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  1. Hi. Any news regarding the 2nd batch? Thanks
  2. If you feel like to offer me a coffee to have enough energy to make more games https://www.buymeacoffee.com/uJYTElWfA
  3. Can join the testing club. Will do my best.
  4. marss

    TNT Terry

    Yiri T. Kohl (the original artist) gave this to me. Enjoy tnt_terry.zip
  5. marss


    An influential member within the Lynx community gave it to me. Enjoy Dynalynx_v04.zip
  6. marss

    Atari VCS new

    I'm off this topic, now. I humbly wanted to interest Atari lovers to this new machine and have constructive criticisms to make this project perfect to everyone. Too bad ;( Back to pixeling
  7. marss

    Atari VCS new

    racerx... you have picked on the machine, right? so prove you are right and stop assuming.
  8. marss

    Atari VCS new

    Gummy Bear... me, I have... So, prove it with solid statements
  9. marss

    Atari VCS new

    Feel free to prove it
  10. marss

    Atari VCS new

    Not at all ... just a fan
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