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  1. Perhaps I should lead off with the news that all missing Quadrants and Difficulty Modes have now been processed and added to the http://highscore.com database. Previously, only scores achieved in the Alpha Quadrant in Normal Difficulty could be submitted at the site. As soon as I received my copy I requested the following be added: Draconian / Quadrant Beta / Sector 1 [Normal] Draconian / Quadrant Delta / Sector 1 [Normal] Draconian / Quadrant Gamma / Sector 1 [Normal] Draconian / Quadrant Epsilon / Sector 1 [Normal] Draconian / Quadrant Alpha / Sector 1 [Kids] Draconian / Quadrant Beta / Sector 1 [Kids] Draconian / Quadrant Delta / Sector 1 [Kids] Draconian / Quadrant Gamma / Sector 1 [Kids] Draconian / Quadrant Epsilon / Sector 1 [Kids] Draconian / Quadrant Alpha / Sector 1 [Easy] Draconian / Quadrant Beta / Sector 1 [Easy] Draconian / Quadrant Delta / Sector 1 [Easy] Draconian / Quadrant Gamma / Sector 1 [Easy] Draconian / Quadrant Epsilon / Sector 1 [Easy] Draconian / Quadrant Alpha / Sector 1 [Hard] Draconian / Quadrant Beta / Sector 1 [Hard] Draconian / Quadrant Delta / Sector 1 [Hard] Draconian / Quadrant Gamma / Sector 1 [Hard] Draconian / Quadrant Epsilon / Sector 1 [Hard] You don't have to stay in Sector 1 of course, however you must begin your game there. Quite abit of effort on my part to type all that for submission purposes as I'm dyslexic. At any rate all requests were processed some time over the past 12 hours or so. So if you are a User there, submit your scores to be voted on. I do have a question however, and it pertains to scoring. Yesterday (05.09.2020) I was playing in the Epsilon Quadrant in Kids difficulty, trying to hit a million points. I wanted to see what would happen of I did, because the font size used during game play is too large to accommodate another digit, however there's room on the title screen. I didn't find out, as I only hit 935,400. http://highscore.com/score/index.php?s=83034 Can anyone out there answer this question? Draconian, by-the-way, is a very good port of both arcade versions of Bosconian. It is therefore highly recommended, and addictive! https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=1107 So if you are a User at http://highscore.com and own this game then please feel free to submit your scores (scores achieved via emulation are allowed as long as you submit them in the Emulation category). If you aren't a member yet then please consider joining. It's totally FREE to both join and use. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15852-at-what-point-does-the-score-roll-over-while-playing-draconian/
  2. Once again Genesis does what Nintendont! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15851-genesis-does-garfield/
  3. For some reason Impact is now back to being Performance (see addendum in a previous blog entry). With Performance the Self Powered shows 57%, though the date range for the Week is wrong: Energy Usage screen has the correct date range. Solar produced of 83% of my power usage (230/277) as Friday and Tuesday had low production due to storms. Home usage on those days does drop a bit as the AC does not have to run as frequently. usually From Powerwall should be slightly under To Powerwall due to conversion, however this week I had to do the initial charge for the battery, which was down to 0%. The battery's backup buffer was set to 16%, so normal solar buffering for night usage would only draw down to 16%. At the moment I do not receive credit for the 66.5 kWh of solar power sent to the grid, so I'll have to pay for the full 119 kWh I had to draw from the grid. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15850-first-week/
  4. So I hooked up my Jaguar and turned it on with the Jeff Minter game in. Red screen. I tried a few more times. Red screen.I unhooked the Jaguar and put it in through the VCR. Red screen. I tried another game, Pinball Fantasies. Red screen. I actually got Evolution: Dino Dudes to work, so I put Pinball Fantasies in again. Red screen. I tried blowing on the cart. A few more times and I got Pinball Fantasies to work. And eventually the Jeff Minter game works now too. I hadn't turned the Jaguar on in a while. It's just been sitting on top of the VCR going unused. About a month ago, I was browsing eBay and saw that Jaguar consoles without the CD are going for like $300. I did NOT want to pay that much, which is why I kept trying until I finally got it to work. I have been working on my Aaron the Aardvark game. The Jaguar emulator controls are horrible. Changing the buttons to the arrow keys results in the buttons not working. So I had to change it back to A for left and D for right, which is quite possibly the dumbest setup I have ever seen for any emulator ever. Oh well. At least I got my Jaguar working again. I think. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15849-jaguar/
  5. Good to know the CD drive still works! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15848-good-ol-atari-jaguar/
  6. Do you remember me mentioning that the first attempt to write a machine language program to read MIDI data delivered to the Atari joystick port was a complete failure? The Arduino hardware has remained the same. The joystick trigger and cassette motor control(CMC) pin on the SIO port are still being used to control data flow. But this time I redefined the project specs to simplify the ML program and tested the ML data transfer routine as a USR call. The USR routine was written to replace the BASIC code that checked the joystick trigger to see if data is ready to be read, gets the data, and tells the Arduino to get the next byte by setting the CMC. (the subroutine starting at line 100 in many of the earlier programs) The data byte is stored in a page Zero location to be PEEKed after control is returned to BASIC. Once working as a USR call the PLA was removed and the M65 file was edited and saved for later inclusion in the Project file as a subroutine. #INCLUDEd READMIDI.M65 routine is as follows: READMIDI.M65 The Arduino had to be reprogramed to minimize the data being sent to the Atari. The Arduino will first look for MIDI data for channel one. If its a NOTEON or NOTEOFF command it reads the following MIDI note number and then the volume byte. It then makes the decision to send a note number to start or change the pitch OR turn off the note being played. The logic makes sense considering a NOTEOFF command can be transmitted for a note that isn't being played or a NOTEON can set the volume to ZERO. SINGBYTE.M65 A sound recording didn't seem to be necessary and the Arduino interface has been explained in previous blog entries. The atr file contains the MAC/65 files and BASIC files used to create and test the USR input routine. Attached File(s) mls01.atr (90.02KB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/572/entry-15847-finally-im-playing-midi-notes-using-mac65-assembler-code/
