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  1. I'll have a look at it after my upcoming vacation. That 0.21 image has to be somewhere on my data graveyard. And i know it was booting to a command line.
  2. Hi there, i digging out this old thead. I was asked if i still have the atr file i linked in my initial posting. After a provider change, that file is 404 now. Did someone download it and decided to keep it? When i try to compile the disk, i get a segfault... Greets, Beetle
  3. Ok, ROM version is 1.20 now. The error 61 is gone, i get an "Not an Indus/LDW/CA drive!" message after approx 24 seconds of "testing RAMCharger..." The trackcounter is not changing this time. The drive works as to expect otherwise. I have been able to fix the CP/M and RAMCharger Utility disks boot sectors with CPMTOOL 0.5 successfully. ("Done!" message)
  4. Cool, thank you trub, erasing is in progress. Will report in half an hour.
  5. I have a programmer and hopfully the correct EPROMs. Any source? My google search did not show up something usable but sourcecode.
  6. Yes, it shows the same message. The ROM is Version 1.10 . SDX manual says that Indus older than V1.20 to "have some quirks". Should i upgrade the ROMs?
  7. Too late for edit my posting :-( Here the screenshot with the error 61
  8. The 7-segment display has a minor problem, but i think its counting to FF, then returning to the track number is had before the test. Check my reply: with speed set to 0.25 . You can also read ROM version and the DOS i found on the disk in the drive.
  9. Well, the BlackBox pulls the Extsel signal to select its own RAM. Antonia always pulls the EXTSEL signal since it replaces the XL/XE onboard RAM completely. I don't think they can work together at all.
  10. Ok, i tried with and without that jumper wire now. Without the wire, CPMTOOL throws the ERROR 61 right after choosing menu entry for RAMCHARGER test. With the wire, after choosing the menu entry, the track counter starts counting upwards, then stops and also throws "ERROR 61". Possibly the error is a DOS error from the OSS DOS and not from CPMTOOL? Any hints would be highly appreciated. Greetings, Stefan
  11. Well, it took a few days more, but now Carstens Indus GT is on my workbench again. I built the SRAM charger with a PCB i got in 2008. The CPMTOOL.COM throws an "Error 61" when testing the SRAM Charger. On the website of the SRAM Charger only error 1-8 is explained. Any hints? On one picture of SRAM Charger i saw a bridge soldered to the Charger. Is that jumper wire needed? Greetings, Stefan
  12. I took successfully two V29C51002 flashROM chips (256Kx8) for putting EmuTOS into my 1040STe Still have A17 (not connected on 128Kx8) free, so i think of adding a switch and TOS 1.62. The pinout fits perfectly, i pulled the chips from mainboards out of the trash.
  13. Nice idea, Michael! Keep us posted, i consider adding this to my XL laptop.
  14. So, to answer your initial question: No. you will either have to Buy an SVideo/Composite to VGA upscaler use Emulation (Raspberry Pi or MiST or PC) get a TV with SVideo or Composite inputs. The main difference is that A8 uses 15kHz and VGA is 31kHz scan frequency - you have to convert somehow, if you persist on VGA.
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