capitalized. (IE: 10 print "Hello" became 10 PRINT "HELLO"). Is there a reason why it is doing that and a fix? Here is the source code after the conversion: 10 REM Atari Basic, XL/XE Version of 99 Bottles of beer. 20 REM Modified by SirScotty in July 2019 30 REM Modified from Eric Carr's MS Basic Version, Found on this site. 40 REM Cleaned up for Atari Basic as well as BasicXL and BasicXE from OSS. 45 REM "WE NEED MORE BEER!!!" was added by me, for a laugh. 46 REM Type the number 160 at the READY prompt to delete it. 47 REM This was my first time using Atari Basic in over THIRTY FIVE YEARS!! 48 REM I think I did pretty good for being so rusty. 50 FOR X=99 TO 1 STEP -1 60 IF X>0 THEN PRINT X;" bottle"; 70 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s"; 80 PRINT " of beer on the wall, " 85 PRINT X;" bottle"; 90 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s"; 100 ? " of beer..." 110 PRINT "Take one down, pass it around," 120 PRINT X-1;" bottle"; 125 X=X-1 130 IF X<>1 THEN PRINT "s"; 140 PRINT " of beer on the wall." 145 PRINT 150 IF X>0 THEN GOTO 60 160 PRINT "WE NEED MORE BEER!!!"
  3. I have always enjoyed trying to track people down. Not to stalk or anything like that, but I enjoy the challenge. That being said, I flat out refuse to pay any of the professional services on the net. I only go by public records that are free, and open to the public. That being said, I can say that I am fairly certain (not 100%), but pretty close that I have found Mr. Curtis alive and well and living a short distance from the city he was last seen in back in the mid 80s. The age is 100%, however I was not able to verify the birth date which would have made it a 100% match. Anyways, here is what I found. Address(es) have been blocked for privacy.
  4. scotty


  5. Awesome!! Thank you Curt!!!! I just have one question.... Since the 1090 was never released, why does the CO61636 PSU always say it works on the 1027 and 1090? Why not add the 1400 and 1450XLD to the list as well? Just curious....
  6. Thank you for your contribution. Just a heads up. Disk 39B you have as an XCD file instead of an XFD file. Thanks again!!
  7. I agree. I played it quite a bit back in the early 80s. Was not easy to find, but was always a lot of fun. Had there been more made and distributed, I think it would have become a household name like Space Invaders, Pac-Man or Donkey Kong.
  8. As always, thank you for this! Always glad to see a new update. On a side note, McDonalds in the US is doing a promotion where they have 4 items from other McDonalds around the world. They have the Tomato and Mozzarella Chicken Sandwich from you guys up there north of the border. It was pretty darn good! Best part was between 2-5PM, they were basically giving them away. All you had to do was give ANY piece of foreign currency in any denomination, and you could pick one of the four items. I really liked the chicken. I am sure it is better up there though, as you guys do not use all the preservatives we use down here. I have traveled many times to Canada with many different friends, and they all think I am nuts for wanting to go to McDonalds. Then when they taste it, they see why I wanted to go. So much better.
  9. If you decide to do it on the PC, check out an old program called AGT, The Adventure Game Toolkit. Was shareware, now freeware. I bought it many years ago. Super simple to use, and a great overall program. I myself like the 'big' version of the program, as it gives you a HUGE number of rooms, creatures, commands etc. Granted, the original is no slouch, but the big is a LOT bigger. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adventure_Game_Toolkit http://www.ifarchive.org/indexes/if-archive/programming/agt/
  10. Pole Position Construction kit AKA Pole Position Race Designer. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-pole-position-race-designer_4044.html
  11. Not on the Atari, but FOOTMAN for the Amiga is awesome. Closest Pac-Man clone to the real thing before MAME, and it had a maze editor. Even better, TWO PLAYER SIMULTANEOUS!!! The stereo sound separation was AMAZING!!!
  12. Ok, Found it... Volume 2, Number 9. November 1983.
  13. Actually..... In Electronic Games Magazine (forget the issue. I will dig through and find it when time permits), they were doing a 'Pinball roundup' where they write about pinball games on the 2600, Intellivision, Bally Astrocade, computers etc... They mentioned someone using Pinball Construction Set from EA to make a commercial game. They showed a screenshot, and never did say what system it was for. I had the original magazine, way back in the early 80s and it remained a mystery for a very, very long time. Turns out, it was released for the Apple // platform. Hell, Let me find it.....
  14. I still have the games, some manuals, but sadly most, if not all the boxes are gone. I live in a small 750 sq foot condo, so I do not have the room I would like. Huge fan btw. I had no idea you were on Atari Age.
  15. Another really good set is the Holmes CD set. 3 CDs with a Lot of great stuff. Disk 1 is great for a beginner with almost every game and utility you can think of, and a great set to start a collection with. Disk 2 and 3 are misc stuff you will not find anywhere else.
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