  7. So I worked a little bit on my Golf game for the Channel F. But I got to thinking that "Golf" is a really generic title. Perhaps I should name it something different. So I'm thinking about what to call this game. I can't think of anything good. The only thing I can think of is "Back 9 Golf." Or perhaps "Hitting the Links." "Tee Time." Nah. Does anyone have any suggestions? If so, reply to this or PM me. Right now I think it's about two-thirds of the way finished. I got most of the game engine down. Although I can't really add a hole where there's a tree and a lake (space restrictions I think. I don't want the thing to think too hard and screw what I have all up). I had been failing at making an Atari 2600 game using assembly. And it stinks because the scanline count wavers. Odyssey 2 sort of has the same problem. So I guess Channel F is a great console to program for if you are having a hard time with assembly. Same goes for the Pokemon Mini. The Channel F is quickly becoming a favorite to program for assembly-wise. Its small library means I can add something completely original and chances are it's something that hasn't been done yet. The only downside is there is no Channel F flash cart or Everdrive-type device for it. If there was, I would buy it immediately, much like I did with the Ditto Mini for Pokemon Mini. Went to the game store. They still have that Neo Geo Pocket and 4 games for $150. I really wonder how they come up with absurd prices like that. eBay? Sword of Hayja for the Game Gear is $50. I can get it for much cheaper on eBay, so I don't know. Then I stopped at Burger King and got a really yummy Whopper Jr. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15846-generic-golf/
  8. Yesterday was very stormy, very little sun made it thru in the morning so after charging my car after lunch battery was down to 15% (usually it'd be in the 90s). There was so much cloud coverage after lunch that no solar power was produced for the rest of the day, so the battery did not gain any additional charge. From the afternoon on we lost power 3 times. Each time everything kept running with the exception of the AC unit. Just 1 Powerwall is not enough to run it, nor the 50 amp car charging outlet, so circuits for both were relocated to a new breaker-box which cannot be powered by the battery; though, as by the big green spike in the first screenshot, the battery can assist with those provided the grid is up. This morning battery was at 12%. Forecast is storms for at least thru next week Thursday. Due to likelihood of sporadic solar power and additional power outages during this time, I decided to bump the backup reserve to 50%. There's some sun this morning and the battery is using all available solar to charge, while the house is exclusively using the grid. Even with the current cloud cover enough sun is getting thru to generate 0.7 kW, and the battery's up to 17%. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15845-increased-backup-reserve/
  9. It’s sequel time, and boy do we have a doozy today. We all know about the Atari 8-bit line of computers that were launched in 1979 starting with the Atari 400 and Atari 800. Without question the most beloved game on those computers is without a doubt Star Raiders, it is a classic. So what do you do when you have such a popular game? Well, you make a sequel of course! Luckily for Atari a member of their Coin-Op department Aric Wilmunder had almost completed a sequel to Star Raiders; it truly was a spiritual successor to the original with plenty more added in like 3D sections much like in Rescue on Fractalus and an overall more polished feel. As you can guess though Atari didn’t use this nearly completed game and instead used an entirely different game instead. I’m not completely filled in on the situation, but it seems that the Star Raiders II that we got was supposed to be a tie-in for the cinematic ‘classic’ The Last Starfighter, and due to that film’s underwhelming performance at the box office Atari changed the name of the game currently in development to Star Raiders II. I don’t know if Atari even knew about the actual sequel already in development in Coin-Op, but either way the true sequel was never released and only exists as a prototype. The actual release of Star Raiders II is also rather odd as it exists in two forms, floppy disk and cartridge. I’m unsure of the dates for the floppy disk version as the box and manual say it was copyrighted in 1986 while the disk itself says 1985 which leads me to believe that Atari held onto the game for a time before releasing it, for some reason. Here’s where things start to confuse me, a year later in 1987 Atari released a cartridge version for the XE systems, the packaging doesn’t say anywhere that the cart is compatible for the 800 even though it clearly is since there was a version released for it a year prior that said it would work on the 800, XE, and XL systems. If Atari had simply started with the cartridge version then I wouldn’t even be complaining about this. Do you guys know of any other games that started as disk releases for the 800 then were later released on cartridge for the XE? If you do know any please let me know. So let us now dig in to Star Raiders II formerly The Last Starfighter. This game pushes the aging 800 hardware to the limit; everything is fast, detailed, and flicker free. If you thought the original Star Raiders was a bit monochrome then the sequel will knock