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  1. Maybe a dumb question, but why do you need hi-res when you're not using any PF as you said?
  2. If I understand you correctly, you're proposing to create an ATR (or use the two files-method). As said, this would be no problem, but thanks for the support! Currently I'm trying a different approach: My demo framework already copies OS to RAM, therefore it's rather easy to locate and modify the parts of the OS responsible for corrupting audio channels 1+2. This is already working flawlessly. However the question of compatibility remains. How many modifications are out there, which override/replace the Atari OS with something else (therefore breaking my approach) - like SpartaDos X?
  3. Hm, that would explain, why the XBIOS init crashes midway. So basically I'm back to modifying the Atari OS myself or using XBIOS and creating an ATR...
  4. Creating an ATR is no problem, what I'm specifically trying is to avoid ATR and go for a XEX. Theoretically I don't see that much of a problem in doing so, however XBIOS must load, return and I must have access to the correct file. Or maybe I'm missing something completely here? From what I understand, Heaven/TQA is already trying to accomplish something similar, right?
  5. Long time no see! For some while I've been trying to recreate, what is standard on C64: Demos, which can load data while running and while playing music. Now I've found XBIOS, which could provide a solution (and I think, others are thinking in the same direction). So what I want to do is, a one file XEX which uses XBIOS internally to load and decompress stuff at runtime. My idea is as follows: - XBIOS is the first segment - My loader is the second segment - After loading those two, XBIOS is initialized (e.g. by calling $2600 in the standard library) - My loader then uses xBIOS_LOAD_DATA to load additional data from the same file Now some problems arose: - JSR to the XBIOS init failed (i.e. it's not coming back), not sure why - I'm not sure how to access the correct file from my loader. Is there any way to retrieve the currently loaded filename, so I can access other segments of it? The data segments would be appended at the end of the file with a proprietary catalog, which would be used by my loader to determine the position and length of data segments. Would this be possible? And if so, how would I do this? Thanks a lot, Hopper/SquoQuo
  6. Let me chime in on this one, I'm Hopper/SquoQuo (god knows why I chose another username in this forum ) First: Thanks for the compliments, I'm really happy that you like it. Yes we were quite inactive on the Atari (only doing some fun games lately), but I hope we can release more demos soon. The demo should work on almost any hardware (I even removed illegal opcodes completely), so I would be interested in your specific configuration under which it doesn't work. We do make use of some parts of RAM under the ROM (e.g. for storing the inflate routine and the temporary inflate data), maybe that's interfering with your custom OS? As I've read, QMEG OS makes use of the international font, which we do replace. However I'm not sure, why it would work for Creature XL then...
  7. Hi there, this was exactly the same problem I had. The belt was completely frayed. I tried the drive belt from a PC 5,25" drive, but unfortunately it was about 1cm too long. Because of this I finally built my SIO2PC interface. If you really want to use the 1050, maybe this thread will help: Fixing a broken 1050 belt The stepper motor however is the one, that positions the head above the spinning disk. It doesn't have a belt but a metal strap, that's directly connected to the head.
  8. Hi guys, I've found the second (shareware) version of Let's Hop. Finally! The version found on atari.fandal.cz is the first version I did for an Atari magazine. They asked me to do an improved version for their shareware mag, so I did. Be sure to grab it here: Let's Hop
  9. Alright, another final version, this time it's tested and proven to be stable (just always use PHA and PLA in DLIs ) There are some minor bugs left, but I won't fix them, as they are really minor. Let me apologize for the bad humour, the whole game idea appeared when we were slightly drunk So, have fun with it. Maybe next game will be more serious... Or we do a demo, so be prepared
  10. Funny thing is, I tested it yesterday too and saw the same bugs... Maybe I should've rechecked the final again So far I've removed the download, in the moment I'm checking, where the problem lies. Sorry
  11. Ah well, let's see... My rarest game should be this: Savage pond, a game about being a tadpole and not getting eaten. Atarimania gives it a 9/10
  12. Alright, the final version is done. Fixed some major bugs, like the game over crash as well as some minor bugs: Ms.Bulimia Final I've also included a XEX file
  13. To be honest, unreachable gates are part of the concept, since it was a parody on "Ski Alpin 2005" by 49 Games. You can successfully finish the game, but you really need to memorize the course and make extensive use of the brake. However, some gates are not reachable at all, but that's what the lives are for
  14. miker: Adding more stages would be difficult, since I have only 3 bytes left in the moment Of course I can release the xex as well, I don't just see the advantage!? So far I've fixed the major bugs except the game over-crash. Heaven: Maybe I should upload the final version of Let's hop somewhere. The original version that's available for download just plainly sucks emkay: *g* Erm, not really Although a nicely distorted track with the text spoken by SAM could be interesting I guess, whenever we'll finish our first A8 demo, it will be rather oldschool
  15. Hm, the final version does definitely work on my real Atari, just tested it... ShitAlpin 2005 (final)
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