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  1. So there I was, eating a fake chicken sandwich. When suddenly, I had one of my choking fits. So I rushed to the bathroom and puked up all the sandwich I ate. But then I tried drinking water, but it wouldn't stay down. Oh great, I thought. I kept forcing myself to vomit because I was convinced there was a little bit still stuck in there. But there wasn't. But I was still choking. Mom tried to help by giving me one of her herbal coughdrops. It didn't help any. I still couldn't keep even my own saliva down. An hour later, still choking and burping and puking my saliva, I tried a can of Diet Cherry 7-Up. This made my throat hurt, it made me burp a lot, but I still was choking. I went and worked on my Atari 7800 game GoSub, stopping every 30 seconds to go to the bathroom and puke out any newly made saliva. Then, an hour later, I had another idea: Eat something. Yeah, I know I would probably barf it back up, but I did anyway. I sat on the bathroom floor and started eating real turkey anticipating vomit. I then had a spasm in my throat and it suddenly cleared up. I took a drink of water. I was able to swallow it. I bet it was due to the honey in the turkey that cured me. Well, I guess I can cross off fake chicken sandwiches on the list of stuff I can eat. But feeling like choking to death for a couple of hours is not fun. I had this problem once before a couple of years ago. But it seems like every day I eat something and suddenly can't swallow. It usually clears up and I go back to eating, but this time it didn't for some reason. So the next time this happens to me, I must remember to try eating turkey if I have any. Turkey cured me. I don't know how, but it did. Take that, vegetarianism! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15951-i-almost-choked-to-death/
  2. Nintendon't do Mötley Crüe! 8 PM ET. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15950-genesis-does-crue-ball/
  3. Here a box for the game Heart like a Wheel (based on the movie with the same title) from 20th Century Fox. The artwork used is from a movie theatre poster. If you want to know more about the game just check the page on AtariProtos right here: http://www.atariprotos.com/2600/software/unknown3/unknown3.htm Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/375/entry-15949-heart-like-a-wheel-atari-2600/
  4. I wrote a version of Uno for the Atari in Atari Microsoft BASIC and posted a few blogs ago. Well, here is Uno in the Kull XBII. Kull XBII is a little known package to TI-99 Extended BASIC. Check an earlier post for more on the KXBII package. One nice thing about KXBII is that it enables multi-color text which I use a lot in the program and it looks really good. Multi-color text is the best feature in KXBII. As I detailed in the earlier post about KXBII is there are a few limitations such as a very limited amount of stack memory. And there is also a weird quirk, if you put text in location x=6, y=9 a little character flickers in the upper right of that character. Odd. Anyway, here you go: enjoy HLO Attached File(s) uno.zip (104.71KB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/528/entry-15948-uno-game-in-kull-xbii-for-ti-99/
  5. So a whole bunch of games arrived in the mail today. First off, my 9 Game Boy games from that guy who put my game onto a cartridge who lives overseas came. I'll be keeping one, so eight of these will be on sale soon. And also, last night, I designed the final hole in Channel F Golf. It took a while since the idea wasn't too keen on cooperating with me, but I got it to work somehow. It was ten Game Boy games, but I made the mistake of showing mom one of them and she looked at it and commented on it, but when she handed it back to me, there was a bubble on the label where the screw was. I was with her the whole time I showed it, and it wasn't there before, and she didn't do anything weird to it. I guess she just has the magic touch. So I'll be keeping two of them, I guess, since I am a perfectionist. So anyway, I was up all night and slept on the couch and woke up very early today because I needed to pee. I just thought I should be awake, and I didn't want to go back to sleep even though I was extremely tired (I was asleep on the couch since about 9 a.m.) Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15947-nine/
  6. Bob did a fantastic job programming this one (as always). Video goes live at 8 PM ET! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15946-baby-pac-man-on-atari-7800/
  7. Okay, Here's a pic showing the t-molding, side art, coin door and control panel installed. I've also started wiring up the cabinet. I still have to finish the marquee, install the Pi-zero, program the controls, and test. Then once that's finished, it's time to connect Robotron to Bosconian. That will be my next post. I plan on doing a video walk around of the whole project at that point. All most done with this segment of the project. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/750/entry-15945-getting-close-robotron-2084/