your socks off. You’ll be whizzing through space, and blitzing around a range of colorful planets while enemies will explode into a fireworks display of color and carnage. I won’t go into detail, I can’t, I don’t want to spoil the surprises for you, this is a game whose graphics need to be experienced, and besides if I went into detail we’d be here all day long. You will notice however that the graphics on display bear no resemblance to the original game, that is in large part to this not actually being Star Raiders when it was initially being programmed, and I feel that it was a rather missed opportunity not to tweak some elements of the sequel to fit in more so with the original game. One thing that could have been changed is the enemy designs; they could have been changed to look more like those in the original, with the standard enemy looking like a TIE Fighter and the base ships looking like Basestars from Battlestar Galactiga. Those little things might kick the nostalgia back in and make the game feel more complete, or at the very least make this new game resemble the old one in some form or fashion, because right now there is nothing that calls back to the original. The sounds are fairly standard as games like these go. You have your standard engine sound effect playing in the background, shooting, explosions, and various beeps to indicate certain events, all fairly normal. There is an excellent piece of music that plays on the title screen but there is no more music during the game which I feel is a somewhat missed opportunity. All in all the sounds aren’t bad, they’re fairly easy on the ears and the explosion sound effect coupled with the onscreen explosion is fantastic. The gameplay is probably the only part of this game that resembles the original. You have a sector map and your job is to jump around all over the place and beat the shit out of the Zylon menace. There are several additions that make this game more complex and others that simplify it, let’s start with the additions. Instead of all the fights taking place out in space enemies can now invade the several planets that make up the solar system you’re protecting, so now you have two places to battle, in space and in orbit around a planet. The battles have also gotten more complex from the spray and pray from the original, the basic enemies will actively avoid your crosshairs until they attempt some fancy maneuvering , and when I say actively avoid I mean that your ability to aim in this game is seriously hampered. You’ll recall in the original where you had 360 degrees of free movement, in the sequel you can only move horizontally with any amount of control, the verticals are not responsive at all, and in the case of the orbital sections gone entirely. Just like in the sequel there are base ships that will attack when you’ve defeated the basic enemies, taking these guys down is a chore but ultimately rewarding. The base ships will fly around the screen firing almost constantly, and you just have to land 2-4 hits (depending on the color) to destroy them, unfortunately the control makes this far more difficult than it should since the base ships only really fly up and down giving you a tiny window to hit them from while they can whale on you constantly. After you destroy three or so base ships you will be confronted with a command ship, these guys are actually easier to take down than the base ship, just hit them once in their ooey gooey center and they’re gone, just watch out for their massive spiral beam. On the planets battles are much the same except you can’t move vertically, up and down on the joystick effect your speed, this will be useful later, you kill the basic enemies and take down the base ships. Base ships are actually easier to destroy in orbit since they have less vertical movement and pause occasionally to destroy a city allowing for a free shot. You might think that this is a pretty complicated game, and you’d be right but there is actually more to it that you’d think. There is a second part to this game, not only do you have to destroy the invading Zylons you also have to invade their solar system and destroy their worlds, taking the fight to them so to speak. Entering the Zylon system is a risk no matter what, upon jumping in you’ll be immediately placed in orbit around a planet and your task is to destroy all of the factory cities on the surface. By pressing [W] you’ll switch to bomb mode and can now destroy the cities on the surface, but it won’t be smooth sailing since you’ll be under constant assault by the orbiting defenders, and I mean constant assault. Once you destroy the enemies stationed on all three plants and mop up the leftovers you win the game, I got close once but I accidentally jumped into a sun and died rather abruptly. I mentioned earlier that some things had been simplified from the original and they are the space stations and the energy bar. The energy bar acts more like a health meter than anything, and while it does go down a small amount when you warp you’re no longer in danger of running out of energy when you need it most, like when you’re warping to a space station to refill it. Space stations have also been improved drastically, you don’t first have to find them and then position yourself in a very specific spot to dock with them running the risk of running out of energy before you can dock with them. I’ve game over-ed several times in the original with a space station on my screen but I was just a bit too close. With the new stations you simply jump to them and you dock automatically, quick and easy. The scanner modes from the original are gone as well, mainly since this game operates more like Phaser Patrol or Star Master where the game is rendered two dimensionally unlike the original which was rendered in 3D and allowed for the fore and aft views as well as the sector map view. The speed settings are gone as well since a game like this wouldn’t have any use for them unlike the original. Star Raiders II is a sequel in name only, it doesn’t feel like the original, it doesn’t play like the original, hell it isn’t even technically the sequel to the original it’s just a rebranded movie tie-in game. That said