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  1. Do you think that the PCBs size can fit into Mega ST chassis? And if the interfaces still could fit to the positions of the Mega ST, we had a perfect fit. At least for the XE line of computers.
  2. Has anybody ever disassembled the XEP80 firmware?
  3. The last time I bought an Atari 800XL for a very low price was in 2003 on a flee market for 5€. It even worked but had super blurry colors and super yellowing. I guess that’s why it went that cheap. I still have it.
  4. Mine arrived today! Just to make others jealous who are still waiting 🙂
  5. Can TELEX paper still be bought :-)
  6. I am in with at least two.
  7. Thanks s lot designing a new adventure for our beloved retro computers. BITD I loved adventures more the other genres and really appreciate that someone has not forgotten that one. I just signed up and contributed to your project.
  8. Got mine too, thanks also @foft for your great service!
  9. Just sent you an email.
  10. If FujiNet could / can support MQTT that would be very interesting.
  11. Are the Happy 810 kits Listed on his Ebay store as I can’t find them there?
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