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  1. You are correct. That is my mistake. I was very tired when I posted that. They did change the name from Misfit to HB (Home Brew) a few years back. Good catch.
  2. Played that many times back in the day. It is in both Mame and HBMame. In the wild, I had only seen it in the Hangly Man hack, never saw it in a standard Pac-Man game for some reason.
  3. Need advice. I Already have 2 X-Arcades, a Tank Stick and a 2-Player. Yes, i know the sticks and buttons suck, but that is a later project. For now I am looking at building a few dedicated controls for games that need them. I plan on a dedicated Defender/Stargate panel, a Tapper/Ice cold beer tapper and a few others. My first is going to be a combo Asteroids/Q*bert panel. Asteroids layout with a 45 degree 4way stick mounted for Qbert, Qberts Cubes, Congo Bongo etc....mounted in the middle, above the Asteroids layout. I am using leaf buttons for asteroids, and am looking for recommendations for a good stick with a SMALL ball that will mount in a 3/4" wood panel for the diagonal games. Something with a short throw just like the real machine. I am in the USA, so preferably US sellers, although i do like Iltimark. Suggestions?
  4. Misfit Mame is what you are looking for. I personally made Pac-Man After Dark (the original) and NewPuc 2
  5. Not sure where to post this, so I am trying it here.... Since discrete logic games have no CPU, wouldn't discrete logic games like Pong, Break Out, Stunt Cycle and DEATH RACE be easier (and more true to the original) than what is being done in MAME and DICE?
  6. Count me interested in one. I want the QUALITY. For the people looking for the cheap version, They made two different versions for the 2600 back in the day. Did you see them back then? Do you see them now? I wonder why??
  7. I got bit by the emulation bug using PC-Ditto and Magic Sac on the Atari ST back in the day. When I finally DID bite the bullet and move into the Windows world during the 3.11 days, it was still in my blood. There were a lot of single arcade game emulators like a Pac-Man emulator and a Space Invaders emulator. Then some guy named Niclola Salmoria came up with what he called a Multi-Pac emulator that did Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Hangly-Man and one or two more. After a few revisions, he branched out a little further and added Donkey Kong and Frogger and changed the name of it. Some program you may, or may not have heard of... He called it Mame. There was a web page called the Emulation Repository or something similar. It hosted it as well as the other emulators of the day. There were a couple WIPs of a Donkey Kong Emulator. One was called The 'Kongulator' and the other was the 'Donkulator' Funny, I know. I was hooked on emulation from the beginning. Today I emulate anything and everything. Mame, Altria, Stella, Daphne, Gameboy on a 55" TV, you name it!! Even the obscure stuff like Virtual Boy using 3D glasses and Action Max. I love emulation. As you can see below, I love real hardware as well. As far as **HOW** I emulate... Altira I have ATR, ATX, CAR and a few others set up where I can just click on the filename and it loads Altira automatically. Mame, I use Mame64UI. I like the UI. Daphne, I use Daphneloader. Most of the others I just open the emulator and use it's default UI. Just discovered EmuHawk recently that does a lot of consoles. I really like it, but some of the cores need work. Ms. Pac-Man on the 2600 sounds like crap. For MS-Dos games I use the new 4.0 release of ExoDos. This thing is AWESOME!! Handles all the Infocom and Scumm games as well. I do have a Hackintosh to run modern Mac and a several Raspberry Pi's, one of which is connected the above mentioned 55" TV. For controllers, I have 2 X-Arcades, a dual and a Tankstick, as well as the original BlissBox and a BlissBox 4-Play. THIS THING ROCKS!!! Basically it is an anything -to-USB converter. X-Arcades, I have one set with 4-ways and the other with 8-ways for whatever game I want to play, but I still use a keyboard quite a bit.
  8. Are there any left? I read that he would have like 15 or so left after the pre-orders were filled. Did not havev the money at the time, but would like to get one.
  9. I know it is a little late, but if you are still upgrading, Get a FINAL EXPANSION III!!!!! It is basically a swiss army knife for the Vic-20. Memory upgrade, Disk drive emulator and more. This things ROCKS and will be the only upgrade you will ever need. Heather (SkyDiverGirl) is awesome. First class. Here is a demonstration of the cart in action.
  10. WOW!! Looks amazing. Will give it a go tomorrow. Thank you for the post.
  11. Like the SOS Band said.... "Take your time, do it right". I have 2 7800's that need carts, but I have quite a few retail 7800 games, as well as Raspberry Pi's and EmuHawk with a Bliss Box to use real controllers until such carts are ready.
  12. So true. I wish I had an SD solution for by Bally Astrocade.
  13. I am down for 1. 2600 would be nice, but if not, no big deal.
  14. I created my 1st 32-in-1. THERE ARE SOME PROBLEMS WITH IT. 1400XL Roms do not work. 1450XLD both work. Not really sure what you gain by using them, but they do work. Turbo 2000 does not work. Not really sure what it is, just found it in my collection and decided to try it. Yes, I realize I have 800XE listed at spot I and S. I is Good old Revision 3 of the XL OS, and was used in the later XE machines (but not the XEGS). S is probably the same, but I did not check the checksums. Other notes: 400/800 roms with the N and P are for NTSC and PAL respectively. Not sure where I got them, but the PEEK command in basic comes back to the correct value for each one, so who knows? RB of course, is Reverse Basic. No need to hold down OPTION when booting ML programs. No idea what MEGA XE is. MyBIOS ROCKS!!! Thank you Mr. Atari!!! Anyone want a copy of this? ALSO, what would you change in the bad slots listed above?
  15. Love my Ultimate1MB. My other suggestion was going to be MyBios from Mr. Atari. I LOVE THIS THING!! Hell, even with the Ultimate1MB you can use it. It basically is both an 800 and XL compatible OS. I love it.
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