this is still a fun, graphically, delightful game that anybody can pick up and have fifteen minutes to an hour of fun. If I were given the choice between the original and the sequel I might actually pick the sequel, there is just more game to it and more to enjoy overall. I’m not saying that the original is bad by any stretch of the word it’s still a masterpiece of programming and hold up excellently today, I guess it just depends on how I’m feeling at that moment. Prices for Star Raiders II are a bit all over the place, if you want the floppy disk version you’ll be paying around 35 dollars, but for the cartridge version despite arguably being more common you’ll be paying anywhere from 25-90 dollars. There aren’t actually that many listings on Ebay so I can’t get a good price for them. If you actually intend to play the game on actual hardware I would recommend the getting cartridge, from what I’ve heard the cart is backwards compatible with the 800 if you have enough RAM, same goes for the 400 too allegedly. Or you could just get an SD drive and not have to worry about buying the physical games, I know it’s piracy but some of these games are too damn expensive. I won’t send Star Raiders II to the Collector’s Zone since I think this is a game that every Atari 8-bit owner should have in their collection. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15843-star-raiders-ii-atari-corp/
  10. I've been sleeping too much lately. Yesterday I went to sleep at about 6am and didn't wake up until 8pm. But then I was able to go to sleep at midnight and stay sleeping until 4am. Then today I went to sleep at about 6am and woke up at 6pm. And I feel like I could sleep for another 6 hours if I felt like it, and I do, but I don't know if I should. I'm back working on Aaron the Aardvark for the Jaguar again. Clint is doing some more backgrounds for me. Right now he's working on an underwater scene which is looking really great so far. First I had trouble putting the thing in. It didn't like it and made the file too big. But finally it got to working correctly. I still don't know why, though, since all the backgrounds are 84KB, including this one, and I was able to design and put 2 temporary backgrounds in the game without it saying the file was too big. I had a really tough time working on another game, but I had to give up because I was working in Atari 2600 assembly and it kept giving me weird scanline results because the stupid computer hates me. I just wish I was as good an artist as Clint is! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15844-sleep/
  11. Something unexpected happened, so one more daily update! Based on this: it appears solar covered 75% of my electricity usage yesterday (54% was used direct, 21% was sent to the Powerwall for use when the sun went down). However, this morning I discovered that the graphs: can be slid up to reveal more info. Based on this, I actually produced 2.1 kWh more power than I used (42.9 solar - 40.8 usage). Of the overproduction I lost 1.3 kWh to Powerwall (14.4 - 13.1) due to charging & AC/DC conversion overhead, and sent the remaining 0.8. kWh to the grid (11.1 - 10.3). This has been annoying trend in user interfaces for a while, I've been quite annoyed that UI developers have taken to hiding things and making the user work to discover that those things are even there. Back in 2010 I blogged about one of these hidden features in Facebook, though sadly the gallery at my website stopped working so all the screenshots are gone. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15842-hidden-info-shows-better-performance/
  12. As you may have noticed I have deleted the Blog entry that I made requesting someone create a homebrew port of the arcade game Space Zap. This is because, as it turns out, someone already has, and it's being sold right here at Atari Age. Nathan Strum wrote me quite a nice comment to that Blog entry, informing me of the existence of the game Vault Assault, a nice version of Space Zap for the 2600 sold right here at Atari Age. As deleting the entry that I wrote would result in Nathan's informative comment also disappearing, I thought that I could both preserve his information while also deleting the embarrassing entry (with some content retained for context). What I originally wrote edited {Space Zap was manufactured by Midway and released to arcades in 1980. I really want to play this game, either on the 2600 VCS, or 7800 ProSystem. The homebrew game for the 2600 called Alien Revenge! borrows some elements of this game. Not enough though. Either Champ Games or SpiceWare could do this game justice. These two outfits have other things in common besides making awesome games. On the arcade conversions Michael Haas handles the Music, Speech (where applicable), and Sound Effects. Nathan Strum designs and produces the excellent artwork, which can be appreciated on the cartridge face labels, the manuals, and posters (where applicable). I have no doubt that Michael Haas can handle the sound work. In fact I know from experience that Darrell. Michael, John, and Nathan produce quality work because I own many of their games (or wish that I did).} I then listed the homebrews by Champ Games and SpiceWare, and indicated which ones I own copies of Atari 2600 homebrews by Champ Games (John W. Champeau) Conquest of Mars own Lady Bug own. I wish I owned the boxed limited edition, but ordered the cartridge/manual release by mistake Mappy own Scramble wishlisted Super Cobra Arcade own Atari 2600 homebrews by SpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.) Draconian own Medieval Mayhem wishlisted Space Rocks wishlisted Stay Frosty own. One of the games included on the Stella's Stocking multi-cart Stay Frosty 2 own Nathan's comment While I appreciate the acknowledgement, there are others who should be credited. Dave Dries has created label artwork for both Darrell and John (Scramble, Space Rocks and the forthcoming Wizard of Wor Arcade), Dave Vazquez created the artwork and game graphics for Medieval Mayhem and developed the game graphics for Darrell's upcoming game Frantic, and Dave Exton created the label artwork for Stay Frosty 2 and Stella's Stocking (Stay Frosty). There