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  1. True, Sega shouldn't of been able to do what they did with Genesis in North America, Nintendo had to much of the mkt. But, the gamers Nintendo had, had grown up playing video games, Nintendo did not move with the mkt, because they were just making to much money, I mean nes only ended because, Nintendo wanted SNES to be a success so they just ended, it . Atari decided to be a budget console in the Tramiels Era, this lead to get low grade us developers, add to that in early 90s, Nintendo still has their monopolistic practices in place, sega could supplement this because of a booming arcade devision, Atari had split, so Atari had pre 84 Arcade titles to re-release or plead with Tengen/Time Warner to support them, apparently depending on how early in 90s this could be option, but at some point Atari had even 😡 that company. Would of maybe got Atari enough money to get a lynx3 and a jag 2 out the gate, but, ST did have some descent titles, so it may of worked, 3rd place may of been good enough for a reboxed system to bring on money
  2. I would say the bubble is about to burst with Jag, it only started climbing in value a few years ago with AVGN episodes, plus covid made the retro game scene explode add to that it hiting on a 30yr old machine, plus the gamedrive is going to slow demand down. I know on the games I sold Rayman sold in round one to huge numbers, my more common titles like checkerd flag were more in the 10 to 15 range, also took a few weeks. Just saying keeping as an invesent you will surely get burned... keeping them to smell the fumes because you have some sort of nostalgia for atari, then good deal, as it would be far to expensive entry at this point.
  3. The 3 prong approach only made a ton of money, cause he had warehouse of old tech that he got for next to nothing and was just finding ways to rebrand old tech to sell old stock, he lucked out that Atari had great luck thru catalog sales. 7800, as he refused to use chips, as they made games to expensive was very dated tech and was not selling in 92, Atari wouldn't of liquidated if their was any chance of selling it, with the backwards compatibility of 7800, keeping 2600jr on the mkt at all made very little sense, as game development could of continued, for both machines. User base for 7800 was way to low to keep 7800 in production. Atari should of developed at 16/32 bit system for early 90s release to replace 7800/xe, but all their money was tied up in re-releasing old systems and the low end computer mkt, by the time they figured out computers were moving to IBM clones, their computer line was dead. Moving back to consoles was the better move but, they had been out of the mkt to long and had no understanding of what was needed and how much it cost to relaunch their brand name in the mkt. Probably just moving to ibm software and producing games for Sega/Nintendo would of yield more money, but they had been In the hardware business for 2 decades so they went for it, looked like they may have a chance and it didn't work.
  4. Yeah, I remeber 10 years ago finding a bunch or ea sports games in the buck bin at a save a lot, I needed the plastic cases to make jaguar boxes, my buddy was still into sega, so I got 10 random games. Still wasn't like the big lots deal, as games were their that were new releases I had never seen. Along with systems Etc. It was massive when it started then started dwindling down.a great summer indeed.
  5. Late reply but I know fatal run, made it as we played it at my friend's house, his dad came down to ask about the game, when we told him you shoot people and still their gas, hreprimanded his son and told him a good Christian shouldn't play games like this.
  6. Atari 2600 Sneak n preak <Hide n seek> recharge could work as a online game...don't know why but this and the bowling game were the 2 games me and my sister played the heck out of when we were 5 on the 2600.
  7. That, is crazy, 7800 was dead in 92, believing Atari should continue to invest in a machine that had a small user base is crazy. Those that had purchased had moved on by this point. 2600 had a huge user base, so continuing as a budget machine did work. You are correct finding a way to sell thru a massive library of games, then even sell enough systems to re-release some of the 2600 games was ingenious. He sold most of the backlog and made a profit. This move also killed Atari's name as being leaders in the industry. The 2600 was known in early 80s as delivering best home experience, by the 90s it was known as the poor kids system, that dated tech was 10 years. Behind competitors.
  8. Got one in around summer of 92, during the great big lots blowout, it was 20 bucks or so games were around 3 bucks, I already had a Genesis, my friend up the street had a 7800, but only pole position for 7800, and mainly 2600 games. So I was hopeful that a Atari system made to have 8 bit grafix would b great. I got it home it recieved a bad signal with a buzzing sound, returned it to get another one with wonky picture, the controller hurt my hand, games were ok ports of games I already played to death on 2600, so I wasn't impressed returned it a 2nd time. Do wish I kept it, but I could never understand how they felt it was a competitor for nes, with controllers that hurt your hand and pole position as the pack in. Some of the newer he's commando, fatal run, basket brawl were closer but still didn't look as good as nee counter parts
  9. If you add the softlaunch on 1993 to the final comercial game release of Telegames Worms in 1998 it had a 5 year lifespan. Also amazingly for a system that supposedly produced 300,000 units their are still reports of people buying them new in the box in 2021.
  10. Gex probably would have music and voice would of been issues on cart, maybe cd. The problem was outside of Rayman, all platforms on jag look 16 bit, even both versions of tiny tools, flashback, pitfall, bubsy, zool. They were a tiny bit better but not enough to show off 64 bit or something that wasn't the same or better on the 16 biters. Bubsy has bad level designs, most platforms start off easy and work way up teaching you new moves, Bubsy starts off hard with several spots you can't get past with out getting killed. Also while bubsy was an exclusive I feel few are aware, maybe should of been called bubsy 3.
  11. I've recently sold most my duplicates on ebay, shipping is easy as they will give you a qr code, just take to post office in a box and send, their are fees, but it's the least hassle way of selling list for a week if it doesn't sell then eBay will lower asking bid and start over next week the suggestion is list fri, you'll get 2 weekends, most bids won't come till last minute. Everything Jaguar sells within at least 2 weeks. I've heard horror stories of refund policy so selling a big expense lot may be dangerous.
  12. You figure genesis was a success, release 89, nobody bought it in droves till 91, when Sonic was added as pack in, by 95 Saturn was released sega stopped manufacturing and support 97 (granted they have kept some version that can play sega carts manufactured another 20 years). Basically most had one and actively bought new games between 91 and 96. 5years, yet it felt like a lifetime of genesis does what nintendont ads. On the other hand playstation enjoyed a decade, same with ps2, and neither were on my radar, I got xbox then wii, then Basically got out of modern gaming
  13. So over the years I have accumulated 3 Atari Jaguars, 1 with a cd., bought them as lots with dreams of networking them to play games like doom. So the years have past, games are priced high, so are the systems. I've been told jags die with age but never had major issues, other than the funky way the CD attaches to the system, occasionally doesn't get perfect connection when inserting game. So is it worth it to keep back-up systems around, or collect on the insane ebay prices?
  14. Well, yeah unless they are bluring the picture, their is nudity and sailor words about 3 minutes into game, I had been told it was mature, but it was a game from 1995, I was very surprised, had no idea Atari had any games like this when I popped it in the Jag CD, it was my bad I had done no research on game just bought it from ebay, as an incomplete Prototype game and was surprised. So, I thinks it's a good thing. I would hope a small run could be secured for Jaguar, as the game wasn't bad for a fmv game.
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