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  1. Hi, In the released demo Sam changes blocks in a locked mode so only if Coily jumps on them they come back to initial color and can be yet modified by Q*Bert. This is a feature from Faster Harder More Challenging Q*Bert. BTW I added an option to select game mode: original (the original Q*Bert), funky (plays like the demo ROM released) and crazy (very challenging with some new features that will be revealed in next demo rom relase). Thanks for your appreciation! Silvio Mogno
  2. Thank you for your appreciation! About the level color scheme: I reworked it and tested until level > 10 that is near impossible to reach (I think). In my opinion is better than the former. About blinking: as in many VCS games I tried to reduce at minimum flickering, generally it works nice because objects are vertically spaced. And I added an option to completely remove flickering on cube sides, so if you prefer you can have lower "resolution" with no flicker. Silvio Mogno
  3. I'm doing final debug. I think I'll release a beta version in August. Thanks for your interest! Edit: some snapshots taken from Stella (no special features revealed yet!😅)
  4. It's the same in real working life. As a firmware developer I am fighting every day with people that had no idea on how complicated a "simple" modification could be, with no understanding of machine limits, with poor or no specifications, etc. etc. etc.
  5. Hi, Thanks for your appreciation! I'm sorry but the missing row is not possible for some technical reasons: first of all is cycle counting. Although using the best DPC coprocessor driver (CDFJ) actual last row is drawn using a single assembly line for each cube top line. So, no machines cycles left😥 Second one, the HMOVE "comb" effect: left side of screen is black due to multiple HMOVE call, so no left space to draw😥 But I think that although without a row the game is fun. And I'm adding some new features to make the game more complex, difficult and fresh. ASAP I'll release a new demo showing the improvements. Finally I would say that 1983 version is far to be perfect but is a little technical marvel: it reproduces a real Q*bert feeling with a little 4k program and in my opinion is one of the funniest 2600 games ever! P.S.: if you have any doubts about my explanation send me a private message I'll answer!
  6. There's something from FHMC too. But I'll add a menu to select game mode (classic, funky, crazy). And there's (and will be more) from neither Q*bert nor FHMC Q*Bert but from my inspiration.
  7. I'm working on some new gameplay features. Gameplay is about 70% done. Then I'll have to add menu and after I'll release a demo bin file. I think it should take some months because it's a weekend spare time work.
  8. To make white eyes I should add one more object (the white part of the eyes), that is more flickering. This could be another step to the flickerfest goal we all want to avoid 😅 Seriously, let me finish the game. Then if all expectations will be met and some free space will be left I'll think about it
  9. As the kernel is done, it's not possible having multicolor sprites 😥
  10. In FHMC Q*bert Coily has to clear the locked rainbow blocks. As I know Q*Bertha is a sort of Sam/Slick with the ability to chase Q*Bert.
  11. No, there isn't only a enemy at time. In theory we could have 6 enemies at the same time. Setting to higher difficulty (when I'll add an options menu) will lead to an insanely hard game.
  12. The asm code (the hardest one) took about 20 hours of coding. The C code took a little more hours but after implementing kernel interface the remaining was quite straightforward.
  13. Yes, it was already planned: classic mode and funky mode (movin discs, ice, flashing Sam). I'll add the possibility to choose in the main menu when the game will be complete.
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