have been others who have worked on audio, too. Bob DeCrescenzo worked on Lady Bug, Space Rocks, and Scramble, and John Payson and Darrell worked on the audio driver used in Stay Frosty 2, plus another programmer will be working on the audio for an as-yet unannounced game for John. As this is a hobby, people come and go, or have different availability, different interests, or are just a better fit for a particular game. The end goal is always the same though: to make awesome games. As for Space Zap, there's already Vault Assault. It's not 100% feature-complete with the arcade version, but the basic gameplay is there. As with any homebrew though, the trick is that a programmer has to want to make the game, and most programmers already have a backlog of games they want to make. Given that homebrews take months (or years) to create, it's a long shot. For something as straightforward as Space Zap though, you might look into learning batari Basic and giving it a shot yourself. How I would write it now Space Zap was manufactured by Midway and released to arcades in 1980. The homebrew game Alien Revenge! uses some of the elements from Space Zap, but not enough to satisfy my desire to play this arcade gem on an Atari console. Fortunately Brian Prescott created a port for the 2600 called Vault Assault, but as Nathan Strum mentioned in his review it is missing the Attack Satellite, which circles the station after each round. I agree that it would have helped the game to keep it in, but beggars can't be choosers, and in the case of Space Zap I begged plenty. At $20 ($19 after the Subscriber Discount) this game on cartridge with a color manual, well that's a good deal in my book and a must have. So I have ordered it. https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=113 YOUTUBE PLAY VIDEO OF SPACE ZAP Sound starts after the attract sequence; approx. :42 into the video YOUTUBE PLAY VIDEO OF VAULT ASSAULT Thank you Nathan Strum, and everyone else. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15841-the-arcade-game-space-zap-has-alreadyreceived-a-homebrew-port-to-the-2600/
  13. What is the value of a $40 power supply? To the guy who built it, that may be $20 in parts and some labor, plus the time to research the necessary parts and the recognition of the need for the product in the first place. What about when he ships out the wrong power supply and then exchanges it, but through an eBay quirk the buyer winds up not paying for anything? One of the first computers I touched with a GUI was my grandfather's Atari 520ST some 30 or-so years ago. After his retirement from the Air Force he worked in a few jobs, one as an electrical engineer designing and building motors. He used a CADD program on his ST to do work at home. "Boomers" get a bad rap today for being technologically inept and largely incapable of using computers, but not only did his generation largely invent the damned things but he and many of his cohorts did and do quite well. He spent time with me setting up some floppies to use for drawing, my own CADD stuff, some games, even programming in GFA BASIC. While I still have those floppies, no one seems to know what happened to his collection after he passed. Recently I picked up an Atari 520ST just like his and in near-perfect condition, though it lacks a floppy drive, power supply, and monitor. I have set out to build this system and came across a custom Atari ST power supply on eBay. But the seller shipped me an Amiga power supply! A very nice one, but I already have plenty of those. He immediately offered to exchange it. I just had to process a return and he immediately shipped me a replacement. I received a refund and several days later I received the replacement. After a few exchanges and looking through PayPal and eBay I found I did not have a way to pay him. Not only that, but having me pay for the item outside of an eBay auction would put him in peril of violating eBay policies. Sure, there are some ways he could have handled this to square it up and get his money, but instead he offered to let me keep it. While trying to "rebuild" my grandfathers computer -- the one which launched me into graphical environments owned by a man who had a long-lasting influence on me -- though my time-line took me through Amiga rather than Atari, I found a $40 custom Atari ST power supply and the generosity of a stranger to be invaluable. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/600/entry-15840-what-is-the-value-of-a-40-power-supply/
  14. Mega May 2019 "rolls" on! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/3/entry-15839-cut-man-and-mega-man-for-mega-may-2019/
  15. Subtle things about the 2600 Adventure that I had to confront. My current game engine displays graphics similar to the 2600 in that I only have to draw half the rooms because they are mirrored in real time. An issue comes with the original game because the black castle maze on level 2 and 3 is not mirrored the same but an offset. So, for that room alone I have to alter my draw routine to incorporate one maze or draw it 100% which increases my rom size. Being I am still less than half of the 32k max and have yet to optimize I think I will just draw it completely. I have around 6k in test routines I can delete in post so I am still on target. I am still waiting for input from you guys out there on a real Colecovision such as the color scheme if it bothers your eye's. I may come up with a test version that you press the keyboard and it will change the background color to what works for you guys. At present I don't own a raster TV, just a 76" flat screen I code on which does not like my ADAM very much and using an emulator I have no real clue who has the most accurate colors. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15838-latest-from-ground-zero/
