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  1. Thanks. The more copies sold, the better Doing my best to make more games.
  2. Have you any suggestions to improve the game more?
  3. A demo of the DC version of L'Abbaye des Morts is here... ftp://fujiology.untergrund.net/users/ltk_tscc/fujiology/PARTIES/2019/SV2K19/WILD/OCEOTEAM/AbbayeDesMorts.zip
  4. grips03... nice score Did you know that you can unlock a second character with a code? We ported (and improved) L'Abbaye des Morts to the DC. A very, very, very, early build exists for the Jaguar. An extra coder is needed to finish this game
  5. Igor... can you remove the game from your page, please? thanks
  6. The audience thought the game was slow because the guy showing it did not press button A (hence the poor ranking). When i asked to play the video of the game, the reply was: 'it is too late'. Not to mention that some had 10 minutes to present their production.
  7. Thanks to the SV2019 for having fucked up my presentation
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