  8. There is nothing worse than a common game that is locked behind an obscure peripheral. In the case of most Atari games with these obscure peripherals you can still play the game normally since these things only act as a substitute for the standard controller. Milton Bradley Games and many of the games slated to be released by Amiga are prime examples of this, there are three games however that ARE locked behind this wall of inaccessibility, Sentinel by Atari which required the usage of an XE light gun as well as Star Raiders with the Video Touch Pad, and Omega Race by CBS Electronics that required their own proprietary Booster Grip Adaptor. Well, I don’t have an XE light gun, but I do have a Booster Grip Adaptor, so I think it’s fairly obvious which game we’re looking at today. Omega Race really was a flash in the pan; it arrived in arcades, got several home console ports (Atari 2600 and Colecovision) as well as a few home computer ports (Vic-20, C64) and was then promptly forgotten about. So without further ado let’s look at the forgotten classic (?)Omega Race. Well, this is a bit awkward; there isn’t enough game to actually give an entire paragraph to each category, without a lot of padding of course, so I’m just gonna give it a paragraph and see how it works out. So, graphics, well Omega Race doesn’t have too many of them, in fact I think the most graphically complex thing on show is the Bally logo when you start the game up. It’s just a black screen with a blue rectangle in the center, and a bunch of circles, stars, and triangles moving around it. That’s it, not counting the score and rack number. I would say the graphics are fairly impressive with the amount of stuff they got on-screen but the flicker is pretty hefty when you go to certain parts of the screen so that knocks it down a bit. Sounds are barebones as well, a shooting noise, an explosion noise, an engine noise, and an end of level jingle, that’s all you’re getting here. Gameplay is fairly simple, imagine Asteroids, but there is a box in the middle of the screen and the asteroids don’t move right off the bat. Actually it’s a bit more complex than that, but not by much. When you start there is a single enemy moving around the ‘track’ attempting to destroy you, while there are a bunch of circles at the bottom of the screen not doing much of anything. When you destroy the enemy one of the circles ‘wakes up’ and turns into a new enemy. You can destroy the circles in fact I’d recommend it, it makes the game much easier, as the mobile enemies have a nasty habit of knowing exactly where you’re going to go and shooting you. The only thing that really sets this game apart from a game like Asteroids is the Booster Grip Adaptor, which simply adds an extra button to the standard Atari joystick by slotting over the stick itself. The Booster Grip isn’t at all uncomfortable to use but I’m just confused as to why CBS decided to use it in the first place when they could have just copied the controls to Asteroids and not used the expensive add-on in the first place. Omega Race is a simple, barebones space shooter that is locked behind an all too expensive peripheral, and for that alone I have to send it to the Collector’s Zone. If you want to get a copy of Omega Race it’ll cost you at least 7 dollars for a loose copy and as much as 180 dollars for a boxed copy, I got lucky and found the first loose Booster Grip to be listed on Ebay in forever and snagged it for 20 dollars. So the absolute cheapest you’re going to be able to play this game for is 27 dollars… That just isn’t worth it, and for the price you’d pay for one CIB you’d be able to buy a working Colecovision, C64, or Vic-20 and just play their far superior versions. Just no… Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15943-omega-race-cbs-electronics/
  9. Worked on Golf a whole bunch yesterday. I added a special putting meter so when you get close to the hole the score switches from red to blue to let you know you're putting. I can adjust how far away the ball is to the hole when it switches to putting mode. I don't know if it's my keyboard or the programming but pressing fire seems to not work sometimes, I have to press it a second time and try again after pressing the left CTRL button (I'm using MESS) and it not do anything. I discovered a new bug though. If the putting mode turns on, it won't turn off. This I discovered after I wondered what would happen if I turned it on and then moved away from the hole. It didn't turn off. I don't know why anyone would want to do that, but I think I fixed the problem and it will be fixed in the next version I post. By the way, between postings on it in the thread, you can always check the Golf website at http://www.atari2600land.com/channelf/golf/ And if I forget about the game for a month or so, please let me know if you want to see me working on it some more. I tend to skip around from project to project (like have you noticed me not working on GoSub 7800?) Right now this takes precedence over GoSub 7800 because more people have commented on Golf. I just wish there was a Channel F Everdrive. I guess not many people have one so demand isn't high, which is a shame because it's a great console and should get more homebrew games than just me and Pac-Man. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15944-firing/