  16. If you don't get the Steven Wright jokes then don't worry about it. Today's Update includes a visual of old favorites. Rewrote/updated the object display and clear routine for t-states and added an extra byte so the bat/s can pick up objects and carry them. The Bridge is not presently very impressive based on the limitation of sprite size. I have ideas on the back burner about that. My new focus are offsets so you can no longer walk through the edge of the walls. Will change color schemes to implement the Super Game Castles. Picking up objects disabled again for the moment. Rewrote/Updated Room Mapping for t-states. Changing the test rom to v5.3 Attached File(s) Project HERO v5.3.ROM (6.25KB) Number of downloads: 0 http://atariage.com/forums/blog/763/entry-15837-day-2-everyone-talks-to-me/
  17. On Saturday I was 61% self powered: Saturday Usage: Saturday Solar: Saturday Powerwall: Saturday Grid: Saturday Overall Summary: On Sunday I was 70% self powered: Sunday Usage: Sunday Solar: Sunday Powerwall: Sunday Grid: Sunday Overall Summary: Sunday Grid Outage: Not the results I was expecting - solar stopped producing. I sent a screenshot of that to Tesla to see if something was misconfigured. Will report back on what they say. Later on I did some research and ran across this topicwhere some users mention that when the grid goes out the solar stops, but will start back up after 5 minutes provided the battery is not too full. If that's true then it looks like the power wasn't out long enough for solar to start back up: Unless something unusual happens, this will be the last of the Daily Updates. I'll plan to do a couple of updates using the Weekly graphs, then Monthly updates for the first year. Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15836-first-weekend-and-a-grid-outage/
  18. I wasn't very happy with my original Turmoil review so i decided to go back and give it a bit more of an in-depth look. 2600 games aren’t known for being all too complex, and that’s for a very good reason, the controller simply wouldn’t allow for it. There were a few enterprising games that came with alternate controllers or addons to make things a bit easier, the Booster Grip for Omega Race, the dual controller thingy for Spy Hunter, basically the entirety of Amiga’s offerings were going to have some sort of unique and wacky controller and let’s not forget about Milton Bradley. Some games just need a special or specific controller to be played properly; many people in the Atari sphere will agree that the lack of a Track-ball controller and compatible games on the 2600 is a great loss for the system, especially since many of Atari’s great Track-Ball games were ported to the system. If there was a game that should have been ported onto the system but never was it should have been tempest, well Atari did make a version but it was never released due to the fact that it sucked. Thankfully for Atari owners TCF showed up on the scene and released their own take of the classic arcade game, but it was different enough to avoid a lawsuit thankfully. Fox released Turmoil, and it is generally regarded as being one of the best Tempest-like games on the 2600, well actually it’s one of the only Tempest-like games on the 2600 so the bar is admittedly pretty low, but they did well regardless. The graphics don’t matter with this game, even though I will say that they are done quite well, the main focus is entirely on the gameplay. This game is fun, it’s fast, it’s addicting, its everything you want from a shooter. You are stuck between seven horizontal corridors; enemies will approach from either side and your goal is to simply destroy them, before they destroy you at least. There are five different types of enemy ship, they all move at slightly different speeds but don’t really pose too much of a challenge. The arrows you need to look out for, if they make it to the other side of the screen they’ll turn into a tank that can only be destroyed from behind so it’s best if you get them before they can get around to doing that. Then there are the prizes, these things are tricky. You’ll see a flashing object at the end of one of the corridors, you can go down and collect it if you so desire, this is the only time you can move down the corridors in the game. When you collect the prize an enemy ship will immediately appear at the opposite end of the corridor and approach you, this ship is indestructible and if you get stuck at the end of the corridor then that’s one life gone. You could also reasonably say “Screw that, I’m not grabbing the prize,” the game has prepared for that as well, if you take too long in getting a prize it will turn into the fastest moving enemy in the game, which means you’ll have to watch your step when trying to shoot it or even avoid it. The game may seem too easy to start off with but thankfully you’re able to choose your starting level when you begin the game with the Select switch, all the way up to level nine. Turmoil is just a fun game, and it keeps making you flick that reset switch for just one more game. Prices for Turmoil vary wildly, it doesn’t help that there is a Zellers version thrown into the mix. Loose carts will cost you anything from 7-20 dollars, some listings have the manual thrown in as well. Boxed copies are sitting around 25-40 dollars and Zellers copies are listed from 35-110 dollars, all loose. If you can get a cheap enough loose copy then this game is way worth it! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/729/entry-15835-turmoil-20th-century-fox/
  19. I worked on Golf for the Channel F again last night. Today it was about adding borders to the game. This was something I wanted to do from the beginning, but I couldn't quite get it working. But now I did. I thought it seemed kind of odd that there was no border, so I set out to make one. It was really hard. I had to redraw the guy to make it work. It's kind of hard to explain why because I don't quite understand it myself. I really want to go to sleep. I will probably fall asleep once my head hits the pillow. I'm going to sleep on the couch so the dog isn't lonely while my mom is out like I always do. The dog hates being alone and if I don't, she probably will go in front of my door and lay down, but I wouldn't know because I'd be asleep. But it'd be sad to think about. I tried to fix my Channel F. I thought I had figured out the problem, but in the process, I seem to have broken my controller. It won't fire now. All the other directions work, but not firing. What's even odder is if I switch it to make fire pressing up, then it works. But that seems counterintuitive, but it will have to do if I want to press fire. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15834-borders/
