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  1. I have both. Actually got a pretty good deal a few years ago on both machines you mentioned. I think I paid $100 for the pair. Both worked great. I prefer the 800, as they are built like a tank, Plus that was my second computer (400 was the first). 48K is great, but I would get the Incognito board with FJC firmware (Hi Jonathan!!) XE just does not seem to have the same build quality as the original 800, and Jack & company wanted to cut costs on the XL, so created the XE. Glad I have one in the collection, but it sits in the box. 800 and 800XL (and Altira) get all the use. With one of the above carts, You can put Mac65, Atari Basic Rev C and everything thing else you so desire on a flash drive and run it from the cartridge port. As far as upgrades, Get an Ultimate Cart, Uno cart, SIDE 2 or SIDE 3 cart or something similar. The later will act as an IDE hard drive, and you will not need a disk drive, I personally have the SIO2PC and love it. I keep all my rom images on my PC (for Altira) and it lets me use the PC as 8 5 1/4" floppy drives connected to the 800/800XL. Long file names and all. Makes it really nice. Also have SIO2SD, S-Drive Max and a few others. With one of the above carts, You can put Mac65, Atari Basic Rev C and everything thing else you so desire on a flash drive and run it from the cartridge port. Finally, You need a FujiNet. Thank me later for that one. I work overnights, and am very tired, as I just got home from work. Some of the devices listed above serve multiple functions, and do the same stuff as others, so everything I mentioned is not needed. Example SIDE carts and Fujinet both load ATR disk images, so you do not need both. I will let someone else advise you on that. I am going to bed. Welcome back to the family!
  2. That sucks. I really liked it and looked forward for each new release. Was really excited when one of the Atari PCs got emulated. Same with Commodore. I had (and still do somewhere) an FIC 503+ and loved seeing that emulated as well.
  3. Agreed. +1 for Paul. I have spoken to him many time, and he is a great guy. He has been around a long time, and knows what he is doing as far as repair and refurbs. Class act.
  4. Speaking of Q*Bert. Got an Oculus Quest 2 a week or two ago. I connected it to my computer, and Q*Bert and Donkey Kong were a couple of the first games I tried in Mame. I made the screen FREAKING HUGE!!! I literally had to look up at the celling when Q*Bert was on the top of the pyramid, and Down to the floor when he was on the bottom. Mind officially blown!!! You do not have to make the screen that big of course, but the fun part is.... You can.
  5. +1 on the AtariMax cart. Steve is a class act. Might not answer your e-mail, but you will get your product and be very happy with it. Get the Colecovision version from him white you are at it.
  6. We did not have Federated here in the Cleveland, OH area, but we did have Gold Circle which was owned by the same company. I LOVED Gold Circle!!! Not Federated, but I used to hang out at one of the suburban Sears stores and play on their 2600 all day. I got thrown out one day, as I was not accompanied by an adult. Shortly later, I bought my Atari 8-bit computer setup AT GOLD CIRCLE!! Sears had the 400 and the 800 on display in the TV and stereo department, and the 2600 back in sporting goods on the other side of the store. With out elaborating, I am sure any of you reading this who was a kid that had an Atari 800 back in the day was familiar with the 'Oral Fantasies" disk. EVERY kid had that. Long story short, I went to the 800, popped the floppy in the 810 drive, pressed the system reset button, and casually walked out the exit door 20 feet away. I can only imagine the chaos that ensued inside there. Obviously they did not have elaborate surveillance like they do now. 5 1/4" floppy disks were expensive back in those days, but It was worth it getting my revenge for getting thrown out.
  7. Archive.org, Digital Press and a few others have every issue archived in PDF form. I read EG RELIGIOUSLY. Even after the video game crash of 83, I still would keep reading and drooling, never realizing that I would have all the old consoles and computers mentioned in there (with the exception of the Apple 2), I have everything else in real hardware, and emulation. LOVE IT.
  8. I have yet to say hello to him, but I do have 1 friend on the Quest.... Willie!!!
  9. So I see there is what looks to be an amazing C64 emulator on the Quest 2. Would LOVE to see something similar for other platforms like the Atari 8-bits and Apple // family. Mame runs great when connected to your PC and using BigScreen or Virtual Desktop. I literally had to look from celling to floor when I was playing Q*bert!! What else is out there? I know there is one (Not sure on the name, but you are in a living room, and have a couple consoles that you actually put virtual carts into, and the virtual NES Zapper supposedly works great.
  10. I bought a single 360 stick, and liked it so much, I bought a second one. GREAT stick!! Well worth the money. I replaced the sticks in my Tankstick a few years ago with the Dominux 8 from Groovy Game Gear. Another great stick. I have a dual that I left with the stock 8-way sticks, and put the Dominux sticks in the Tankstick set at 4-way. I have a third project I worked on with a spare control panel shell that I used the 360's in. Works great on everything! Don't forget 4-way diagonal for Q*Bert and Congo Bongo!! Software makes it so easy to switch what you want the stick to do.
  11. Thank you sir. I will take all the advice I can get on this game!!!
  12. Mr. Robot and his Robot Factory Miner 2049er Alley Cat Bruce Lee Deluxe Invaders
  13. Then there is this set that look a little better. https://www.amazon.com/Bakelite-Handle-Female-Thread-Insert/dp/B08837SRT6/ref=pd_sbs_4?pd_rd_w=DrQUB&pf_rd_p=5e0f7f8d-f321-4a3e-bdac-3142fcd848d7&pf_rd_r=5AFEVE5ANEDD31BVSEWX&pd_rd_r=465e692b-6c77-4f9b-8945-aa1c6f8d1e9e&pd_rd_wg=Ca5DX&pd_rd_i=B088326T3G&th=1
  14. SWEET!!!!! Thank you so much!! I ordered these a few days ago, and they were supposed to be here today, but now it says tomomorrow. No biggie as I still have work to do on the cabinet. Not the best looking set in the world, but the price is right. 10 for $7.39. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B071GZ4BF5/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. I am working on a project where I am adding a Taito Space Invaders CPO, Joystick and fire button to the front of a control panel. as I played a LOT of it as a kid. I know the ball was very small. Do you happen to know what size it was? 30 seems to be the smallest I can find anywhere, but that is only 5mm less than the standard 35, and I want to say it was smaller. Any idea?? ALso, and idea on where I can find the ball top?
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