  10. People in the Homebrew, retro gaming community are amazing people. Friendly and very generous. I had recently ordered the game Draconian with the Box Upgrade, but the box had been inadvertently overlooked and so was missing from the order. Al shipped me the box, which I received in 2 days, but he included a bonus. He could have simply inserted a thin bloc of Styrofoam to protect the box, as he shipped it to me in a sturdy box to begin with, and I would have been happy as a clam. But what he actually placed inside the box was a Custom Reproduction of the Atari 2600 game Air Raid. Sticking with Al and AtariAge for the moment, my last package from them combined the games making up 3 orders. However, I was sent the 2600 port of Scramble by Champ Games by mistake, as I had ordered the 7800 port by Robert DeCrescenzo. Yes, I know Robert worked on the sound for the 2600 Champ Games port, but I wanted to first see what John W. Champeau and Co. had come up with for the 2600 before ordering the Robert DeCrescenzo port. I did send Alpert a PM concerning this several days ago (May 29th), but he hasn't as yet sent me a reply. I feel that I owe AtariAge an additional $5, as the 2600 version goes for $5 more than the 7800 version, and I DO plan on ordering the 7800 port. Maybe he's just been too busy to get back to me. John W. Champeau, and Nathan Strum have always answered whatever questions that I've put to them, which is cool. I started to post a link to my Youtube video showing the games that I recently received from AtariAge, but then I remembered that I already did that in a previous Blog entry. I recently received an order placed with Good Deal Games. While they offer some games that AtariAge also offers, I only purchase titles from GDG not offered by AtariAge. I must admit, however, that Michael of GDG went beyond the call of duty with this order. Atari 2600 Asteroid Rescue ($24.75) Bomb On Pixel City ($27.75) Kung-Fu Combat ($24.75) Depth Charge ($29.75; Case) Asteroid Rescue was programmed by Ross Adkin and carries a Copyright date of 2018. Depth Charge carries a Copyright date of 2010 by Video Soft. What GDG sent me was a Limited Edition, #51 of 100. Kung-Fu Combat was programmed by Edward Smith and carries a Copyright date of 2019. Michael shipped this to me in advance of my actually paying for it, as it hadn't actually been released when I ordered it. It was released at the GORGS Trade Show this past weekend. In addition to shipping everything Priority, he charged me nothing for shipping. What it cost HIM was $10.40. He also added an unexpected bonus. A Disney/Square Enix Kingdom Hearts banner, sealed. I unsealed it of course. MY CESSNAACE YOUTUBE UNPACKING GDG UNPACKING VIDEO I recently listed all of the Atari homebrews and Custom Reproductions that I own in my collection at Patreon/Cessnaace. Counting each game included on Multi-carts as separate games, the total came to 91 games, although as I write this I realize that I only counted Phantom II as one game, even though the cartridge also includes the game Pirate. So 92. Plus 4 more, that's 96. Closing in on 100. https://www.patreon.com/Cessnaace http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15942-feeding-my-atari-7-the-homebrew-community-is-awesome/
  11. Time to BRAWL at 8 PM ET! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15941-jaleco-brawlers-pack-for-super-nintendo/
  12. So two Channel F video games with their manuals came in the mail today. I will "review" both of them now. Hangman - This is a really good version of Hangman. Easy controls, twist left and right to move the letter and fire to guess it. The words are really great, too. One of them was "WEALTH," so makes for really good guessing. Alien Invasion - The Channel F's answer to Space Invaders. It really is just Space Invaders, right down to the ship flying by periodically. Makes one wonder why Taito didn't go after them. When you die, though, it takes a while for the game to start back up. I guess it doesn't want you to make any erroneous moves, but that's kind of hard to do when all you're doing is moving left and right and firing. Both of the games were listed as "untested," so I was taking a chance. I've had broken games come to me through eBay before (I'll be using an Alien Invasion shell in an upcoming game!) but this time it was good. I wish though there was a way to turn down the Channel F's volume of the noises it makes. If only they made a volume control for the thing. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15940-18-and-26/