  20. Space Zap was manufactured by Midway and released to arcades in 1980. I really want to play this game, either on the 2600 VCS, or 7800 ProSystem. The Homebrew game for the 2600 called Alien Revenge! borrows some elements of this game. Not enough though. Either Champ Games or SpiceWare could do this game justice. So come on and take on a conversion for either Atari console. Pretty please. Youtube Play Video Of Space Zap The sound appears once the attract sequence ends (at approx. :42 seconds in). Pretty, pretty please! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15833-port-this-game-to-atari-2-space-zap/
  21. UPDATED! Space Zap was manufactured by Midway and released to arcades in 1980. I really want to play this game, either on the 2600 VCS, or 7800 ProSystem. The Homebrew game for the 2600 called Alien Revenge! borrows some elements of this game. Not enough though. Either Champ Games or SpiceWare could do this game justice. These two outfits have other things in common besides making awesome games. On the arcade conversions Michael Haas handles the Music, Speech (where applicable), and Sound Effects. Nathan Strum designs and produces the excellent artwork, which can be appreciated on the cartridge face labels, the manuals, and posters (where applicable). I have no doubt that Michael Haas can handle the sound work. In fact I know from experience that Darrell. Michael, John, and Nathan produce quality work because I own many of their games (or wish that I did). Atari 2600 Homebrews By Champ Games (John W. Champeau) Conquest of Mars own Lady Bug own. I wish I owned the boxed limited edition, but ordered the cartridge/manual release by mistake Mappy own Scramble wishlisted Super Cobra Arcade own Atari 2600 Homebrews By SpiceWare (Darrell Spice Jr.) Draconian own Medieval Mayhem wishlisted Space Rocks wishlisted Stay Frosty own Stay Frosty 2 own Some of the above games were missing from the Wikipedia article devoted to Homebrews for the Atari 2600, so I added them. That would be Draconian, Mappy, Scramble, and Super Cobra Arcade. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Atari_2600_games#Homebrew_games I know that Champ Games is working on Wizard of Wor Arcade, which I will most certainly purchase. What Champeau and company have planned after that I haven't a clue. I wish that I did. I also wish that I knew what Darrell Spice Jr. and company have in the pipeline, but I don't have a clue there either. I also wish that one of them, or maybe someone else with their talent and skill, will tackle a 2600 conversion of Space Zap. Youtube Play Video Of Space Zap The sound appears once the attract sequence ends (at approx. :42 seconds in). Pretty, pretty please! http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15833-port-this-game-to-atari-2-space-zap-updated/
  22. Version 18 was the the one I was having trouble with, so i figured I'd give up on it. This was a few weeks ago. But then, a few weeks later (today), I was determined to get to the root of the problem I was having. What I wanted was to get the ball close to the tree without thinking it was water when it was done moving. I found the problem. But as I was testing this, hole #3's upper lake wasn't where it was supposed to be. It was one pixel off. So I fixed that. Now it's at version 20, and now I can continue working on the game. Tomorrow, though, since this was a pita. (Not the sandwich, the pain type.) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/168/entry-15832-golf-version-20/
  23. On Thursday I was 62% self powered: Electricity usage for the day. Spikes = Air Conditioner Powering up things for the day - home and work computers, lights, coffee maker, etc. AC spikes disappear for a bit in the morning as my AC is set for 70°F during the night and 74°F during the day. Charging the car. Not usually done this time of day. The neighborhood kids have learned I work from home and that it's OK to come by if they need help - usually it's something with their bike. This morning a kid missed the bus and their school is 7 miles down highway 6, which has a lot of traffic on it. Charging the car after lunch + Air Conditioner Did a load of laundry, washer just after 4, dryer just after 5. Gas dryer, if I had an electric dryer then 5 would have been even higher. Watched some TV. I have a 65" rear projection HDTV from 2001, probalby not as power efficient as current TVs. Also have a couple 300 watt halogen torchiere lights in the room, should probably look into switching those out for a newer LED model such as this one. Clouds blocked the sun periodically during the day, which show up as dips in production: Powerwall activity. From 8-1 the battery was charging. Was at 0 and hit 100% just before 1. At 1 it started to discharge to help charge the car. Recharged after the car finished, the supplied saved solar power to the house for the rest of the evening. Electricity from the grid: The morning car charging was mostly done via the grid. Anything let over during the day was Overall summary for Thursday: On Friday the sky was overcast for the majority of the day, but still managed to be 50% self powered. Electrical usage for Friday Solar generation for Friday Battery activity for Friday Grid usage for Friday Overall summary for Friday Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/148/entry-15831-first-2-days/
