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  1. Sorry Darrel, but shooting Evil Otto should not be rewarded by score points. Otherwise I could cheat and score infinite points (and lives!) in every room (as I already did 😊) Apart this minor and opinable aspect, great work and great new additions. Thanks!
  2. Silvio Mogno

    Silvio Mogno

  3. Great game but it's harrrrd I suggest to add 3 bonus jumps, triggered by fire button, useful to make a big jump when necessary (for example to jump 2 or 3 blocks aside)
  4. Very cool music I would play this game but I haven't an INTV (and it's hard to find one at a good price).
  5. Ehm... I bounced on this thread and I saw many people wanting Space War redone. My little effort here . I always liked space Space War despite its' poor graphics and two player only mode (except for the boring space shuttle variant). This is an early/mid WIP (with almost working kernel) and my goals should be: two player and one player mode (with some AI for player two) more game variants: no central object, sun, indestructible space base, destructible space base, black hole (wormohole with random place reappearing ship) and black hole with inverse gravity. All variants with or w/o space bounds no title screen (I love the vintage colour cycling attract mode) normal shot and (with long button push) space mines (with delayed or telecontrolled explosion) 4K or 8K game, no DPC+ (too difficult for me at this time) I worked on this project some years ago but I gave out after some time. Now I re-picked up the source code and I'm reviewing/optimizing all. I have not so much spare time because of my work and my family, so it will be a very long term work. It would be cool to get two different Space War new games: a cheap one (mine) and a full fledged one (SpiceWare's DPC+ enhanced one) . If I'll have updates I'll post in homebrew forum. spacewar.bin
  6. Thanks for the spring run☺️
  7. my little suggestion: when jumping directly from a spring to another make the spring noise a bit more acute, it would be exciting. Please check a similar effect in this video, at 3:25
  8. Don't forget spring combo bonus!
  9. ...and add some score multiplicator (like in pinball machines) rewarding "spring combos" (jumping from a spring to the next with only one jump)
  10. Just a couple of suggestions: - add (as an option) a slow down scrolling increasing with difficulty to force player moving fast instead of staying bouncing on a platform thinking what move to do - change score visualization using players graphics to cope with modern style "press button" message
  11. Thats funny!!! Why don't use Poodle's ears to "flap" like in Joust to slow down when falling?
  12. Simple but very addictive. It has the "one more try" factor As an improvement I suggest to add an enemy that tries to jump over your hero or make platforms disappear. And a slow scrolling down screen also could add some thrill to the game.
  13. Wow! Is this the 2600? Or did you hack Stella emulator to do that job???
  14. I said "I don't want to offend anyone" I'm also a "poor" 2600 programmer I made this post because I was really impressed on how advanced is Draconian, compared to nearly every other 2600 game. I want to say "thank you" to all vintage game systems enthusiasts, especially the ones devoted to my loved 2600 system With their efforts we got some gems that were unthinkable in 1980
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