  13. Oh look, another Space Invaders game, woo, how fantastic. A cursory search of Space Invaders on MobyGames will net you over 250 results and that’s not counting the rip-offs. Space Invaders might just be one of the most copied formulas in the history of gaming, hell almost a quarter of the Atari 2600 library (not really) is just the basic premise of Space Invaders, move-around-the-bottom-of-the-screen-and-shoot-at-things, but with a few tweaks here and there, and this is when the game concept was new. So what do you do when you have such a pop culture icon of a game? You release it on everything of course, and that’s exactly what Taito did and still does. But you can’t keep releasing the same old game year after year, eventually people will get bored of it, so Taito decided to make changes to every new version that they released, this lead to the moniker of ‘Super Space Invaders’ because it’s Space Invaders… But super. So… over a decade after the initial release of Space Invaders Taito decided to release the upgraded version of their arcade smash hit, Super Space Invaders in arcades everywhere, this was accompanied by a fairly blanket release on most popular game consoles, and home computers, including the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum of all things. I only have one of the released versions, the IBM PC and Compatibles release, after my experiences with the PC version of Street Fighter II I’m approaching this one with extreme caution, this is Super Space Invaders on PC. For a 1991 DOS game this actually looks pretty damn nice. Unlike in the original where you just had the black background, or the reflected background, here you get rich, colorful, and detailed backgrounds. I’ve only seen a few of these backgrounds but I wish there were zoomed, enhanced, and cropped versions so I could set them as my desktop background. The invaders are just as varied as the backdrops they come with, from the classic Invaders re-imagined to giant scarabs to brains in jars, this game is wild. I would gush a bit more about the graphics but I haven’t actually gotten to see them on account of this game’s rather brutal difficulty, but I’ll get there in a moment. As for the sounds, well, they’re your standard 90’s SoundBlaster fare, a whole lot of FM synth. I think the sounds are adequate, nothing really to praise or complain about. I would try to select a different sound card but this game is already gar enough to run in DOSBox as is and will simply refuse to play if I tamper with the sounds settings, so SoundBlaster it is. The gameplay? Well it’s Space Invaders, but Super, with a capital S. Instead of just the standard formation of invaders over a single level of increased difficulty with SSI you get oodles of different formations over 52 levels, including bonus levels and bosses with increasing difficulty. My original worry was that this was going to be a repeat of Street Fighter II and that everything was going to be slow and choppy, this couldn’t be further from the case. The shooting is fast and smooth, just like what you’d need for a shooter like this, unfortunately there are a few issues that I feel the need to point out. The controls are a bit odd, Z and X is used to move Q shoots and A fires the special weapon. I f I try to use this control scheme one handed I die in seconds, and if I use both hands then I wind up with cramping because both of my hands are squished into that tiny corner of the keyboard. I would change the controls, but again DOSBox won’t take anything but the default so I will manage with what I’ve got. The final issue I have is the difficulty, the game starts out much too hard. There are 52 levels to this game, so why can’t I get past level one without losing half of my lives. I know difficulty is subjective, what might be difficult to some is easy to others, but you try to hit anything past that impenetrable wall of enemy fire, also you don’t have your shields, you can only get them as a rare power-up from hitting the mothership that flies overhead every so often, at least you can take multiple hit before being destroyed, otherwise the game would simply be impossible. While the game is almost crushingly difficult it also has a charm that keeps me playing it over and over again, I actually like this game despite my complaints. It doesn’t look like this game is all that rare to find, since copies on Ebay are listed at around 20 dollars for a CIB copy, a fair price to pay for a decent upgrade of Space Invaders. If you don’t have a spare PC compatible lying around you can download this game free online and play it with DOSBox, or whichever DOS emulator you prefer, though I would recommend having the physical game with you before you pirate a copy. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15939-super-space-invaders-taitodomark/
  14. Center Console The shiny black finish on the center console in the Model 3 is a major dust and fingerprint magnet. Back in March I ordered the Brushed Steel Center Console Wrap from Tesla Bros. I finally got around to installing it in Talith today, turned out great! If Tesla Bros sounds familiar, it's because I ordered their door stickers back in January. They help out quite a bit to prevent people from using the Manual Door Release, which should only be used in the case of emergency . Wireless phone charging I'd also ordered the new version of the Jeda Wireless Pad for charging my phone. Fits in the 3 significantly better than the original Jeda, and has some other design improvements such as supporting charging in landscape mode (could be useful if you run 3rd party mapping software such as Waze). When I installed the original Jeda I'd used a 12V USB charger and ran extension cables to power it as the front USB ports didn't supply enough power to charge phones while also