  24. Good morning Bubsy fans! First off, went ahead and bought Bubsy: Paws on Fire on the Playstation store. Will be out on the 16th it says and gives the little countdown clock. Got $5 off so only like $19.99 till the release date instead of $25. Cool cool.. Currently working toward lining up the physical copies for the PS4 and especially the Switch. Switch version seems to only be at Amazon BTW, but you'll get that gist here in a bit. Tried Game Stop since I bought the last game there. The owner even encouraged me to come by and pre-order it, but his floor folk couldn't find it in the system. :/ So bought a Tron Kingdom Hearts figure instead. (the online site is not showing the game yet either, but hopefully that will change.) But there are places you can buy Bubsy. For starters, Target has the Playstation 4 version: Bubsy on Twitter also said this about Wal-Mart... So far there not anything for Bubsy in the Wal-Mart online search, but if they had Bubsy in the stores that would be AMAZING progress for the Bubster as he was not featured there for his last game. Amazon of course has featured the new Bubsy game for some time. Oh BTW, haven't given it much thought, but how about Humble Bundle? Yes the Steam version is out there and currently on digital discount. Let's see what else did the Bubster say on Twitter? Oh yeh, Best Buy... They have the regular and limited editions of the Playstation 4 version up for sale. Checking older tweets, GOG.com does not currently have the Steam version listed, but did sale the last Bubsy game. Another online store that has sold Bubsy in the past, Retroism, also has the Steam version of Paws on Fire! That is what I have for now. Only two other things to report. One, Bubsy is a long time Bugs Bunny fan, as recently found out on Twitter... And finally, today is May the 4th, as in Star Wars day or "May the 4th be with you". And a video game store that likes the Bubster a whole lot, Game Over, will have a 20% sale today. But that reminds me of the best news of all, MAY IS BUBSY MONTH! Yep a star as big as Bubsy doesn't need a whole day, he needs a whole month!! The month Bubsy Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind was released for the SNES thus giving the Nintendo fans a Sonic like platformer for the first time! (And then later released on Sega Genesis. All on the Standee you can find in our 2013 entry.) So... HAPPY BUBSY MONTH BUBSY FANS!!! Attached thumbnail(s) http://atariage.com/forums/blog/234/entry-15830-cruisin-retail-for-the-bubster-may-2019/
  25. I received a massive package from Atari Age yesterday containing every game making up the 6 orders that had not shipped earlier. I also received a package from a seller on eBay containing a Homebrew that I've never seen for sale at Atari Age, Good Deal Games, or Packrat Video Games. Here is a breakdown of every game that I've received over the past few days. Atari 2600/Homebrews 2005 Mutigame Multicart Hunchy Jetman M-4 Marble Jumper Nightrider Rocket Command Zirconium BerZerk: Voice Enhanced Version Draconian (Boxed) Box being shipped separately Elevators Amiss Go Fish! Juno First Lady Bug I meant to order the Boxed Edition, but it slipped my mind when ordering Phantom II / Pirate Warring Worms: The Worms (Re)Turns Atari 2600/Custom Reproductions Assault Gas Hog River Patrol Atari 7800/Homebrews Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (POKEY) Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre via eBay So far I've played Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre, Go Fish!, River Patrol, and Draconian, in that order. Go Fish! was hard for me to stop playing. It's just so addictive, but I finally moved on to River Patrol. This is a game that I've already enjoyed playing via emulation. An original cartridge is just too pricey for me. I played several games of it, but as it turned out my first game was my best. So I'll submit that score to http://highscore.com to be voted on. Draconian is really good too. Here is a complete list of every Homebrew, Prototype Reproduction, etc. that I own (as of now) for the various Atari Gaming Platforms. All game titles followed by an Asterix (not the French comic character, but the * character) is currently not in the http://highscore.com database, but I have submitted requests for them, or that game has no scoring component. All Game titles which are followed by a Plus Sign (+) have had my requests processed (within' the past 24-hours) and so are in the http://highscore.com database now. All games were purchased at Atari Age unless otherwise noted. 2005 Mutigame Multicart Hunchy Jetman M-4 Marble Jumper Nightrider Rocket Command + Zirconium + Alfred Challenge Alien Attack (Good Deal Games) + Alien Revenge (Good Deal Games) + Allia Quest AStar Astronomer (Boxed;Packrat Video Games) Backfire Bee-Ball Berzerk: Voice Enhanced Blinky Goes Up (Boxed) The Byte Before Christmas (Multicart; Boxed) Bell Hopper Christmas Adventure Naughty List Santa's Scabs * Chetiry Colony 7 Conquest of Mars Crazy Brix Draconian Elevators Amiss Explosive Diarrhea (Pack Rat Video Games) FailSafe ++ was already in the system, but my requests for A/b and b/A Difficulty Settings have been added Flappy Galactopus * Go Fish! * Juno First Lady Bug Mappy (Boxed) * Mental Kombat Oystron Phantom II / Pirate Pinata (Multicart; Discontinued) aka Piñata in the database. Why or how this happened is still a mystery. Fix-It Felix Sr. Flipside Heart Break * Joyride Ping * Power Off! (Boxed) Rainbow Invaders Space Game (Boxed) * Stay Frosty 2 Stella's Stocking (Multicart) Cold War Elf Dash Grandma's Revenge Stay Frosty Tossing Cookies Super Cobra Arcade (Boxed) * This Planet Sucks! Thrust+ Platinum Edition Warring Worms: The Worm (Re)Turns X3V0LuX Atari 2600/Custom Reproductions Assault Demolition Herby Gas Hog River Patrol Atari 2600/Prototype Reproductions Alligator People * Pleiades (Boxed) Turbo (Boxed) Atari 2600/Demos Amiga Boing! Demo 2.0 Atari 5200 OK, so I don't own a 5200 SuperSystem. I really wanted this game in my collection though, so here it is. Beef Drop Atari 7800 ProSystem/Homebrews Asteroids Deluxe Astro Blaster Beef Drop VE Bentley Bear's Crystal Quest (Boxed; POKEY) Crazy Otto Frenzy (Boxed) Lava Lamps & 8-Track Theatre + Meteor Shower (Blue label) Meteor Shower (Red label) Jr. Pac-Man Worm! Atari Jaguar/Jaguar CD OK, so I don't as yet own the CD-ROM drive. I DO own a Jaguar though. Treasure Island Dizzy (Boxed; Clear Shell option) Jagware Collection 1.0 (Case) Kobayashi Maru: Final (Case) Atari Lynx Tournament Cyberball Zaku (Boxed; Super Fighter Team; Discontinued) I have a policy of only submitting game requests at http://highscore.com once I actually own the game. Please Follow, Like, and Comment. http://atariage.com/forums/blog/760/entry-15829-feeding-my-atari-6-many-many-homebrew-games-for-the-2600-vcs-and-7800-prosystem/
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