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  1. Again saying that you release a cd game for 59 bucks, somehow you get the cost down to 19 bucks a game, you release 100 games, you sell all 100 in a short window of a few months, and you are an expert programmer, cd maker, and boxer. Then you make 100x 40 is $4000 for this magic game. With a programmer that spent 1 yr of his life to make it happen with unheard of 100% sell thru,and that's giving him an amazing 60 percent sell thru, having no bad disk, boxes etc. Not worth it, thank goodness some try.
  2. Way to much music for a Jaguar commercial release, also the control you speak of, if were going Jag commercial release of the 90's hthenif your close enough to done,might as well release it.
  3. Mainly Cybermorph, is a dark grainy polygon game, and the open world for some, makes for a long boring game, as you fly around grabbing pods. Star fox is a colorful fun game that throws you into the action, and feels like you just jumped into a Star Wars adventure. Star fox is more fun with clear objectives, and a great soundtrack. Play both Starfox wins for fun every time. Cybermorph is longer, not everyone appreciates this
  4. It's a weird, game and has its fans, had 3 roommates at the time 1 was totally absorbed by the game and the open worlds, he would play the game map it etc. Got tons of play value out of this game. I hated it, and would get to hear Skylar screaming where did you learn to fly, in my sleep.
  5. It is intresting Atari had the same thought, and put very little into developing the 2600 compilation disk, then Tempest 2000, came out and was a huge hit, and Atari started looking into old IPs to update Space War, Missile Command etc. They were even looking towards developing a Major Havoc 2000 game. They were probably correct in 1995, a Atari 2600 compilation would be a hard sell, at this point the games were maybe a little over a decade old yet even then were rudimentary in graphics, and sound something Atari boasted as the bread and butter of the Jag. Interestingly 5 yrs later, theses compilation games do descent buisness on home computer/ps1/xbox, granted a ton more love was put into that product then I believe Atari would of released on the Jag, with menus, history etc.
  6. The closest they git was a Jag CDproject that was just going to put 20 to 30 games on a cd, at the time a new idea, now it's been done for every next gen system. For some reason designing the engine for the jag to play the games in was a major project, then Jag went under in 95, was talked about and never materialized. IT could potentially be made again with a cart/sd drive, that had the clone machine built into the cart, then you down loaded roms for sd card, but at this point their are so many other ways to get atari 2600, I could see very little intrest in it
  7. Being CD based from Day 1, would of jacked up the price to a launch $350-400, cheaper than 3d0, a little more than a Sega CD, in retrospect probably a better move with the limitations they ran into with IBM producing the system, and lack of systems in launch year. But, the system would of still suffered from most of the 3rdparty support as, it was hard to program and Atari was fronting the money (they didnt have) to make legacy payments to get games on the system, they had a ton of games that were started and never got made because Atari didn't pay for completion. Atari Jaguar would of probably got 10 to 20 more games in their library of games released on all the cd systems at the time, but it wouldn't of changed the system bombing,all the same variables were their, 3D0,couldn't survive and it had EA support one of the biggest 3rd parties, Street Fighter, most the popular neo geo games and a huge library but Playstation came to the picture and crushed what lead it had in 1 Christmas season.
  8. Not in anyway worth the money, it is an ok game, but while a descent clone of Mario kart on SNES, it is not as fun as Mario kart. I would just look for a repo, its 30 bucks, at 30 bucks you will not be as disappointed by a $300 game. Dont get me wrong it is one of the better games on the Jag, but both power drive Rally and super burnout are more fun
  9. You must of just not had a KB liquidators store near by in early 97, they bought what inventory was left, also some mail order companies. Sold it cheap. Then you had another decade or so through mail order or ebay, to get most common games 10 buck range, rayman/temptest big name games 40 buck range. Only a select few came out in low quantities and were expensive from the front end. Honestly 5 yrs or so ago AVGN, did his review about how Jag sucked, prices skyrocketed
  10. I played the heck out of this game I'm the day. A roomate had the ps1 version got me addicted. Got it for the Jag, had fun time, the guys random tips, all had sound codes, and I never had that much of an issue with blurry text, you'd see the rides getting overworked etc. The jag version had weird glitches such as making the games super easy to win change probabilities to 80 90 percent charge 50 bucks for a 60 dollar toy, then keep increasing the amount to play same with the drinks and the ice, putting cheap salt food next to it. The money thing if you start with a ton,you can throw it all in to developing rides, speed up the time table, and be back to wear you were pretty quickly. Just like almost every jag game, yes a better version was made for PS1. Should you buy it? Who knows, I mean if Jag is your only system and you like Sim games, this is it. If you are a Jag completists you need it. Also, it's not even in the top 10 of worst games on the system.
  11. Yeah that's what slowed me down from buying games on the redesigned website it said 40 buck shipping on an 80 dollar game, I couldn't do it, spending 80 range for me is high, but inline with current prices, $120 was to much, may want to have usa shipping come up 1st if it is $8, if their like me I didnt even fill out address after I seeing shipping cost, may be losing customers.
  12. Yeah, dang smart phone, AvsP was a great game at the time, 1st game to truly scare you as played, 1st time to have 3 different types of game using same environments we would map it out and play it a
  13. Yep, was in college in 95, had a Jag, 3D0, and Sega Genesis xegs(the cd combo) unit between the 3 of us, Alien vs predictions, doom, wolf 3d, iron soldier, all got a ton of play. But Atari had hardly any games out then when they finally started getting games out they were ports of bad genesis games (bubsy/dd5/dragon) or crap versions of popular games (kausami/checkers flag). By 96 play station was all the rage, luckily the roomate that got one got it and a copy of zoop, so Jag got about 3 or 4 more months of play before playstation took its spot. On the consumer end it never had enough of the games that people demanded, we wanted Sports games, MK/Street Fighter Games/platformers/race car games. Every category above jag made mostly horrible versions of those types of games. The game that it was good at Mech sims and doom like games and radio's of retro games they made about 8 games total of those type in 3 yrs. Atari Jaguar is much better now, because your not comparing it with the past and future machines, when I'm not going to a store to say choose between Madden 95 on my Sega or Troy Aikman on the Jag, go home and be pissed that it is on a 64 bit machine but is nowhere near as good as my friends game. Helps alot. It being a weird machine that tried, even buying troy aikman doesnt hurt as much now because I dont expect it to be up to the standards of games that are on 20 yr newer macines.
  14. I know Hills, Toys R us, Sears, and Kay Bee Toys all carried 2600/7800 all carried games into the early 90s, around 93 they were liquidated at Big Lots.
  15. Atari had purchased th ed rights to the cartoon, it was already produced and aired by this point, nothing new, other than the open world game 2 and 3 would of been more of the same, for the time period the grafix were on the upper end of games at this time, looks similar to alone in the dark, with animated cut scenes.
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