using USB sticks (used for the dashcam and sentry mode features, as well as music). The cables were binding and starting to expose wire, so I removed them. At some point after doing that, Tesla did a firmware update which increased the power from the front USB ports. So a simple Y-Splitter can now be used. The 12V method does provide faster charging if you need it, but I don't. Gaming For in-car gaming I'd been using an old Logitech RumblePad 2 controller. It worked fine for most games, but the button layout was confusing for Missile Command: 1 = Middle Base 2 = Right Base 3 = Left Base I recently found out the mapping for XBox controllers was better, so picked up one during lunch today: And yes, the button mapping works much better: X = Left Base A = Middle Base B = Right Base Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15938-minor-enhancements/
  15. A previous post I created LINES on a Coco 2 with 8 colors using Tino Deleurgo's Expanded BASIC utility package. It utilized semi-graphic capabilities and is a rather nice package with lots of nice features. Unfortunately the manual isn't that great. Tino uses a tutorial structure in the manual that makes it hard to find the commands and what they do. So I wiped up a quick reference manual for myself and decided to post it. I zipped it up with the original manual which you will need. Here it is: A little bit about Expanded BASIC. The utility is broken up into four packages. 1.) Graphics package. 2.) Edit Package. 3.) Q screen package. You can only run one of these packages at a time. 4.) Extra commands. These extra commands can be run concurrently with 1-3. The first package adds some graphic commands such as BORDER & SCROLL. It also adds an advanced SOUND command. Plus some real nice programming commands such as multi-line IF..THEN..ELSE and REPEAT...UNTIL. The second package adds some unique editing commands. I only found the AUTO line numbering useful. The third package is the package I used to create LINES in 8 color. It adds semi-graphic capabilities. I wished he'd added more commands to the utility put I guess there was a memory constraint involved. The forth and last package adds LOCAL VARIABLES and using commands as a string to the previous other three packages. Not a bad little package. Looks to be stable, I had no crashes in testing. I think I might use it to create some stuff in the future. Attached File(s) Exp BASIC Quick Ref & Manual.zip (597.08KB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/528/entry-15937-coco-2-expanded-basic-quick-reference-manual/
  16. Bryan McManis‎ asked to The Colonial Warriors in this Facebook thread: "After all these years has the truth ever come out WHY the show was cancelled with NO warning, NO Announcement, and NO ending of the Series. ? The Cast and Crew NEVER even knew it was cancelled until they showed up for work to find out it was over." And at the time I write this there are 35 comments. A great read in the Colonial Warrior group. Thought about it and my answer was as follows: "Wow this has been a good read. My take on this is what a lot of people have said (about production cost) with a twist: I don't think any production company knew the big picture of what a sci-fi show could do. They had a show where the advertising was not putting the production costs in the black. I get that. However, what ABC did not realize, which they couldn't have since VHS and Beta were barely starting out, is how much they could receive from royalties, DVD sales, streaming rights, merchandising (that was also barely starting out with Star Wars) and all the long term profit. And think of this, Star Trek might have been great in reruns, but the effects of the movie franchise was just starting, and Star Trek the Motion Picture was not really a mega hit. In short, no production company was ready to invest for the long term what companies are willing to do today." http://atariage.com/forums/blog/653/entry-15936-the-true-answer-on-why-classic-battlestar-galactica-was-cancelled/
  17. http://www.2600connection.com/features/parsec/parsec.html The game I wrote for the Atari 2600 is now for sale as a cartridge. Parsec 2600. It includes a nice booklet and a professionally created cartridge. it's a limited run for now. Cost $25. Click on link above. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/528/entry-15935-my-game-parsec-2600-is-now-for-sale-as-a-cartridge/
  18. So I want to have a bonus level for GoSub every 10 levels, so it breaks up the action and makes it less monotonous. But I have no idea what the bonus level could be. Should I have a points system for the game? Should I add some lives as well? I think I will. I have lotsa room for mazes, so I want there to be at least 100 different ones. The bonus level could get you a chance to add more lives. But what should the bonus level consist of doing? I have 3 more levels to design before I get there, so I will have to decide what to do in that regards pretty soon. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15934-bonus-level/
