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  1. I bought recently two RockPower Power Supply NT 20 EU 9V AC 4000mA for my 800 and floppy drives. These are used for music instruments and you should find them in such stores.
  2. I will measure the voltages on each pin according to the link. Once the PS works again I will try to get the parts needed for the crowbar. l have a second PS like that so should build two crowbars then. According to the self test almost all RAM is damaged maybe Basic ROM too as I cannot start with Basic anymore. Computer starts directly with the memory test, keyboard is not working so I guess Pokey is dead to. The PS failed while the computer was switched on but I didn’t see that Since I was away from it with the TV switched off. when I came back I switched on the TV and power cycled the 130XE and only memory selftest since then. I opened up the Atari and quite some ICs got very hot so I switched it off immediately. Have not switched it on yet again. will do so once I find my SysCheck from tf_hh again. I let you know my measuring results of LM723. Thanks a lot so far for your help and input spancho
  3. Thanks for the link. As I have not much clue how such a power supply works someone would have to guide me through a possible repair. Any idea which part of the board might have failed? spancho
  4. Saddly today my power supply failed and grilled my 130XE. Now it jumbs straight into RAM/ROM Selftest. Does not react on pressed keys on keyboard. I switched my 130XE immediately off and measured the voltage output of the power supply and it gives me around +15V. Anybody an idea if the power supply can be repaired or which component have failed? I have some pictures attched in case it helps. Thanks spancho
  5. I plan to add a PokeyMAX stereo to my 400. My question now is should I solder the audio cables from SCCC board to the PokeyMAX PCB or should I disconnect the three cables completely and wire audio L/R directly from PokeyMAX to the monitor socket? In the last case I think I need to leave the audio socket on SCCC as well disconnected. Am I right that the audio output from PokeyMAX can be directly connected to the monitor socket with the two 10uF capacitors outlined in the documentation? Can I repurpose pin 2 of the DIN socket (GND) for the second audio channel as the shiedlding already carries GND? I know that I then will need to build me my own adapter from DIN 5 to S-Video, Stereo Chinch and Comp. Video. Thanks for any help.
  6. Will the color be white or black?
  7. Mayen ABBUC is interested in a lot for its members?
  8. I would be interested as well in two sets.
  9. I like the idea too to reuse a 1030 or XM301 Modem for the FujiNet. Just would look much more authentic. Maybe Dropcheck’s Atari SIO2IO fits into a 850 that would be then the ultimate 850 🙂
  10. You can manipulate the stack pointer with TSX and TXS. Once you have A and X on the stack decrease the S to the location of A and move S then back to location of X. But be careful when exiting, as you don’t know what the stack value of former A will be.
  11. Impressive collection. I am still looking for some working joysticks and a trackball. In case you want part from those, let me know.
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