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  1. Today the boards arrived. Thanks a lot for doing them.
  2. I‘m as well interested in 2 sets of boards for the 800 and 2 for the 400.
  3. I think that makes absolutely sense. Since there are 5 card connectors the supply of maybe 5x 500mA needs to be accounted for.
  4. I sent it to @Farb and he is in the process of scanning it. Actually he already made a disc image of the floppy which is equal to the image he already has therefore confirming it and the manual will take some more time.
  5. What could we do with a PBI FujiNet which doesn’t need to care about the SIO-bus dependencies?
  6. I can help here Das ist ein wunderschöner Pudel, darf ich ihn streicheln?
  7. Herewith I state my interest. Great to see another physical release.
  8. Can you please cater for a DIN8 socket as monitor port? I am pretty sure that a DIN5 & 8 share the same 5 pins at the same location on the PCB.
  9. For DVI minimum 10 pins are needed (according Sophia2 docs) plus 3 for stereo or 2 for mono plus one for composite.
  10. That would be one possible setup if one once to have RGB and stereo on the DIN8. Prerequisite is that the pin assignment can be easily changed on the PCB. A DIN13 would give even more setup combinations including DVI. Downside is that one needs to have an adapter cable to convert the DIN13 to the required standard connectors like DIN5 or DIN8 and chinch for audio or svideo or DVI or what ever is needed.
  11. Out of the 16 connections 5 are for RGB and 11 for DVI taken that 2 are ground still 2 for stereo and separate ground is possible. Disadvantage is that switching between RGB and DVI requires opening the case and rearranging the pin out. Still worth for me not modifying the case. But it is your choice you are doing all the work here designing the board layout. Thanks for doing it.
  12. I think DIN8 shares the same 5 pins as DIN5. DIN13 has nothing in common so that would be a change not compatible with the current connector. But can be remedied with an adapter cable. In my opinion, we should go the DIN13 route to avoid case modding to use the new fancy stuff easily preserving the cases. I believe who ever builds himself this board can do as well the adapter cable.
  13. I don’t know if it is possible to cater additionally for a DIN13 at the same spot where the DIN5 for video sits. That would be great for those running Sophia via RGB. You could run as well the DVI connections through the DIN13, so that there is no need to modify the case. Just a special adapter cable needed to get the DVI connector. If not possible let’s have a DIN8 with the option to easily change the pin assignment via bridges. just my thoughts.
  14. Ok, just bought it. Once it arrived I forward it to someone who can archive it.
  15. Hi, I’m willing to buy, but I have no equipment to archive it. To whom should I send it to for archiving? spancho
  16. In the context of COVID-19 the text fits perfectly as well today
  17. In there is another run: Please add me for the purple dragonfly+ Pokey Max+ YM2151
  18. Or on https://atariwiki.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Topic list
  19. Indeed, I am looking as well for a wireless PS/2 keyboard. But as I don’t know the exact model names as they were sold, it’s difficult to find them.
  20. Mine is grey not black, must be the artificial light when I took the photo.
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