  19. Managed to dig up some more ads from Mega Machine Sega. I merged the first two ads together. (The second one had an advertisment between the pages.) They also seemed to have made art for the cartoon pilot, which is cool... Speaking about the pilot, I've decided to upload the photos to a gallery. Trying to put them in seperate blog posts just feels dumb. 😂 And lastly, I might be uploading more art on here soon. I ordered a digital pen from Ebay, and it'll arrive in a few days. I'm longing to start making some digital art. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/725/entry-15933-more-magazine-ads-and-a-little-update/
  20. Budget titles always have been, and always will be, mixed bags. You might get a hidden gem of a game or you might get stuck with a bunch of trash. I honestly don’t know how it was back in the 80’s with computer and console gaming being a bit more of a fledgling market, or even which publishers were considered budget, well I know of a few. The publisher of today’s game is most certainly a budget company, it’s pretty obvious, their tagline is “The best in low-priced entertainment software™” for crying out loud. Avantage, a name so poor that Word thinks I’m misspelling advantage and keeps correcting it for me, was a subsidiary of Accolade inc. and was responsible for selling games on Commodore 64/128, IBM PC’s and compatibles, as well as Tandy computers, and the game I’m looking at today was released on all three, at the same time on the same disk. Okay so, Harrier 7, I found this game in the basement of my local game store sitting in a plastic bin with a few other games. The box was in all around decent condition due to it still being sealed but it, and the other games it was with, had a splash of water thrown on them from the building’s boiler. The owner of the store let me have Harrier 7 as well as the other games that weren’t irredeemably moldy for a low price, so who am I to pass up a bargain. I think the Harrier 7 box is really cool with its two-tone yellow and blue front and its well drawn, but very small, artwork of what I presume is a Harrier jet fighter taking off from an aircraft carrier. The rest of the box is fairly standard, a bunch of blurbs on the back about how good the game is and screenshots that I’m pretty sure are from the Commodore version since the IBM version (which is the one I’m playing) is stuck in CGA mode. The documentation is fairly sparse with a standard registration card, instruction card (you’re not getting a full manual here), a warranty slip, and a small product/ordering flyer with some Russian on the front. An overall compact package to be sure, but let’s get into the real meat of the review, the game itself. Well, as I said earlier this particular game is set in CGA video, which means everything is magenta, turquoise, and black. This is frankly unacceptable since when this game was released both EGA and VGA were available, and there are no options to change the graphics anywhere in the game files or alluded to in the manual. This is why the screenshots on the back were from the C64 version, I know this wasn’t uncommon among home computers but that doesn’t mean I condone it. Frankly it’s embarrassing that such cutting edge machines are having their butts whooped by a (at the time) six year old microcomputer. I would comment on the graphics more but I can barely make out what anything is, at least there isn’t any noticeable flicker or graphical tearing, but that’s the least an IBM machine should be able to do. Actually I was worried if I could even get this game to work at all since with older games the speed of the game was tied into the speed of the processor, that’s why many machines had a turbo button (which did the exact opposite), and due to this being a budget release I would be in no way surprised if it fell back on that antiquated feature. Sounds… Well this game has them but just like with the graphics their stuck at one of the worst available options. Harrier 7 has no sound card support, you are just forced to use the IBM speaker and deal with it. This is just a step above using the PC speaker, imagine the 2600 but with a single channel and everything is chunky and lumpy sounding, and that’s what you get, and as such just about any noise this game makes is a terrible mess of farts and crushed dreams. There is actually menu music and it’s so terrible that I recoiled the first time I heard it, it was so jarring and unnerving. There’s no need to say it but the C64 version is obviously better due to its fantastic SID chip, but I unfortunately cannot get the game to run reliably on my emulator so I’ll have to play it on my C64 later on. The gameplay, well it’s almost a fun game it’s so close, but it’s ruined by the controls. The standard control layout is 1,2,3,4,F,S,Q for weapons, mission status, and to quit the game, while the buttons used to control the plane are A,Z,N,M and Space Bar. I don’t know what kind of alien hands the programmer had but this is not a very good control scheme, thankfully you are allowed to rebind the keys so it’s a bit more manageable but you are still not allowed to reassign the steering to the arrow keys, something all IBM keyboards had to some extent. I think they went with this strange control style to accommodate the Commodore users who didn’t have arrow keys even though the