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  1. Some of my friends play it a lot, but they call it zonk or 10,000. They would like it as a 2600 game if it allowed up to six players. They don't continue each others turns either.
  2. My nephew has a PS2, and he just found out that it will play all the old PS1 games too. Except that we can't find any, anywhere. The few used game stores around here still want $20+ for them, and since the pawn shops have boxes of PS2 games that are $7 each, thats pretty stupid. None of the pawn shops have PS1 games though! Looking around on ebay, they are too pricey there too. Is there any place where I can get him a bunch of PS1 games without spending much money? I would think there'd be places where you could find them for a buck or two each...
  3. It seems like you would still have the rom space and the cycles to create a lot more monsters and obsticles using the ball. You can do a lot with it with some creativity.
  4. That's good to know. There are whole levels of my game that have completely random playfields so I've already got a good start. If you have any specific ideas I'd like to hear them.
  5. I'm in the process of making a scrolling platformer for the 2600: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=113904 I was wondering what kind of things people would want to see in a game from this genre. I'm trying to use classic nes games for inspiration but it's hard to come up with ideas that aren't done to death already.
  6. I like the way you've written it, it's very clean and well done. It's just over my head. I'm way over trying to fit stuff into 4k and the standard kernel, so my usual suggestion will probably be to use bankswitching and the superchip. Those extra 40+ variables sure make things a lot more interesting. Plus then you get a whole extra bank for level designs and whatever else.
  7. I guess I should just say hardware since I still own and play it all.
  8. I've read through the code and all I got from it was a headache. I can sort of follow it, but it seems to me that there would be a much, much easier way to go about it. Sorry I can't be any help, but honestly I never would have gotten as far as you have.
  9. I think Dragon Warrior was re-released in the classics series too, when it was given away with NP subscriptions.
  10. It looks great so far, good first use of the 4 score mod. I think pushing Alt+P in Stella allows you to take screenshots without flicker.
  11. Thanks, it's the best I could do but I figure (hope) some sprite genius will see some potential and spruce it up a little. The scrolling is pretty much a requirement, because with limited sprites and playfield interaction, requiring backtracking is one of the few things I can do to make the levels interesting. Plus all the level information is stored in tables so it's just as easy to read the data in reverse. Thanks for the encouragement. Thanks I think there are better and definately more innovative though. It's 100% bB so far but that might change. I think I like the character centered too, but the gameplay and level designs seem like they work better Sonic style hotspots. Did you mean the Maus Games intro? I'm always dissapointed that I can't do anything even close to as nice as the MM title/menu. I forgot to put the title screen into this demo. Thanks, I figured that was the last thing anyone would say. Thanks, and I will. I've been working on this everyday because like I said, I'm not dealing with any system limitations in implementing the original idea - a really nice change! I do like the free Sonic style scrolling a lot better. For one thing, the horizontal scrolling is course, so it's best to not scroll the other sprites every time the player moves, makes everything look chunky. The demo posted is kind of a lie compared to the next version, as the playfield will probably always only consist of single 3-pixel-thick lines. With this setup, everytime the playfield scrolls I have to remove three pixels from one side and add three to the other. Any more than that and I'm using up a lot of cycles. Plus this way each column of playfield only takes up one entry in a data table, which allows for very long levels; 512 pixels wide normally and 1024 if I halve the horizontal resolution on some levels. There are also vertical levels, and completely random bonus levels (if you can find them) that can be any lenght I want them to be. The only thing I don't like about this project so far is the loss of PF0, it looks like the scrolled-on playfield appears out of nothing instead of scrolling onto the screen. EDIT: I'll post an updated demo sometime this week. In the process of making the scrolling playfield less of a cycle hog.
  12. Here's a little really early sample of the new Maus Games WIP Nano Man, a scrolling platformer 32k superchip 2600 game. That's kinda a mouthful... This demo has a static playfield, the next version I post will have an early level design, and some bad guys (with really decent AI). I know it's nothing special, but that's why I'm having fun making it. No headaches, no limitations, and no going over on cycles One question I have is what you all think of the bi-directional scrolling. I started out with Mario style, where the sprite stays centered when scrolling, this one is more like Sonic, where there is an open range in between. I don't know which is preferred. Also what type of player physics do people like best in platformers. This is a really rought draft I'm posting, but I can make the player move more like Mario, or Sonic, or even MegaMan. NanoManBETA1.bin
  13. It's a chicken and egg situation. I wouldn't want to produce a game for a controller that a lot of gamers don't already have, and they aren't likely to already have it without games being produced for it. If it happens though I would definately consider adding support for it to future games. I don't like having to use combinations. For example; if up + fire puts down a bomb, it's easy to accidently trigger up while pushing left/right + fire, wasting a bomb. With multiple buttons, that problem is gone. I've been working on a SF-esque fighting game for a while now, and it would be extremely useful for that too.
  14. Then go ahead and do it. If I could I definately would have already. I was hoping you would explain why one is more difficult than the other. Since you quoted me in the post i figured you would be ok with feedback and questions. So far this hack is useless to me because I don't use 32x11 resolution for anything, but I'm still impressed. I do almost always use the player colors option though. I really like the new mod except for that reason, and that I can't think of any background that I would want to display for an entire game including title screen. Is there a way to turn this off and on, or use it more than once per game? Also, a table that includes values for every horizontal line takes up a lot of space. Can you give me any tips on how to alter this mod so that the table only contains four values, with the first and third being color values, and the second and fourth being the scanline on which they start?
  15. I like that you've kept it all in the first post, and it's coming along nicely. Thanks for taking the time to do this! Maybe now we'll even see some teams forming. I for one don't really like to work alone. Anyone who wants to learn bBASIC, but thinks they don't really have the time and/or patience will be surprised how fast and easy a tutorial like this makes the process.
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