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  1. One of my Hope's was T-Mek or Area 51,both used co-jag so should of been easy. Can't think of any game that wasn't an arcade port doing good in the arcade. I Guess tempest 2k, defender 2k, missile command 3d, with the 3d helmet
  2. Atari, had a deal with Telegames for the final 6 release, I dont know that Atari got royalties, or more say, had completed games, handed them over for free, to say that they were still supporting the Jag. In order to get the reverse merger to go thru, Atari claimed they were going to continue to support the Atari company and not fold completely, and this was to show they were still in the video game buisness last ditch effort, to get it legally passed and not get in to much trouble from Atari stock owners and the government, as soon as the paperwork was signed. Atari folded, then sold to Hasbro. Bring that Telegames didnt have to find way around the system, and they were liscenced they are official games.
  3. Pete5125

    Jaguar 2

    The way to go at that point if staying in the computer market, was to make a Windows compatible machine but nobody really stayed in buisness making PC's tge mkt was flooded and you had to make all your money off of hardware, as you would get no residuals off software, very few of the big companies from the late 90s survived, HP and Dell are about it,tgen Apple stood their ground and survived. Atari, had just done to many people dirty over a decade after the early 80s buyout. They confused tge mkt with 7800 late entry, 2600 reentry, xe being re-released the same year as all 3, somehow working and maling tgem a profit,then skipping the 16bit generation, only to fail with a superior lynx im the handheld mkt. Their was no solution other than a merging witha major company to fight Sony and Sega,then the deep pockets of microsoft.
  4. Atari, made a deal with Wal-Mart guaranteed sales, like most product in Wal-Mart it was a Walmart pays when the customer buys, when sales weren't high enough, Walmart returned mostly crushed box product to Atari, this was the last straw in 96, killed any chance Atari had as they had ramped up production for Wal-Mart deal and now had a warehouse of destroyed product. On the other hand had it worked Atari may of been successful as a 3rd place bargain 64 bit system. On the subject of the guy trying to get a jag for 99 bucks, say he got this wonderful system for 99 bucks, cybermorph is a frustrating game, and even the worst of atari jag games is in the 50 buck range, no way he will be able to continue collecting for this hard to find game system.
  5. I mean, yeah i feel for the guy, but stil no excuse for a game that could be polished more before release. Its not a bad idea but it does play like the video game critic described which is a puzzle game with your cat coming over and stepping on the pieces, yeah intresting idea, but when you play having aliens sitting on a piece you want to move is frustrating beyond belief. Grafix, same problem all Jag games sufferers from they either look like very colorful snes games, or 32bit this lookd 16bit, but it is a puzzler so who cares. The issue is this game ran around 50 bucks selling new, a mediocure puzzle game for 50 bucks makes nobody happy, lucky for flip out, atari released several dozen gamed worst than it on the jag, so it ranks prety much in the middle of the pack, take the aliens out of the picture and it would of been an ok game
  6. yep, after all the build up over the years, finally got a copy rescently, true a good jag game, but not as good as the mario or even crash cart games, better than M&M cart racer on the Wii. I guess tge problem is I should be comparing it to mario cart snes or bc racers, but even then its 3rd place. The racing game is good, mario added in the battle aspect that Atari karts didnt have. Also using only one mascot when they owned several classic mascots and could of thrown in hidden characters like an unnamed atari 2600 ET, was a missed opportunity, especially being that this game came after or was inspired by mario cart
  7. Thanks, yeah I guess the word poster may have made people assume bigger, I still have one in the box, unused at some point going to have to sell it, but the back of the box has cool unreleased games like battle wheels and tiny toon adventures
  8. go on youtube severalunboxing videos, my box had a cardboard insert, one controller, power cord, av adapter, cybermorph, instruction book, poster, instrction for cybermorph and warranty cards also ad card for Atari jaguar book of game cheats. yeah their were variations power pack vs complete system
  9. back in the day it was cheaper to get a Jag lot system and games, I had networking dreams never did it, saying that, Im sitting on 3 at my place Im somewhat active forum member with 95 percent of tge comercial releases that has never had the money in hand to purchase any of the new releases. The guestament has always been worldwide sales of 150k to 300k which is insanely low even for a bomb, cdi had an install base if 400k usa, 1 million worldwide, and i had only ever met one cdi user. So saying that if they can sell 300 games of a given title, probable 3,000 to 5,000 systems left world wide is a low estimate
  10. I'm saying you should be lucky they carried enough to keep Atari alive all these years, It had to be for love of community, because after carrying cost of 20 years in inventory no matter how cheap that got the inventory they are not coming out ahead
  11. I really cant believe any buisness stuck with the storage fees for what was electronics that couldnt be sold at giveaway prices in the late 90s, and really didnt pick up till around 5 years ago. Very hard to believe, and typically not appreciated by a consumer looking for best bang for his buck
  12. just be warned the sd cart has been in the works for the last decade, but who knows in the last 2 years homebrewers have released more games then Atari did in the jags lifetime
  13. What issues are you having? Ive bought pleanty of games off ebay etc. never had an issue. Now if the worry is the quality of the title, most affordable games are bad, most games that are on other systems for a buck or 2 are 100 plus on the Jag and are close to the same. Driving games only get super burnout or power drive rally the rest of tge driving carts are bad. fighters, ultra vortex is the only good fighter, kausami n
  14. Pete5125

    JHL 20

    brett hull was finished game on snes/sega, but not for atari Jaguar would of been released in 95 near the end of the systems life. An incomplete demo was being sold for a long time, as far as i kmow like 90 percent complete with a few glitches
  15. I will add that yes this game if atari could of got it released a season sooner and done like sega did with sonic. 1st add it as a pack in and 2 paid for a quick sequal to be produced could of helped the system be more successful. It being a packin could of slowed down the Walmart feascal where they were returned most of the system sold with the boxes destroyed, as kids that got the jag over the sold out ps1 and saturn may not of been as upset with a rayman jag vs a cybermorph jag. But, like everybody had said. Atari at this point had went after none of the type of games kids liked. They didnt have mortal kombat, no street fighter, not even samari showdown. Sports games which were important, again Atari didnt foccuss on them either, Race car games Atari had mainly badly made options(burnout and power drive being exceptions) Ratio of great games about 10, to good games maybe 10, to bad or 16 bit looking the rest. Raymond does help with the argument jag can do a game just as good as ps1/saturn, I guess zoop, theme park, and nba jam say the same.
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