game is compatible with controllers on the C64 version despite there being no controller option for the IBM version. The control snafu completely overshadows the game itself which is a fairly standard Defender/Choplifter style shooter, where you shoot down enemy MIG’s and bomb bases while trying not to die. The game is difficult and could probably be fairly enjoyable if the controls were just more intuitive. I don’t know if any gaming publications actually covered this game back in the day, it seems to be fairly unknown, so much so that Lemon 64 a website entirely dedicated to Commodore and their machines has no record of this game whatsoever, and frankly I think it should stay that way. A mediocre came to fill out your shelf and perhaps start a conversation or two. If you feel the need to own this game for yourself there is a single CIB copy on Ebay for 28 dollars. Who knows this might actually be a fairly rare game, even so that doesn’t justify any of the crap this game makes you put up with, Collector’s Zone for sure. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15931-harrier-7-avantage/
  21. It's been a looong time since I last saw my favorite number in media. Well, today it happened twice. The National Spelling Bee had 8 winners. The 8-way-tie happened because they successfully spelled the 47 tie-breaking words. And a crash just happened locally right near me on the news near highway 47. I try to put the number 47 in my game code whenever I can. Sometimes it fits just right, other times it's not too far off from what I want. In other news, I've been working hard on GoSub 7800 still, and I just got another Super Scope game for my collection. I thought I got all of them, but found two more that use it. X-Zone is a good one, but very difficult. I need a Game Genie to make it less difficult. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15932-47-sightings-may-31-2019/
  22. "The story of the world’s greatest video game mascot, as it’s never been told before! Let’s discuss how great Bubsy T. Bobcat is … according to Bubsy T. Bobcat!" Written by Bubsy on May 30, 2019 https://tedium.co/2019/05/30/bubsy-history-video-games/?utm_source=Tedium&utm_campaign=Tedium_05_30_2019&utm_medium=email&fbclid=IwAR1XQU6jLmZiyDiXtC8Fuq5t2YfC5sGSQxMcGQt2lwHsodpES6JZfX03V3w Good article where Bubsy talks about himself. The Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog is referenced! Enjoy! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15930-cruisin-tedium-the-worlds-most-pawsome-mascot-may-2019/
  23. Two new homebrews for the Atari 2600 are on the cusp of being released by Good Deal Games. These will be released as Limited Runs very soon. I've already spoken for one LR copy of each game. If you want the Limited Run versions you need to act quickly. Game 1 Asteroid Rescue The Limited Run of this game will be available on July 14th at The Video Game Summit. Limited to 20 copies. This game is already up at the Good Deal Games site, listed at $24.75. I ordered my copy last night, and posted info about it at Patreon/Cessnaace. Even though a minimum pledge of $1 per month is required to see my Exclusive Content, I made this post Public due to the nature of this release. ASTEROID RESCUE YOUTUBE DEMO VIDEO Game 2 Kung Fu Combat 25 Limited Run copies will be available this weekend at the CORGS trade show. This game is not yet up on the Good Deal Games site, but it will probably cost around $25, as that is what Michael (of GDG) told me to send him in two weeks for my LR copy, which he plans to go ahead and ship to me with the other 3 games that I ordered on June 3rd. This offer was made to me out of kindness, and due to my budgetary concerns. In other words my wife was ok with me buying 3 games this week, but not 4. http://www.gooddealgames.com/inventory/Atari%202600.html While the video that I found for Asteroid Rescue looks nearly complete, the play video that I found for Kung Fu Combat looks to be a WIP version. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15929-homebrew-report-2-time-sensitive/
  24. Tonight I play pinball with Sonic the Hedgehog at 8 PM ET! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15928-genesis-does-sonic-spinball/
  25. Back on the 6th I posted about a grid outage and that I was surprised because the solar stopped producing. I did some research and ran across this topic which said the solar gets turned off when the grid initially goes down, but will come back about 5 minutes later. Today we had an outage that lasted long enough to confirm that was correct: Major thunderstorm happening at the moment, so I'm surprised it was even able to produce that much. Today also marks 1 year ownership of my Model 3! I plan to write up a blog entry about it, though not sure if I'll finish it tonight as I need to run errands this evening - I'd planned to take care of them on my lunch break, but my dad unexpectedly showed up. We went to Red Robin for lunch. I had a lettuce-wrapped (bun-less) Smoke & Pepper with the patty swapped for the Impossible Burger, it was quite good. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15927-another-grid-outage/
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